What keeps you going on with life everyday ?

  1. Ugh this. The past is depression and the future is anxiety. Win the day, just living in the moment and being intentional has helped my mental health so much.

  2. me too brother, stay strong. i have ketamine and whiskey but too pussy to go through with it. everyday is suffering, but jocko willink helps me change my perspective even if for a moment

  3. Same here. There are also two people on this earth who don't deserve to have to grieve me. So I just keep waking up. I am interested in MAID when my health progresses a little more, but again, not sure I would go through with it since my two people don't deserve it. Even though they would be better off if I didn't exist. Sadly for all of us, I already do exist, just to be a curse on their lives. We all deserve better.

  4. If there was no family or friends that would have to deal with the aftermath, then I would too, but i dont want to put them through that. I often think about never having existed, and wishing i never was born to begin with….I would have never been alive to think about anything. Im young but my body is fucked from injuries and parental negligence as a child, and i hate thinking about the pain ill be in around 50+ years old.

  5. Basically lol I’m just here for the ride, the fact that it’s all happening at once (the good the bad the neutral realities etc) is interesting enough for me

  6. I also feel that way about my younger self. I think that little girl deserves better and the least I can do is hang on a little longuer hoping things will get better eventually.

  7. Mentally, it’s definitely my partner. We both are there for each other when the other is struggling. Having someone that understands and loves me no matter what’s going on really changes the game.

  8. If life is pointless and there is nothing after death, then death is even more pointless than life, therefore theres more of a "point" to life than there is to death.

  9. But wouldn’t that mean death is the point of life, because SINCE death it’s pointless, it gives life a point

  10. My partner, my parents, and my little brother. Also, my spiritual knowledge. That's literally it. And I'm barely hanging on even like that.

  11. You know it’s crazy, I don’t know if I have a definite reason. I don’t have any family, my friends and I aren’t that close nor do we see each other often. They will be moving away soon. I’m a teacher and while I love working with my students to help them grow academically and creating memories, I don’t see them as my reason for living or why I keep going.

  12. The classic existentialist; carving out your own meaning in life. Our inherent desire to create meaning in an existence devoid of meaning is what the philosopher Albert Camus called "The Absurd". I feel like those that can embrace the absurdism of life and decide to live it anyway, have shit pretty much nailed down (at least better than most of us). It's a middle finger flying in the face of the universe. I envy you, and wish you the best in life. Don't lose your outlook.

  13. I feel that pain. This year is a decade since my daughter passed. I've just been trying to share the love forward. Man I miss that kid!

  14. Must be my dog. Because it’s not my bills. It’s not my overwhelming debt. It’s not my overwhelming temptation to open more debt…. Also, fate

  15. Every morning voice calls from my parents. We live in different countries. They don't miss a single day and I don't miss on life ;)

  16. Music, art, food, family, books, movies, tv shows, travel, sunshine, rain/snow storms, gardening, beekeeping, cheesemaking, watching my kids grow, board games, sports, learning, accomplishing, creating, exercise, sauna, good deals, investing, helping others, being happy for others, tech, appreciation, writing, Nintendo, comedy, quality, and, of course, Reddit. These are a few of my favorite things.

  17. One day I woke up and said, “I’m so tired of wanting more and of wishing for a better life for myself”. I don’t do that anymore. I have hope for a better future, but right now I am in the present. And one day, maybe I’ll get everything I’ve ever wanted. And I’ll have to look back on a past where I was nothing but unhappy.

  18. My makeup looks fucking glam every day, and despite my depression and anxiety it is the one thing that keeps me going. It's like I get to paint a beautiful painting every single day, but I get to be the one that looks beautiful, I get to be the painting!

  19. Hate to be that guy but religion keeps me going and without it I honestly don’t know how I’d feel any satisfaction or meaning with anything in life. Not that there wouldn’t be moments of accomplishment or joy, but it would always revert to well nothing really matters anyway. Religion has given me an ultimate goal that supersedes this world making ever moment action and decision have an ultimate purpose. It’s enough that I believe that to keep me going.

