What are songs written about celebrities that most people don't know about?

  1. Ugh I get choked up when I see her on screen now. “Hearts & Bones” is also about her, and it’s beautiful. Very much recommend

  2. Isn’t Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” about Ellie Goulding/Niall Horan and then Ellie Goulding’s “On My Mind” is about Ed?

  3. The most frustrating moment of my life is that once in like 2015 or so I tweeted something like “Taylor Swift writes a song about her ex and everyone hates on her for it but Ed Sheeran obviously writes Don’t about Ellie Goulding and we all ignore it” and Ellie Goulding tweeted a thumbs up at me and I favorited it but didn’t think to take a screenshot and she deleted it maybe two minutes later. But I’m taking that as confirmation lol.

  4. Idk about unknown, but I believe Courtney Love inspired: tori Amos- Professional Widow; Foo Fighters- stacked actors; Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl

  5. +bruise violet - babes in toyland, I’ll stick around - foo fighters, heart shaped box - nirvana, Starfuckers Inc - Nine Inch Nails (if I remember correctly that one came after “don’t call your band nine inch nails if you’ve got a three inch one)

  6. Also, I think the album "Blonder and Blonder" by the Muffs is in response to something Courtney Love said to the lead singer.

  7. In Deceptacon by Le Tigre the ‘your lyrics are dumb like a linoleum floor’ bit is aimed at Fat Mike/NOFX in response to NOFX’s song ‘Kill the Rockstars’ where they talked shit about Kathleen Hanna. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not though 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I think “My Song 5” by Haim is about Danielle getting cheated on by Blake Mills, who probably cheated on Danielle with Fiona Apple while he was opening for Fiona on her Idler Wheel tour.

  9. I love and adore Fiona, but getting involved with guys who are taken is very much a part of her ethos, so this is not at all unbelievable to me.

  10. Wowwww, this gives some of those Fetch The Bolt Cutters songs a real different spin. I love her with all my heart but she does have huge other woman energy lmfao

  11. I remember reading that Him & I was supposedly started when G Eazy was with Lana Del Rey and intended to be a duet with her but then when he left her for Halsey he gave it to Halsey and finished it with her instead.

  12. This is true. Legend icon queen Cathy Dennis wrote this song and it’s all but been confirmed it’s about Noel Fitzpatrick.

  13. Bon Jovi's 1986 smash hit, "You Give Love a Bad Name," was allegedly about Diane Lane. The two were dating (possibly engaged?) for less than a year before she ended the relationship. John didn't take it so well...

  14. A few well-known Phoebe Bridgers ones-- Motion Sickness is about Ryan Adams, and Moon Song and I think a few other songs on Punisher are about Conor Oberst

  15. All of Malibu Nights by LANY is about Dua Lipa. She had a bad breakup with Paul Klein, the frontman.

  16. Blinded, Forget Myself, and Can’t Get Away by Third Eye Blind are all about Charlize Theron (pretty much that whole album is about her)

  17. I remember they performed it on tour once and it sounded very much like Perrie said “hope she ain’t faking it Hadid” instead of “I did” 😂

  18. Niall Horan’s Heartbreak Weather album is about Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee’s Half Written Story is her side of the breakup. I dont get how anyone thinks Wrong Direction is not about Niall. Its called Wrong Direction ffs.

  19. This is one of my favourite pop culture topics! Apparently Toxic by Britney is about the Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick. He had been dating Cathy Dennis (who co-wrote the song) in the early 2000s.

  20. I saw another comment in this thread saying toxic was about a celebrity Irish vet. And until I saw this comment, I was very confused and thought veterinarian.

  21. i never know how deep into lore people are with tswift but every time i remember enchanted is abt the owl city guy i lose it

  22. i feel this way about this one and You Are In Love being about Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham. i love that song but talk about aged like milk

  23. honestly it ruins it for me when I think about the fact that they never actually met!!! their entire exchange was over email in the 2000s, I have to actively forget this to enjoy the song lmao

  24. I don’t think she’s ever confirmed it, but a lot of fans think many of the songs on Leighton Meester’s* album Heartstrings are about Sebastian Stan.

