Celebrities getting ‘mini-sleeves’ in order to lose weight?

  1. I thought they meant like tiny, super tight sleeves that would somehow constrict your arms and make them look more muscly, like Popeye's.

  2. I immediately thought about some weird short story I read in school about a weird vending machine full of delicious ice cream treats that appeared one day and everyone got addicted to them and gained a bunch of weight. And then a mysterious booth at the mall popped up with a weird attendant and you could go into the booth to instantly lose weight, but they would tattoo dots on you for every so many pounds lost, and people were walking around with cool blue pattern tattoos.

  3. What exactly is it? A gastric sleeve or a shot? How much weight did she lose? Was it painful? Sorry, I'm fascinated by this, lol.

  4. I had weight loss surgery, but I was near 300 at the time. There are regularly women who are on the wls sub and start at 185 at like 5'5.. for reference that is 10 lbs more than my current weight and barely in the "obese" category (BMI of 30). These procedures are meant for a minimum of a bmi of 35 or above, but usually it is above 40. It can actually be life threatening due to malnutrition.

  5. I follow @surgeonmade_curves on IG and she went to Mexico for hers, she was only trying to lose like 20-30 lbs. she’s been in top of this conversation since Khloe and Kim started dropping weight (you have to look out for her stories, she doesn’t make posts unless she has receipts). She also offers advice on surgeons for women looking to get the mini sleeve (and other surgery). I’m not sure if it’s offered in the US unless you have a high BMI, but you can def go to surgery hot spots outside of the US fir this.

  6. Especially because they aren’t limited by costs like we are. They can afford practically anything they need to do for their bodies so they can keep working and getting parts. It’s like an investment in their business and their business is their body.

  7. There is actually a shortage of the drug in some places at the moment because it went viral for weight loss. Lots of diabetics are having trouble getting it as a result.

  8. Ozempic is becoming more regularly prescribed. My sister takes it, but she hasn't dropped nearly the kind of weight Kim K or Khloe has, so I don't think that's it.

  9. So, I noticed in Kim's recent IG story where she was asking how to get in her car that her tummy looked like...loose? like it reminded me of those who had lost a recent amount weight quickly. Is this something that she has had? I don't mean to shame, esp. if it is a result of previous pregnancy or something but I was surprised to see it. Could also have been a weird camera angle but it made me curious.

  10. It’s an injection called Wegovy. Just approved by the FDA about a year ago. $1,400 a month if insurance doesn’t cover it.

  11. Jesus why go through all of that instead of just getting an Adderall prescription? Lmao within 3 months of my ADHD diagnosis I lost like 40lbs. Hell of a lot cheaper and less painful than weekly injections

  12. I’m sure celebs are doing wegovy, but there are “mini sleeve” procedures like adjustable bands or a gastric balloon. If you pay out of pocket (rather than using medical insurance), you can easily find a surgeon to do it even if you’re outside the usual BMI range.

  13. I just started getting these shots weekly. At the clinic I go to it’s $99.00/week. I have been getting them for 3 weeks and have lost about 8 pounds. They do make you pretty nauseas the first few days, but the nausea wears off towards the end of the week.

  14. It’s saying you have to be obese to get injections. These celebrities aren’t exactly obese or even over weight

  15. It’s not a procedure. It’s a weekly injection that is a hard core appetite suppressant. It’s called Wegovy if you want to look further into it.

  16. “2000s style” does the mean the Fairly skinny look ? As in the 2010s brought in “Thick” now we are in some areas reverting back to the previous misogynistic. I’m guessing this from the main Kardashian clan taking out enhancements

  17. I seriously wonder what the long term aesthetic side effects of this are going to be. This is basically medically assisted anorexia and anorexia does not look good especially after a certain age - like, how can you be such a short term thinker that you don't worry about losing muscle mass and bone mass? developing osteoporosis and getting stooped? having looser skin because your muscles are wasting away?

