Jason Momoa Is Dating Eiza González After Lisa Bonet Breakup

  1. Relationship will be already over by then and Timmy and Jason will talk about how she called the paps on them and her team pushed a hundred articles about "who's Jason Momoa's new girlfriend" as it was while she was with Timmy.

  2. Lmao truly a mess. And I can’t imagine Lisa’s going to want Eiza anywhere near her & Jason kids especially because of how she acted about Zoe’s casting.

  3. Is it sad that I'm always relieved when a celeb breaks up with their long-term wife and they don't immediately run to 22 year olds.

  4. Wow wtf?? I would truly never talk to someone again if they did that to me, let alone more than once. What a man child.

  5. Omg what the fuck!! I am not an angry person but oh man, that would make me lose my mind! (Heard reading for hours while suspended by wires sounds like my kind of party tho, I love that she did that lol)

  6. The only film I can think of off the top of my head is baby driver but that was a number of years ago. Otherwise the pap photos with Timmy are the first thing I think of

  7. the first season of from dusk til dawn is probably my favorite season of tv, ever. her role increases as the seasons go on, but if you’re ever curious about her as an actress or just like any sort of supernatural (the genre, not the other show lmao) stylized tv i highly recommend it

  8. I remember her being in baby driver and she was recently in ambulance, but thats it. Plus, if I remember correctly she was besties with Ana De Armas. To me she's more known for who she's hooked up with.

  9. She was in that movie with Rosamund Pike, it’s on Netflix, and it’s great. Imo she’s more known for the guys she dates and being beautiful. Her movies and performances are rarely ever mentioned, like at all.

  10. I am a feverent Eiza Gonzalez defender only because she was in my favorite telenovelas as a kid, but beyond that I can only tell you she was in baby driver lol

  11. I don't know who she is, I follow gossip closely. I was mixing her up with Eliza Dushka, I am like isn't she married?!

  12. All I know is Baby Driver. She was of course the "hot character" but her acting didn't make much of an impression. Could've been any other actress in that role.

  13. I am Mexican and I remember when I heard rumors that people around her where slightly annoyed that Yalitzia Aparicio was getting more recognition than her. This was during the big hype surrounding the movie ROMA.

  14. aw :( part of his hotness during GOT to me came from him being such a sexy badass khal drogo but devoted father and husband at home to Lisa Bonet. Now hes more like a stereotypical hollywood man. he lost about 70% of his hotness to me lol

  15. Nobody can convince me she and her team are not the ones sending Deuxmoi messages about her being the next big thing in Hollywood, when instead she's been trying for years but nobody really cares. In one of the latest podcasts, Deuxmoi had a paparazzi and an entertainment journalists as guests and they openly both shaded Eiza and her team. It's no secret she calls the paps on her relationships.

  16. I agree but I always thought People was the most reputable magazine out there and if something was reported by them, it was mostly confirmed from both sides. So whatever this is, his team must have approved the announcement too.

  17. These men want to date her too. Idk see why she’s specifically vilified for that. She’s dated men with less fame than her. She was dating a much less famous athlete all of last year & no one cared but the times she dates someone more famous than her, she’s labeled thirsty lol

  18. Right! Whenever I see her name come up I dread the comments. They're either insulting her appearance because she's had surgery or insult her because she dates famous men (which I mean..duh). It's so hypocritical

  19. Yeah, because Eiza and her fans have NEVER trashed/criticized other women, especially over a man or a role, and are the epitome of feminism and “women supporting women.” 🤣

  20. Yup! I made a comment about how not to judge women so harshly. This kind of judgment is just the training ground for even worse kinds of misogyny. Of course everyone think that THEY aren’t sexist or misogynist and only THEIR judgment is a fair and true assessment. That’s the same thinking Depp fans have as well. Women are always placed on these character trials. So what if she likes fucking hot men? We know Hollywood doesn’t take beautiful women seriously and they don’t take beautiful women if color seriously? Why pile on???

  21. Two hot single people. I don’t see the problem. Everyone is somebody’s ex, he was bound to date again. They have many mutual friends. Not every Hollywood connection has some sinister motive.

  22. It’s weird seeing Eiza blow up in Western media when I can only see her as Nikki from my favorite telenovela, Amores Verdaderos. I was always so used to the Mexican actors I liked staying in Mexican media and the American actors I liked staying American media. Never thought I’d see the two merge

  23. I mean.. is she blowing up? I think she's well known among people who follow gossip, but like my parents definitely have no clue who she is lol.

  24. I’m Mexican but something about her “Mexicaneness” has always rubbed me the wrong way. She really likes to play the stereotypical Mexican women part.

  25. I know, intellectually, that I've seen her in a couple movies, but I only know this woman for her extreme makeover where they basically built her a brand-new face from scratch.

  26. Talk about a downgrade woof from LISA BONET to Who’s that Gonzales? Im pretty sure im still crushing on Lisa from when she was in High Fidelity for like one scene.

  27. Every time I see Eiza's name come up in the news I think about how badly Klay Thompson treated her. I hope that Jason Momoa is as kind and considerate in this relationship as he seemingly was in his previous relationship

  28. WAIT. Klay dated Eiza? I prob need to google this. I feel for her because Klay def. seems like hes a bad bf.

  29. Klay didn’t necessarily treat her badly, she knew what the situation was. He cheated on Laura Harrier with her and when Laura found out he stopped talking to Eiza so he would work on his relationship with Laura.

  30. Both of these People articles read not only the same as if EG/her team were responsible for both (though I don’t doubt Jason is exercising poor judgement again and OK’d the first), but they both come off like the ones when she was dating Josh Duhamel back in 2018. Edit: Although looking at them again, they were even heavier handed and laying it on thick about how Josh had “never met anyone like her before.”

  31. It’s so crazy to see how much Eiza has climbed up the ladder. I watched her when she was in soap operas in Mexico and now she’s in Hollywood.

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