JK Rowling released a new book today about a YouTube animator that gets stabbed to death for making racist and transphobic animations and it is 600 pages longer than Dune

  1. “I had written the book before certain things happened to me online,” she continued. “I said to my husband, ‘I think everyone is going to see this as a response to what happened to me,’ but it genuinely wasn’t. The first draft of the book was finished at the point certain things happened.”

  2. She wrote a book 3x the length of her HP books & she's trying to convince us it wasn't written in some type of Regina George rage?? Lmao yeah right

  3. 'What happened to me' I feel like she's so awful to people just so she can turn around and claim she's the actual hurt party. Her victim complex is astounding.

  4. I find it weird how she’s constantly telling pretty obvious lies like this. Like all the stuff about the plot of Harry Potter being planned out from book one is pretty obviously not true or certain plot elements would have been set up much earlier, probably most ridiculous is her claiming that she didn’t know about the whole blood purity thing being something that was actually enforced by fascist moments when she wrote it into the books. It’s like she never wants to admit taking inspiration from anything so she can seem more original

  5. I mean she’s made her money so literally all that’s making her publish new material is…her whims. Coulda left this one as a draft if she really thought it wouldn’t be received the way she wanted it to, so it’s dumb as hell for her to play Disingenuous Baby Author Scraping a Living.

  6. Girl, it was a draft. The second you were aware of the connection people would make, you had the chance to change it, but you deliberately left it in.

  7. lmao I remember that being the beginning of her unraveling. People were like wtf? Just stop adding stupid lore to the universe please. And now she's just gone into full hateful troll.

  8. You all need to stop counting book lengths in pages, there can be a huge difference depending on edition. I recommend word counters, as they give a clearer picture. Personally I like this one:

  9. Her book is 100 pages less than the combined Lord of the Rings books, and that's with all the appendixes and whatnot Tolkien included

  10. When she started getting really bad I tried to explain to my dad what was going on and he was like "all this when she could just have said nothing?"

  11. i genuinely don't get why people with her kind of money want to sit on twitter of all places, arguing with strangers. if i was that rich, no one would ever hear from me ever again.

  12. This is a person who could have fucked off to her literal castle with her hundreds of millions of dollars, kept her bigoted ranting to her inner circle, popped up in public just to hi every few years and people would have lost their shit because it was a rare delight, and died beloved for the rest of western history if she wasn’t an egomaniac with a persecution complex.

  13. Hate to say it, but she will probably still be beloved for the rest of western history. The good that men do lives on after them, the evil is often inter'd with the bones.

  14. This sounds like one of those Trump Christian novels where the hero is a war vet that saves everyone from getting vaccinated. Tragic career trajectory

  15. Yeah this has the same energy as the conservatives making Tik Toks that they were gonna be rounded up and harmed bc they didn’t get the Covid vaccines

  16. Like… “Trigger Warning”? Army veteran nut job becomes the Good Guy With a Gun who saves the entire college campus full of Lib Snowflakes from Bad Guys with Guns.

  17. Joanne could never take criticism. Remember when she introduced time travel to her series but only used it to allow a teenager to take multiple lessons? (Plus all the stuff with Harry and James) And then she wrote Goblet of Fire in which Cedric died.

  18. Not to be that person, but technically it was more of "Cedric was one public humiliation event away from being a Death Eater had he survived." Which still makes no sense because like, Cedric did not seem like a Nazi and I feel like being humiliated during the Triwizard tournament would've been something he could've just like, laughed off???

  19. Yup, and instead of realizing that about herself she pivoted to a genre filled with cynicism and antiheroes. Criticism is an expectation of the genre Joanne.

  20. omg, is this why she pretended to be doxxed by tRaNs RiGhTs AcTiViStS earlier this year? to bolster yet another unhinged-yet-mediocre novel? oh, joanne...

  21. she lives in a castle that is a registered historical site. you can't get doxxed when you live at a published address.

  22. ONE single person who seemed to be right wing responded to her over the Salman Rushdie thing with "ur next" on Twitter and the entire British establishment decided this was actually worst than Salman having been stabbed or the Fatwa. Black British footballers deal with more murderous racist abuse on a daily basis but that one tweet justified numerous frontpage stories about how trans people are trying to get her. The person who tweeted that wasn't even a trans activist.

  23. Is this an attempt to fight call out and cancel culture? Maybe put on an astronaut suit for it like your old buddy.

  24. It's just like Dave Chappelle's trans friend being cyberbullied to death by the trans community. Both claims are total BS.