  18. I have no idea why you're getting downvoted for this. This whole comment section is so weird - lots of people getting upvoted for saying they, too, want to take diabetes medicine that they don't need for aesthetic weight loss reasons? And downvoting anyone for pointing out that's not actually a good idea, that there are shortages of this drug for people who actually require it for their health, and that thinness doesn't need to be the default setting for hot?

  19. I really appreciate you pointing out that it’s essentially a medically assisted eating disorder. I have a friend taking ozempic for weight loss and she’s lost 35lbs in like 4 months. And she basically eats whatever and however much she wants, then spends the next 24hrs explosively shitting or vomiting it out. And I finally asked her if it was really worth it, and she is convinced it is. I’m concerned for the long term effects this will have on her, especially her digestive system.

  20. Literally watched Lorry Hill’s most recent video on this topic. It’s a must-watch to understand why your and my body’s not to be blamed for not being caterpillars and having glow-ups every so often.

  21. Probably talking about ozempic. As a someone with diabetes (prediabetes and insulin resistance fam included) fuck people who want to casually lose weight by taking the medication saving our lives and causing a shortage.

  22. “Semaglutide injection may increase the risk that you will develop tumors of the thyroid gland, including medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC; a type of thyroid cancer). Laboratory animals who were given semaglutide developed tumors, but it is not known if this medication increases the risk of tumors in humans”

  23. I take Mounjaro for insulin resistance and a way to help control my binge eating disorder. It’s a true miracle drug for me. As someone who has struggled with yo yo dieting and anxiety/depression my entire adult life because of body dysmorphia, and then had children and my hormones completely changed and limited my ability to lose weight “the traditional way,” I am so thankful for it.

  24. I thought we were talking tattoos for a min, and was like f yeah sign me up for a mini sleeve that gives me weight loss 🤦‍♀️ work fried my brain.

  25. this is so crazy to me bc i'm getting full on gastric sleeve surgery in a few months for health reasons (my blood pressure is terrible and its hard for me to even exercise without back pain bc of my weight). and if this is true, then ppl are getting it like they would liposuction? idk like ive gone thru so much therapy related to my BDD and ED and i've come to terms w the fact that i'll never look perfect, and will probably also look like a "former fat" (i.e. jiggly arms, flabby stomach and thighs) and celebs get to do whatever they want and LOOK however they want bc they have money.

  26. Yes mini sleeves exist and is more common than you think. They take 50% or less of stomach. Not for major weight loss like the standard sleeve. Some even do it endoscopically and you don’t even need the liquid diet as with other procedures. Can basically eat tiny portions from the start.

  27. But I know its a BAND not a mini sleeve they got. The band is adjustable as you want it. You can change it from time to time.

  28. On the most recent episode of Two Bears one Cave podcast, Whitney Cummings said she is on it (Metformin) and was saying how amazing it is and trying to get Bert to ask his doctor about it in order to take it as well. It’s crazy because Whitney has never been overweight (if anything, underweight). Definitely common thing in Hollywood theses days 🙄

  29. Is this healthy and or will this contribute to my disordered eating because I cannot lose weight for the LIFE of me regardless of calorie deficit or exercise

  30. I don’t think this is true. Someone on tiktok said that Kim K and Khloe lost weight fast because of this and everyone ran with it and started accusing other celebs of doing it

  31. I agree. Kim K claims to have lost 20 lbs but posted her weight not too long ago and then again recently and it was more like 13 lbs lost. And if you look at unedited pics of her and Khloe, no they really did not reduce their bbls much at all and their asses and hips are still extremely large. I find it kind of weird that people are insisting a rich celebrity with personal trainers, chefs, dieticians and access to drugs like coke and Adderall absolutely could not have lost 10 lbs over a few months in any way except a gastric sleeve. Has our society really gotten that bad and that warped about weight? I'm sorry but 10 lbs is not that extreme.

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