inspired by a recent post, which celebs are using their activism for personal advancement?

  1. Shaun King exists for white liberals on Facebook that don’t know any better to feel good about sharing his links and being “a good ally”

  2. I mean do Chris Evans and Dylan O’Brien call themselves activists though? They could just be tweeting their opinions like everyone else does.

  3. Don't forget King (possibly knowingly) accused the wrong man of murdering a young girl in Texas, leading to the man and his family receiving death threats. This guy later committed suicide, and King simply deleted his tweet.

  4. I totally get what you mean about the double standard but tbh, I still want Chris Evans to tweet Fuck GOP... I just want women to also be able to do that because everyone should. You know?

  5. Remember when he raised money to climb seven mountains and he quit on the first day of training or something but still kept the money? You can't make this shit up.

  6. Jay-Z legit launched a “bitcoin academy” for the public housing projects he grew up in. Like how fucking useless and out of touch can you be

  7. Jameela Jamil. It’s not that I don’t believe she doesn’t believe in activism, it’s that I believe a non significant portion as to why she does activism is for her own personal image, ie the feeling of “I’m such a good person”

  8. I feel like she would be exhausting to have as a friend, she comes off as always needing to be right and needing to be the most interesting/funny/popular person in the room.

  9. She is not nice to her fans/followers who disagree with her either, and has no problem sharing drama and their Twitter handles on her platform. Honestly im sorry but I just dont like her at all

  10. she was just having a meltdown earlier on twitter because someone asked her to apologize for misgendering them

  11. in the good place i’ve always had the weird “she’s way TOO good playing this character 🤨” vibes

  12. I just get really exhausted when conventionally attractive thin people feel the need to centre themselves in fat activism / body positivity. Like it is awesome to be an ally but maybe uplift the voices of actually fat people?

  13. Did you see the recent debacle with her not respecting someone’s pronouns? Like the person told them they are non-binary and use they/them and had that in their bio and Jameela basically said it was their fault she misgendered them because they didn’t have the pronouns in their twitter name and nobody checks bios anyway… like just apologize and keep disagreeing with the person on the original topic, don’t play the victim and send your fans after someone that you misgendered…

  14. Honestly I can't think of any celeb off the top of my head that did something like what Dan Price did (that twitter dude who raised all his employees' salaries and it turns out he was a total predator and also involved in some legal battle with family so a lot of his "activism" and posturing online was to create this benevolent businessman image). I also think a lot of celebs have a very simplistic or "easy" view of activism, without actually thinking through what activism and building community are truly about.

  15. And the first allegations came out quite a while ago but his tweets kept making the front page of Reddit because the persona he created was popular

  16. So glad people are becoming aware of this the guy is an actual rapist I get chills when I see people sharing his quotes on linkedin

  17. Didn’t he also raise the salaries to avoid a lawsuit from a co founder? So it wasn’t even about looking good, that was just an added bonus of doing it straight up to screw someone over for calling him out

  18. Kim K with her prison reform activism and subsequent social media endorsements of several pro-police anti-prison reform candidates including billionaire anti-choice candidate Rick Caruso. But even if she hadn’t endorsed him, it would still be performative.

  19. Any celebrity that endorsed Rick Caruso is on my shit list especially because pretty much all of them try to make people believe they are somewhat liberal and then turn around and do that. Katy Perry also endorsed him

  20. I feel like I end up talking shit about her in all of these posts, but Priyank Chopra. She loves to be seen as a UN goodwill ambassador and a do gooder, but it's all for PR. Her yelling at that Pakistani activist who called her out for her warmongering turned me off of her forever.

  21. And she was supposed to be on the cancelled show, 'The Activist', where people had to compete for money for their nonprofit charities 💀

  22. not to defend PC's response because i think if she'd explained herself calmly then this wouldn't even be an issue but... idk i think the situation calls for a bit more nuance than this

  23. There were TikToks going around of Madison Beer staging photoshoots at BLM protests. The photographer even admitted “so it was staged. So what?” before walking back his statement a few days later.

  24. That reminds me of the vid of the influencer who held a hammer? or something to pretend she was building? something (I forget honestly, but I think it was BLM-related) and then walked away.

  25. that was right after she threw a tantrum on live saying she didn’t photoshop her photoshopped picture and cried about “being the beauty standard” the day george floyd died. when she received backlash for that she obviously thought she needed to claw back her fans and staged that photoshoot

  26. I love Taylor’s music but her activism has always rubbed me the wrong way because she only does it when it’s about her. When it comes to speaking about matters that don’t concern her she’s noticeably more quiet.