  25. One of them is a very good friend of mine and the shit they went through because of her is absolutely heartbreaking.

  26. She wrote them under a pen name so people wouldn't associate her with Harry Potter and take them seriously in her own right. Eventually it leaked or something and people know now though. Fun fact, her pen name is almost identical to the guy who invented anti-LGBT conversion therapy!

  27. Unfortunately, yes. Source: was bookseller for 15 years and threw more than one Harry Pottet party and was around for release of first 2 Robert Gailbraith novels.

  28. I read one of her Robert Galbraith books (I recall there was controversy about this choice of pseudonym) and then couldn't get through the second. Then didn't touch the third with its TERF nonsense.

  29. I know my dad enjoyed the detective books back before Joanne was revealed to be a piece of shit. He tends to like mystery fiction but he thought they were particularly good.

  30. I have read them and will probably read this one when it's available at the library because I think it's fascinating to explore these books through who she is now!! I definitely don't agree with her views (which is why I won't buy them) but I like to read things by people I disagree with. For ex, in her more recent book she also had a weird subplot where a serial killer lured his victims into cars by dressing as a woman. I feel like she writes these things to double down on her harmful views and it's important to understand that. I know a lot of people disagree with the decision to read them, but I like to see the method behind the madness!!!!

  31. no amount of money or fame is enough because she's got some deep-seated trauma stemming from the domestic abuse and sexual assault she experienced at the hands of a cis man and she has, for some unfathomable reason, decided that the only way to address that is to take it out on trans women.

  32. I was thinking the same thing, I really enjoyed the first two or three of those novels, and was interested in the main characters. What a shame. I wouldn't touch this one with a ten foot pole.

  33. I mean. I don’t even want to unpack the fact that her pen name for this book is also the same name of a “doctor” that popularized using electric shock for conversion therapy.

  34. waiting patiently for someone to upload a 2 hour video essay titled "i read the ink black heart so you don't have to" so i can listen to her and her book being torn apart while i'm doing laundry or smth

  35. She really does think people are critical of her just for "having an opinion". Imagine writing an entire book because you're too afraid to face anyone who could respond in a real time conversation.

  36. She couldn't take that hateful drivel to her therapist instead? Or better yet? Write a journal entry in her diary? Honestly.

  37. I have no words. Honestly, every time I see her name in the news and I think it can't get worse, it does. She constantly doubles down and is determined to prove that she's a shitty person. But in her mind she's some kind of misunderstood hero and champion of women's rights. To write over 1000 pages of fanfic like this is just astounding.

  38. She could have churned out mundane Hogwarts lore for years, or written benign mystery novels, but she has fully invested herself in making transphobia the centre of her life and career. This is her SECOND transphobic novel. It's astounding.

  39. Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, I'm still waiting for this lauded feminist to apologise for publicly supporting Johnny Depp, or at least contradict his claim that she believes Amber is lying.

  40. She always acts like people are attacking her because of who she is, or some innate characteristic, but really people are "attacking" (criticising, mostly) her because of what she's REPEATEDLY SAID IN PUBLIC UNPROMPTED.

  41. I want to know what her editor’s reaction was. Did they even try to make edits? Or were they like, “I’m not even going to try to clean this up. I am just going to let this flop.”

  42. JKR is not getting edited. It’s a damn shame, literally every writer regardless of talent and fame, is better with a good editor. But once you get to her level, no one is going to tell her no.

  43. I feel so split, this woman gave me the biggest joy of my childhood and some of my best memories with my late grandfather growing up as the books were releasing. However she now makes me feel sick and ashamed to have anything to do with the series and having been a fan for so many years.

  44. It’s so infuriating that she created something so wonderful but has revealed herself to be an absolutely loathsome human being.

  45. Funny. She could have written a book backed up by things that actually happen in the world and at statistically high rates. Like trans men and women being murdered for being who they are because people buy into the hateful rhetoric spread by people in the public eye, AKA Joanne.

  46. The way she is so confident and persistent in being completely and utterly cruel and pathetic inspires me to live with a little less shame <3

  47. In the UK the left is also TERFy, but it's weird that she is fine being loved by the same people who hated Harry Potter for being 'too liberal'.

  48. Well writers write what they know. But honestly I was a huge fan and admirer of her growing up in the 2000s as a shy introverted bookworm but now with her views and mishandling of the Beasts series am so embarrassed. I mean I get how authors with fantastic books like CS Lewis and Roald Dahl have weird out there views but no one had really heard of them until they died right?

  49. I think both Lewis and Dahl were pretty well known in their own time, but they usually get given a pass on a lot of their more problematic views because in the time they lived that kind of bigotry was much more widespread. Doesn't mean it's ok of course, and there were definitely people who also lived in that time and recognised that kind of bigotry was wrong, but I think the rationale is usually 'old timey guy has old timey views.'