  20. My father was like this. Religion does not bring me the same sense of purpose as it did for him. Glad you spoke up. Reddit is surprisingly non-religious. God Bless you.

  21. Nothing, really. I have to immerse myself in my hobbies and enormous amounts of alcohol just to get through the day. Just waiting for my inevitable heart attack or car accident to knock my pawn off the board.

  22. The thing that keeps me moving on is the idea that there’s a brighter future behind each daily door I open. One step in the right door and I’ll find the love of my life. One step in another door and I’ll find that amazing job that keeps me happy! It goes both ways, but the idea that there’s a brighter light on the other side of the next day keeps me moving.

  23. My vanity. I wake up every day with a strong desire to build and improve my standing. But I also came to terms that life doesn’t inherently have any meaning. So everything I’m doing now is just a diversion until I die. And an exercise in vanity. That thought scares the shit out of me once every few weeks.

  24. What about your curiosity? In your case, it could translate to ambition, maybe. In the road of your vanity, where should you end up in life, to your satisfaction?

  25. Let's c, what life has in it's store for me today. Life is such, it gives us surprises when they are least expected..😍

  26. My son, truthfully if I didn’t have him- I’ve always dreamed about ditching it, go somewhere disappear and just do what ever, run away for sure. I am responsible for being here for him no matter how old he gets because I brought him into this world. Yes of course I will stand here watching from the side let him live his life etc. if he needs me ever I’m there always. My mom was like that and she’s amazing

  27. At one level, I really do find joy in daily details. I love riding my bike to work, and feeling lightly sweaty afterwards. I love a really good cup of coffee with cream. These sorts of details sound trivial, but I honestly find energy in them.

  28. For me I think it is not having a stressful job where I have to fire people or do things where people lives are on the line. Having done that before in certain capacities, it is very freeing not to be so responsible for other people livelihoods. I also don't have to worry about shelter, kids welling, or much really. It is nice to not have adult responsibilities even though I am adult. Maybe I have to choose food choices but beside from that, it is all very nice comfortable life I live.

  29. Really nothing... Just living on a empty ordeal until I get the energy, strength to commit suicide and be done as nothing I want anymore and nothing left anymore

  30. Because flowers smell beautiful and the birds song make my ears happy. The homeless guy whose face lights up when he sees me because il give him a ciggy. The fact that there are rainbows and happy old couples who still hold each other's hands. The fact that life is beautiful even when it feels dark. The fact I can laugh and smile and have fun! Don't worry about what others think worry about what makes you happy! Obviously don't hurt people Edited coz I needed to add more life love

  31. My family. It's cliche, but as I have aged, I've become sort of indifferent towards myself. I've reached a point where I've achieved most of my goals, and I'm just on cruise control. My wife and kids need me though and are more interested in life, and I love them, so that gives me purpose.

  32. Sometimes, it's because I derive joy and satisfaction from my hobbies and interests. Music, dancing, painting and modelling (as in making models, not posing for paintings or photographs). And because I enjoy the company of my friends and family. Sometimes that's enough.

  33. Un-ironically the idea that someday I’ll go back to my middle school and be a successful bitch on those motherfuckers. Darien and Grayson fuck you

  34. Sunny California. Good food with good company. Mexican beverages and good alcohol with good music. The thought of future children <3 Sex

  35. Tbh this one really threw me. I’m constantly trying to find the way thru. I guess I’d have to say hope, hope to get to meet “the one” and have a family. Hope to complete my dreams. Hope to rediscover what makes me tick cuz it seems I’ve lost the magic of life, but I do get glimpses here there 😊

  36. Honestly the little things and just realizing that most of the stuff that upset me or left me depressed was mostly me overthinking. Now I try to be more happy and just thinking abt eating a meal or playing a game makes me happy

  37. I fear never being able to experience the life of my dreams, but at the rate this world is going to shit, and the fact that for me (afro-american female) the world has always BEEN shit, I'm beginning to lose hope of ever finding peace or a place to belong. It seems like no matter where I go my people are dying and being killed around me.

  38. I have kids that depend on me. They're the gas that fires up this engine. Even when I feel I'm on E, I think of them and magically I'm refilled.

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