  27. I adore her, but she is truly only active when it will benefit herself. You do not get to Taylor's level of fame without being a narcissist

  28. Yeah her activism is always carefully calculated with w where the culture is. Once she knew she got enough money from her rural maga fans she came out as liberal but refused to before that even though her platform could've helped in 2016.

  29. literally peak white feminism with sprinkling in some bare minimum acknowledgment of other issues for profit - oh and shamelessly taking part in destroying the earth for her convenience 🙄

  30. Can she even be called an activist? She always seems so pained when making anything close to a political statement, and those are extremely rare as is.

  31. Agreed. What happened to her speaking out for LGBTQ rights? She did the whole YNTCD music video, brought all stars of the video to the VMAs, wore rainbow colored everything…what has she done since then? Has she spoken about women’s rights since her Miss Americana documentary, or The Man music video? I get her reasoning for not speaking about the 2016 election, but honestly there are people who did speak up who had much more to lose. I know she donates to a lot of causes privately, but it bothers me that she’ll publicly latch on to a cause and then never speak about it again.

  32. This is hard to say because most people even non famous use their activism for personal advancement, especially on the internet where most are just doing performative activism to get praise or just feel better about themselves.

  33. Yep, its a whole term now “slacktivism” and its incredibly hard not to get jaded about it in any critique because some people are actually trying to spread awareness, while also putting their time/money where their mouth is about certain issues.

  34. I remember then michele obama posted pictures #returnourgirls about the kidnapped girls by terrorists and despite this being an international news nobody did anything beside posting pics and some girls managed to escape home. The uncle of one of this girls told that that’s was slacktivism

  35. Yes I also think my level of caring about a celebrity is more about if they are actually making donations to stuff contrary to their words or are supporting organizations that are not vetted non profits just because it sounds good.

  36. I have always been suspicious about the intentions of Bob Geldof and Bono. Their tax avoidance and personal wealth is well documented. As a side note, I recently read they were instrumental in Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump getting together, following a Rupert Murdoch yacht party, which confirmed my unease with them two.

  37. I think it was Tears for Fears who said that they declined the offer to perform at Live Aid because they were in the middle of touring for Songs from the Big Chair, and Geldof proceeded to bombard them with angry phone calls and faxes telling them that they had the deaths of children in Africa on their hands for not playing at Live Aid.

  38. Bob Geldog made a friend of mine cry when she was waitressing for a table of his at an event. He simply refused to speak with her the entire time so she couldn't do her job properly and it was incredibly humiliating for her.

  39. Live Aid and similar orgs are basically just propaganda firms running interference for resource and wealth extraction from Africa.

  40. I completely agree. Jane Fonda, Paul Robeson, Jane Seberg and basically no one else famous is a credible activist. I don't see anyone today really putting themselves on the line. It's just photo-ops and branding.

  41. Shailene Woodley has very cringe takes on feminism. She now says she is one and that the goal of feminism is implementing a matriarchy to bring softness into the world and w/e 😬

  42. DiCaprio’s environmentalist social media posts are basic and low effort. Almost none feature his own photo. He’s just retweeting is all!

  43. I'm not even sure he handles his own account. For all we know it could be the his PR team trying to do damage control for all the shit he does in his personal life.

  44. Leo campaigned for Al Gore in the 2000 election for his climate policies. He narrated and produced two documentaries in the 00s and 10s on climate change activism. His production company produces documentaries on conservation, green energy, and other topics related to environmental causes left and right. You could argue his personal investment into green startups is self-serving, but I'd argue it's still a net positive.

  45. His love for the military screams boy who wanted to join the military as a kid and then chose a different path and still lives vicariously through them

  46. On a related note, the idea that people see activists and non-profits as supposedly 100% selfless can hurt those activists/nonprofits sometimes - you see this a lot when people complain that some organizations have large overheads, or a large percentage of a donation goes to organizational costs, rather than the cause they think they’re giving to.

  47. When it comes to the environment , Most celebrities activism is fake from flying in private jets to endorsing crypto and NFTs ...

  48. this is why I think a lot of celebrities choose “activist” topics that won’t backfire on them/stand to benefit them… almost no celebs (with the exception of leo) will want to take a huge stand on the environment because it would require them to cut down on their wasteful luxurious lives to not be a hypocrite

  49. People that posted pictures of Kamala and Biden after the 2020 election with zero caption and did nothing to help try to campaign for them.

  50. Other than some IG posts or waving signs around at concerts, I’ve only known him to March during the 2020 BLM protests and partner with Everytown to donate a portion of concert proceeds. But I don’t think he ever really claimed to be an activist.