  25. Dua gave him dust about it too. So it did not work but Deuxmoi swears he is hooking up with Selena so I guess he had a back up plan

  26. I suspect PJ's Get It Back is also about Cornell - also unconfirmed but written by Matt Cameron (his Soundgarden bandmate and friend) and recorded the year after CC's death. The

  27. A bunch of Counting Crows songs are about Courteney Cox: hey monkey, mercury, long December, I’m not sleeping,

  28. I just told my boyfriend to come in here and clean up the brain matter from my head exploding after reading this 😂 this is the best thing I’ve seen today

  29. This is a very little known fact and please don't ask for my source, but 'thank u, next' is about a few of Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriends.

  30. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis is about Katie Cassidy. It was cowritten by Jesse McCartney, who had a difficult long-distance relationship with KC.

  31. attention by charlie puth is about selena gomez but for some reason people think its about bella thorne

  32. I feel kind of icky when I hear it now because in his Genius interview he literally just said the whole situation was that he was into a friend (Selena presumably) but she wasn't into him and just didn't want to hook up with him/want a relationship with him. In my opinion the whole song just kind of makes him seem like a POS because of the context.

  33. imagine thinking that selena gomez is running around every party in LA in the hopes of running into, of all people, charlie puth. charlie puth probably can't even get into half those parties! his ego!!!

  34. Natasha by Rufus Wainwright is about Natasha Lyonne. I believe they were friends and went to rehab around the same time (not sure if it was the same rehab). Rufus got out and was sober but Natasha spent years in her addiction. Natasha hit the rockiest of bottoms and it’s truly amazing how she’s seemingly thriving now.

  35. Pillowtalk by Zayn is also about perrie. He recorded it after he left 1D, before splitting with perrie. Most people assume it’s about Gigi since she’s in the video.

  36. I remember when Little Mix was asked if any of their exes wrote songs about them and Perrie lifted the little paddle right away because MoM is almost entirely about her, lmao. Ngl that must suck for Gigi though cause like that was his biggest hit solo song, and it's about how bedroom rendezvous is amazing with Perrie. Only for Perrie to clapback with SOTM saying sex is bad.

  37. You're joking?! It's crazy that Zayn put Gigi (the mother of his child) in the video for a sexual song, that's about Perrie (his ex-fiance). That's messy, and I'm sure Gigi thinks it's about her? Wow.

  38. In the world of early 2000s teen pop, "Everything" by M2M was inspired by Marion Ravn's relationship with Zac Hanson - M2M and Hanson toured together and he apparently ghosted her as soon as the tour finished.

  39. I remember my cousin and I as teens being told that You’re So Vain was about Warren Beatty when it came on the radio.

  40. I heard each verse is about a different guy, the second verse is confirmed to be about Warren Beatty but she also dated Cat Stevens, Mick Jagger and Kris Kristofferson around that time

  41. it's such a genius move bc i imagine whoever it is sitting there for the whole first verse thinking "omg this song is about me" and then getting smacked in the face with "YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU DON'T YOU". and he can never publically say it's about him or everyone will be like "wow he IS so vain." BRILLIANT.

  42. i think thats what everyone gets wrong. its not about him, its about her experience of having to deal with a narcissist.

  43. I was listening to a pop culture podcast and one of the hosts who is a self proclaimed Swiftie never knew or heard about the Jonas Brothers song Much Better where Joe references Taylor pretty clearly. It made me wonder if a lot of people don’t know that since the general public prob didn’t listen to Jonas Brothers music like that lol.

  44. And Taylor referenced that song on Better Than Revenge — at the end she sings, “Come on show me how much better you are”

  45. LOL and then in How I Met Your Mother they do an episode where Robin Sparkles had a bit of an emo phase and writes a You Outta Know type song and the running joke is everyone thinks it's about Dave Coulier.

  46. Best love song of all time in my opinion. Sounds like Dave Coulier was a complete jerk and I felt all the feelings Alanis felt. So deep.

  47. That whole album is fucking heartbreaking, and knowing that a lot of it is about their relationship and how she was treated during makes it so much worse.

  48. Yes about how he wouldn’t stick up for her publicly when his fans were slinging vile racist shit at her

  49. Mrs Potters Lullaby by the Counting Crows was named after Monica Potter after Adam Durantz saw her on the big screen. An epic song too

  50. Victoria Monet's 'Touch Me' is about Kehlani, Kehlani's 'Hate the Club' and probably 'Nights Like This' are about Victoria.

