Brad Pitt’s GQ August 2022 Cover Story

  1. for any Six Feet Under fans out there, my friend just texted me "he looks like he was found decomposing at the bottom of a well and Rico did the best job he could"

  2. I’m glad I was not alone in this. This is some tortured artist high school emo shit right here. At…checks notes…nearly 60 years old. Yikes.

  3. Not surprised by the shit that comes out of Pitt's mouth, but I can't tell if the writer is being ironic calling it 'profound.'

  4. But he lives in his ex wife's basement or garage, just until he gets on his feet. The kids avoid him at all cost because he wants to hang out with their friends.

  5. These old man movie stars keep showing us how pretentious they are. The flowery language, the art, the guitars. It’s a veneer, a front to present to the public. I don’t think they’ve realized we see through it now.

  6. What the actual fuck did I just read? That was the fluffiest puff piece I've ever read, it was just off the charts levels of ridiculousness...

  7. lmaooo they’re already fighting on tiktok about “if this were Harry styles y’all would eat this up!!” and maybe they would but it would still be bad

  8. I’ve been laughing about this comment all day. I momentarily forgot about it and then suddenly burst out laughing at the supermarket checkout 😭

  9. Why do all these men try to sound super smart and profound and deep and really seem to believe they have more knowledge than anyone else?? So pretentious

  10. genuinely tho, it's so disturbing to me how abusive men will learn the vocabulary associated with 'good communication' and 'accountability' and utilize it to justify their own shitty actions while doing nothing to actually change their behavior.

  11. I just want to point out that this profile was written by Ottessa Moshfegh, in her own rights a minor literary celebrity. She WON the Hemingway/PEN award for her debut novel and is a NYT bestseller for 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' and this is the piece they came up with 🙃🙃

  12. this is an unpopular opinion but I HATED that book (despite loving the premise and really wanting to enjoy it). the protagonist was so vapid and devoid of any personality. the constant harping on about how she was blonde and supermodel gorgeous and, of course, very thin. my friend and I call this type of novel “slim wrist lit” — like Sally Rooney’s protagonists, you cannot go a few pages without some reference to her delicate features or sharp clavicles or how a big coat just swallows her right up! anyway, I didn’t think the book was as profound as the author clearly did, so her writing about Brad Pitt like he’s some kind of sage intellectual doesn’t surprise me at all lol

  13. Looking at him and Johnny Debt in 2022, I never want to hear that men age better than women, ever again.

  14. The fact that Hollywood sold this lie to the world just to give coke-bloated assholes like these a few more years of playing love interest to women half their age while far more talented actresses see the leading roles dry up as soon as they hit's beyond infuriating.

  15. Harrison ford looks decrepit in the newer starwars, and Carrie looks amazing. But everyone was all about how shitty she looked and said Ford looked great. I was like “bescuse me!?!?”

  16. Literally sitting in the ambulance I work on gagging trying not to laugh and have to explain this to my partner 😂😂😫

  17. Y'all have to read the article- it's probably one of the more pretentious fluff pieces in recent memory. Pushing Brad as a deep, lonely and tortured artist with no push back on any of his bullshit quotes. Just ridiculous.

  18. These GQ articles are so weird, wasn’t there the one about a journalist escaping Chris Evans’ house? Why are they all written in this melodramatic way?

  19. It's so bad. I was a long time fan of his and I'll admit he's not the smartest bloke, but this was off the charts. He sounds unwell

  20. What’s interesting is that the reporter chose to put that in, knowing what readers could assume. They could've just said “something to drink”

  21. Based on this article, this guy 200% has no idea who he is. He has a different personality for each decade of his life. I gotta say this “tortured, deep artist” personality is possibly my least favorite. Side note: He has truly been insufferable since his breakup from Angelina. She was all he had going for him.

  22. “I’m a murderer” in what world is that something you should say to describe yourself… if you don’t murder ppl?