  50. I remember back when I was a Harry Potter fan when everyone in that fandom worshipped her, I was one of the few that didn’t like her. There was just something about how it feels like she relish how much the HP fandom worship her that stood out to me even when I was a child. It bothered me because a lot of HP fans were kids or teens at that time. I bet it bothers her so much that the fandom that treated her like a Queen despises her now. Even the HP casts that used to suck up to her turned against her. Lmao.

  51. It’s so satisfying. The only “supportive” fans are right wing nut jobs who probably read HP secretly because their parents probably would’ve burn those books for witchcraft. The irony and hypocrisy is astounding

  52. If she had just not been a transphobic ass she would be the most beloved author. People would be making so many excuses for the thinly veiled racism in her books. Instead she doubled down and looses her mind on peoples genitalia

  53. She could have just stayed off social media and never shared her awful beliefs and stayed one of the most beloved authors of all time

  54. i’ll never understand the desire to draw negative attention to yourself after being one of the most beloved and filthy rich people in the world. she could have just fucked off to wherever and minded her business for the rest of forever. now she continues to piss me off on a regular basis

  55. The older I get, the more I realize the reason why so many publishers back then did not pick up Hairy Pooper was because it wasn't good. It's been spun into an underdog narrative but Ursula K. Le Guin was right as always.

  56. This is a dangerous attitude, IMO. Terrible people can produce good art. This is far from the only example. And it's important to remember this, because the next time you love a book/movie/tv show and it's revealed that the creator did shitty things, people will be less compelled to defend that person.

  57. Her writing career has pivoted to run-of-the-mill, ultra conservative, borderline parody victim complex sob stories I guess lmao. What a pathetic downgrade.

  58. this is absolutely ridiculous and so, so harmful. she has completely fallen from grace, and continues to spew hateful rhetoric. i can’t believe i use to be such a fan of hers

  59. God, how did she go from being one of the most beloved and adored women to being the most hated? Like the worst part of this entire this is if she had just apologized about her transphobic comments and learned from her error of her ways, people wouldn’t be clowning her constantly.

  60. She didnt even need to apologize for her comments, just act dumb and pretend she never said it and I bet a chunk of the trans community would have forgot

  61. HP books were good-to-great and meant a lot to me growing up but these books are not that good for her to still have so many supporters still.

  62. She’s hilarious and not in the good way. Reminds me of the book Trigger Warning that came out 😂 this is some snowflake behavior if you ask me

  63. This woman wrote HP and turned out to be a AAA asshole. Could have sat on her millions but no, she has to go and traumatize millions of her fans.

  64. She's probably already planned out all her soundbites and press releases based on how she's been "attacked" over this book. Anyway, please tell me again how she has been "cancelled".

  65. At this point people have got to stop reporting on her and what she’s up to. She’s not going to change her feelings….she even wrote a book about how how people like her are “persecuted”.

  66. What a sad, pathetic person. What's funny is the way she whines about "free speech", but then shuts down anyone who disagrees with her. She unfriended and cut off Stephen King when, after stridently DEFENDING her against sexist comments online, he also said that he supports the trans community. By his own word, he hasn't been able to get in touch with her on any way some then.

  67. I can't understand people like Rowling. OK no one is perfect from birth. A person can be ignorant and have an "opinion". But if many many many people say that opinion is based on bias and false and is wrong and hurtful, wouldn't you at least have to try to listen to them? No one is always right. Why can't she think she might be wrong? I bet trans people must have tried to talk to her genuinely ro offer chances to learn about genders a long time ago. This is such a dumb hill she's willing to die on.

  68. I don’t know, the one thing right wingers have shown in the culture wars is they will throw money at whoever picks their side. They might not read it but I’m sure they’ll buy it. “I just cancelled Disney+ and bought my kid this brave book with the money hur dur!”

  69. she earns them WAAAY too much money to ever do that. this is a drop in a bucket to what she's earned them and this will still sell more than well enough with certain people

  70. I think her views were never progressive to begin with but she really could have been the most celebrated and venerated author in our lifetime if she hadn’t fallen down this rabbit hole. It’s baffling to see someone wasting their legacy in real time like this. I wonder what it’ll become of her and her series in 20-30 years time.

  71. I mean she can clearly afford therapy with all her millions. Why doesn’t she do that instead? Why do we need to witness her therapy so publicly.

  72. FFS. I remember John Boyne threw a similar tantrum last year and released his own book about "keyboard warriors". She almost makes him look reasonable in comparison.

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