  51. the funniest thing is everyone pretty much knew they were writing songs about each but they both kept denying it for quite a while. then randomly dropped the touch me remix and it all made sense lmao, this remix truly says more than any of them could ever describe

  52. "She Said, She Said" is about when a then-unknown Peter Fonda approached John Lennon and George Harrison at a Laurel Canyon acid party and started telling them about his near-death experience as a child, which led to Lennon kicking him out.

  53. can’t confirm but i read somewhere that « better than that » by marina was abt ellie goulding when her ex cheated on marina w/ ellie

  54. Pretty sure most of Mac Miller’s album The Divine Feminine was written about his ex Nomi Leasure (including My Favourite Part, despite it featuring Ariana Grande).

  55. Better Love by Steel Train (Jack Antonoff’s former band) is about Scarlett Johanssson! I think I Feel Weird is about her as well. There are probably others too but none coming to mind right now

  56. Jesse Lacey (Brand New) used to play bass in a band with Adam Lazzara (lead singer of TBS) and they were very close. I guess John Nolan (another TBS band member) cheated with Jesse's then-girlfriend and Jesse quite the band to form Brand New. The band he left turned into Taking Back Sunday.

  57. I liked your observation that “talent latches onto evil,” at times- I need to separate person from artist bc Brand New is the best band I’ve ever encountered with the best lyrics and sound. I just can’t give them up.

  58. Terrence Loves You - Lana Del Rey. It’s about David Bowie’s half brother that died by suicide. It’s a beautiful and sad song.

  59. Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore (both of Deep Purple) wrote the two gayest songs of all time about each other: "Smooth Dancer" and "King of Dreams". Like... go listen to each of them. Even if you're not familiar with Deep Purple, it's spectacular.

  60. “I Could of lied” by RHCP is about Sinead O’Conner, and the “sarcastic mister know it all” referenced in “Scar Tissue” is Dave Navarro.

  61. Professional Widow by Tori Amos, Bruise Violet by Babes in Toyland, Coattails of a Dead Man by Primus, Starfuckers, Inc by NIN, and I'll Stick Around by Foo Fighters are all about Courtney Love

  62. thank you for asking this, i was having the time of my life in this thread lmfao. this is rly cold tea but my fave connection is:

  63. It seems a bit weird though given she was 12 at the time the song was released. The true story though is he was writing a song about a woman and couldn't think of a name to fit in the song. He then saw a picture of Caroline Kennedy in a newspaper smiling, which he thought was sweet given all she had gone through in life so far, so he picked Caroline as the name. The actual Caroline in the song is supposed to be in her 20s. FWIW Caroline Kennedy is very flattered by it and Neil Diamond sung it to her at her 50th birthday party.

  64. Train in Vain (Stand by Me) by The Clash is about Viv Albertine from The Slits (I HIGHLY recommend her two autobiographies, absolutely brilliant)

  65. Old school torch songs — “Diamonds and Rust” is Joan Baez’s song about her love affair with Bob Dylan. It’s actually rather romantic and painful, thinking about the two folk chrooners to the backdrop of the turbulence of the 60s.

  66. Fully conspiracy theory--truly nothing to back this up--but my fave recent one is "I Heard You're Married Girl" by The Weeknd being about Ariana Grande.

  67. How do you sleep by John Lennon is about Paul McCartney but it’s pretty obvious Back in the ussr is Paul McCartney parodying The Beach Boys Mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery by Marilyn Manson is about my chemical romance (he thought they ripped him off lmao, which is ridiculous)

  68. Dear Prudence is about Mia Farrow's sister Prudence. She hated the Beatles because they weren't taking the transcendence meditation course seriously and just annoyed her all the time.

  69. Probably mostly well known, especially in this sub, but I love being able to tell people that Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy is about David Bowie. Specifically how good he was at blowjobs.

  70. I know back in 2011 it circulated, around tumblr at least, that 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift was about Hayley Williams and Josh Farro

  71. Selena Gomez obviously wrote Souvenir about The Weeknd but the Singer Jillian Rose Banks "Banks" had a relationship with him in 2013-2014 and also wrote at least one song about him

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