I lost my gf and I had to quit my job

  1. You can go the warehouse route. If you want to get into a trade that will take time but could be a worthwhile goal. If you decide to go that way look up “construction Apprenticeship”.

  2. This is lifes way of forcing change on you. It may suck at first, but hang in there and new doors will open.

  3. I just tried researching a little about RV sales. I'm assuming it's base salary along with commissions? It sounds good. One of the dealbreakers though has got to be being able to work at night, since stores here have to close at 17:00 and I'm behind the books until 16:00.

  4. Just find a camping world. If they don't have an opening try to get into the parts department on the retail side until then.

  5. Where are you located? I'm in the Canadian prairies and lots of places are scooping up uncertified people as nursing assistants, if you don't mind helping people with mobility issues get dressed and bathe. They train you on infection control and isolation procedures (at least in my workplace).

  6. Are you from Seattle (judging by your username)? Girls there do be like that, don’t take it too personal. Besides, it’s so much better to be single. You can have fun, go on adventures and flirt with other women, no limits.

  7. Not from Seattle, just Europe. She broke up with me and wanted to remain friends. My feelings were too strong so I cut off contact, threw all her stuff away and shaved my head. I am now working out and grinding all the way until my dreams are coming true.

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