Some are more patient than others...

  1. One of the biggest entertainment companies messing up what was perfectly ok without them vs an indie developer doing his best. Not really comparable.

  2. TBF I think the issue stems from the fact that the first batch was rushed, not that they're in batches. The quality noticeable decreases in the last 3 episodes with a ton of CGI being used. I'm assuming a lot of shit got delayed due to corona and netflix wanted it out ASAP hence why we got what we got.

  3. Deltarune’s chapter structure would be more comparable to a movie series in that way. It’s a really long experience which has a self contained story, even if the entirety of the story is needed to understand the story as a whole. A tv series like jojo’s is not like this. One 20 minute episode isn’t a self contained story, neither is twelve episodes. You need an entire part of jojo’s to get a compelling narrative, with the entirety of the series being the whole which is needed to understand each individual part. Imagine if undertale was split into chapters, where you had to wait a year for each section of the game. It’d be a completely botched release since each of the different areas aren’t compelling stories on their own

  4. "You are a massive corporation trying to produce a product people want while mostly trying to satisfy your elitist executive leaders. I am a indie dev trying to appease my fans while giving my all into my passion rpg project even if it takes years to do.

  5. one of these is the corporation netflix mishandling a show scheduled for a weekly format and the other is a small team of developers gradually tackling a massive game

  6. It's hard to argue that the batch releases are a good thing quality wise, since, at least for the first batch, they theoretically had more time to invest in it's quality, but it still had an excessive use of CGI, some reused soundtracks, some simplified animations that were corrected for the TV broadcast, etc. I hope the next batches will have more effort put into them, but as it is now, Netflix, David Productions, or other unknown factor is fucking with the anime and it's fans

  7. Sountracks were reused a lot in other parts too. Take part 3 for example, every time Jotaro fights you can hear his theme. And it's alwayd the same. And it's also used outside of fights

  8. Fox-Sama 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺😱😸🙀😻😻💗💗❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤🧡😵😵😵‍💫☺️☺️🥰

  9. gee, it's almost as though the top one is adapting a piece of media that was itself serialised so releasing it in batches negatively impacts the artistic quality of the work.

  10. Completely different things, both are done in wildly different ways, Stone Ocean had its first batch of episodes rushed only to leave the next batch months away, as a JoJo fan, I didn't see any issue in waiting for everything to be ready to air, but Netflix just had the braindead idea to make it all disjointed, without a regard for how to release it

  11. No? I've seen a bunch of people are disagreeing with the notion of releasing all three chapters at once as to avoid spoilers, and to give players to properly experience the chapters.

  12. I would still rather have Deltarune's chapters being released with 6 months or something between each of them in order to keep the hype high.

  13. same with his funny jokes and pranks on us and some weird stuff like the dog took a dragon ball and left with his/her(or if it is Toby taking it) residue

  14. I don't really care. I like my jojo and deltarune stuff. I also got other stuff like Pokemon and Minecraft, but I still care about the other two.

  15. I remember finishing chapter two and that looming feeling of three years ahead of me began to settle. I took a deep breath, and affirmed myself, “i will wait.” Because i know it’ll be worth every waiting second

  16. Oh, will they? That actually makes more sense - releasing the "demo" chapters one at a time was fine, but I'd rather experience more of the game at once when it becomes paid.

  17. See, difference is, batches of episodes are actually negative for a shows long term popularity and success, as most people won’t binge the thing and their won’t be as much hype week to week. With games, however, there’s usually so much to dissect, that such long times between releases of chapters can work. Although in deltarune case,I think the main reason it worked was because of Toby fox’s undying fan base and his stupidly high quality output with the chapters so far.

  18. Despite me first playing deltarune chapter 2, the chapter 3 was my main thing, I was so hyped and then I realised that making an entire game chapter takes around 3 years, and I was devastated about that. But hey it might be worth the wait after all!

  19. Toby(and for the people who helped Toby) did a good job on chapter 2 so ofc if we wait for 3 chapters it’ll be the great :D

  20. Pretty sure were angry because we had 2 events that you had to pay for where we only got a date and no trailer or anything else

  21. Toby! You should relase it one chapter a month or a few weeks! So the community have some time to appreciate and theorize before the next chapter comes out. We recommend to not release in batch!

  22. Considering that tony said the new chapters will be smaller (that might mean no snowgrave route but i think he will continue putting it) and covid is not a big issue and there is a team now the new chapters might release in late or mid 2023

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