Jennifer Garner bans mention of Ben Affleck on set?

  1. “Reserve the right” makes it seem like diva stuff when this is what normal people do when they don’t like a conversation topic?

  2. Exactly, anybody reserves the right to walk away from a conversation, not just celebrities. She’s there to work not talk about her messy ex.

  3. I really do think she's goals. I can't even imagine being this mature with how dragged out everything has been for her. If she wrote a memoir that literally just had 300 pages of "fuck this, and definitely fuck that," I'd understand.

  4. Is it petty though? Her set is a professional area for her, why would she want to talk about her private life with some random? I wish people would learn boundaries, but it really doesn't surprise me to have to put it into actual rules to deter some people.

  5. Looks like this is well and truly debunked but who would honestly blame her if, as a woman, working on a big project, she wanted to be worth more than the sum of her ex-husband’s paparazzi-courting decisions?!

  6. Ben seems like a high maintenance tool. She probably gets tired of the shenanigans going on. I love the pics of him looking exhausted from the Paparazzi in Paris. Like what did he expect?

  7. I hate that that director tagged her and JLo in that TikTok/Reel of the scene from 13 Going on 30 where Jenna removes the competitor’s covers of JLo and it went viral and picked up on some news outlets.

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