  23. These domestic abusers should just take their sob, tortured artists stories elsewhere, anywhere other than GQ. Somehow these interviews just inevitably amplified the cringiness and pretentiousness and do not help their cases at all. It did not help Depp in 2018, it did not help Pitt in 2017 (Guardian ripped him a new hole

  24. I don't like Pitt but this cover is so bad it's genuinely shocking. He is capable of photographing well even at this age. You cannot tell me someone on the editing team did not have it in for him.

  25. It's extraordinary to me that in this entire interview where he's wanking on about his Really Deep Thoughts, and what he loves and whatnot, he doesn't mention his children once.

  26. I feel like many older, male movie stars (the ones that used to be called "hearthrobs")just do not get that we can see through their tortured artist shit now. This interview might have worked twenty years ago but it's absolutely laughable now, and he's not in on the joke. The author seems to be, though.

  27. I dislike the surprised yet kinda focused eyes that a lot of people do in photos. It shows off eyes well but it makes rest of the face look idk vapid. Not just brad but a ton of celebs and influencers do it.

  28. Pitt has very hooded eyes usually. Here he honestly looks like he had the same bloody eye lift surgery Renee Zellweger had before she had it reversed.

  29. Jeremy strong didn’t drunkenly hit his kid and proceed to financially abuse his ex for years because she dared pick kids over him so he deserves to be clowned a lot more than Jeremy.

  30. Is it terrible that I kinda liked the Jeremy strong interview? lol like it was pretentious but I felt like I had learned something from it. He’s just so strange

  31. If you add descriptions to photos posted directly to Reddit and if it’s too long for a single line that shows up

  32. He looks like he took these photos at home, with poor lighting and a tripod, to promote a play of his own life in which he’s starring & doing his own makeup.

  33. Not to be ageist but this feels OLD. Like I could see Timothee or another young actor being photographed like this but this feels like he is trying very hard

  34. He sounds like he is channeling Louis in interview with the vampire..The visual kinda fits too

  35. I nearly died from cringe just reading those quotes, my angsty teenage scribblings were not as bad. He’s just…not very smart is he?

  36. I'm not a huge fan of Gawker but they wrote a great piece calling out Brad for using GQ to bolster his image while ignoring the ongoing legal and media war he is waging against Angelina (and of course not mentioning anything about his 6 kids)

  37. Wait he is rambling in emails to his interviewer while SOBER?? Wtf did he do while he was drunk? That must have been rough to listen to. At least when you're drunk texting you don't title different part of your own bullshit stories lol.

  38. Kinda feels like they didn’t have enough time to photograph the real Brad Pitt so they just used his Madam Tussaud’s waxwork instead

  39. he looks like he asked what's cool with the kids right now and someone told him harry styles 💀💀💀

  40. The article reads like any man who did psychedelics once and discovered empathy, and from looking at the pictures i just know he was holding back a slur when they told him they’d have to put rhinestones on his face

  41. I was about to say the same thing. I know a psychonaut when i see one 😂 These quotes remind me of the ones you find in a newbie's trip report.

  42. There is something very offputting about the cover. Reminds me of Homelander in The Boys. Plastic.. fake.. narcissistic… and scary?

  43. Maybe if I let them put really stupid makeup on me then no one will notice my botched lip filler and pony tail facelift that hasn’t had time to settle yet

  44. I don’t understand how everyone unanimously agrees that he looks deceased but no one on the production team thought he looked horrible💀

  45. Mads Mikkelson is literally the only old white man we need. I’m still so amused by him replacing Johnny Depp in whatever Harry Potter movie that was and getting so much more acclaim for his performance.

  46. When I saw this mess of a photoshoot, my first thought was that Mads would never fumble like this. Mr Famously Handsome here can’t even take a presentable photo.

  47. I am going out and buying this car wreck. At the beach with a cocktail this Will be hours of entertainment

  48. From Tom Hiddleston to Johnny Depp and now Brad Pitt, GQ seems to be the go to magazine for male Hollywood actors to give cringey interviews.

  49. It looks like he is trying to fill the "strange deep guy" void Johnny Depp left when he ruined himself for us.

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