  51. We gotta know that celebs charge appearance fees to charities. They’re just mostly selling their likeness to junk mailing, philanthropy laundering glad-handers.

  52. I mean not unpopular view/opinion nowadays I think, but Johnny Depp. He said he was going to buy wounded knee and give it to the Sioux, but he never did.

  53. I know Nicki is not known for being on the right side of things but I remember there was a story of this Indian village she secretly sent money to and it seemed like she actually cared since it wasn’t some huge organization or health charity. I dunno it’s just random on the list of causes to choose from if it really was a PR stunt

  54. I’m not sure if she does it now, but she used to also be known for paying for a lot of her fans’ tuition… which seemed so nice at the time but it was always super public

  55. Emma Watson trying to hard to emulate hermione role irl ending up with performative activism. Kendall ofc then she was mentioned in video about helping Ukrainians by sharing a pic on insta while everyone else was donating millions.

  56. The whole #challengeaccepted era, which was basically celebrities posting black and white photos of themselves and seeming like they were actually raising awareness of... female empowerment? Equality? Something?

  57. Hopefully I can be clear here but Taylor Swift in the Reputation/Lover era. I love her but she posted the Instagram (with a pic of herself…) to condemn Marsha Blackburn when people online were saying she likes the KKK. She released You Need to Calm Down and drew attention to the Equality act then has never really mentioned it since. And her doc Miss Americana was very much about being political as a pop star and a woman but she hasn’t used her platform much since, despite saying she was passionate about it (see : only speaking on Row v Wade after it was overturned and never mentioning it since then). I think it fit with her reputation era to “clear up” her political reputation

  58. Also in her 1989 era she got really into performative white feminism and didn’t really do anything to further the cause…unless you count parading her famous female friends on stage at every concert

  59. Sophia Bush there is something about her level activism that I just can’t…..maybe it the way she did photo ops in Tulsa for her wedding and guest.

  60. One thing about Sophia, she does put her money where her mouth is. She might not always handle her platform in the best way, but she is dedicated to maintaining her platform and bring awareness. She has devoted a lot of time to causes and has given a lot.

  61. Her heart seems to be in the right place with her activism but it tends to come off really performative at times (from my perspective at least). She has gotten better i will admit…I got hard core feminism vibes with very little intersectionality’s when she started her activism journey.

  62. I think that whole wedding was crazy, but I think it was also a sign of how much pressure there can be on celebrities to be activists.

  63. This. I can tell she means well and is earnest, but it still feels out of touch and performative. Her wedding turned me off quite a bit, even though I still appreciate her trying to use her platform for good causes.

  64. Bit controversial, but I feel everyone here take parts in performative activism. Sure your reasoning might be to “help people” but in there lies our own selfishness (not that it’s a bad thing cause all humans do stuff for an inherent reason) in feeling good about ourselves.

  65. Is there any celebrity that can actually be into activism without it being for personal gain, or at least seen that way? I personally believe that they should stay out of political issues and activism, but it’s also a double edged sword for them. They get criticized either way.

  66. I mean yes but normally they are not as big of a star. At the top of my head I can think of Waris Dirie. She was a supermodel and has been raising awareness about female genital mutilation for a long time, partially because she was subjected toa very severe form of it when she was 5. She has like 3 autobiographical books on the subject and created a foundation which helps treat girls/women subjected to it.

  67. Taylor swift is the definition of this and it drives me crazy!! Peak performative self branding to be woke queen hypocritical underhanded asf white feminism when it benefits her and is trendy only.

  68. Literally all of those who fancy themselves "activists". If you're well-off and want to help orphans, rescue animals, the environment etc there are hundreds of ways to do that effectively and discreetly, and btw no celeb who does tax exemption "charity" is being charitable at all because they don't take a cent from their own fortunes.

  69. Agree with Jameela Jamill, Taylor and Kardashians. A few years ago Victoria Beckham literally went to do a “charity” trip to Cape Town that felt like a photo session. Royals in general but especially the Sussexes. Their business deals are literally all around their “activism” and even recently a reporter referred to them turning their hardship into content for million dollar contracts.

  70. It’s not really activism but Ryan Murphy and his producing partner Brad Falchuk announced that they were setting up a scholarship for Naya Rivera’ s son after she died but then I read an article where her family were saying they had never heard from them and no scholarship had been established like a year or two after they had announced it. That always sat so badly with me and never even watched Glee. It’s just such an awful thing to do - to use someone’s death to make yourself look good with no intention of following through. So many celebs and rich ppl must just lie about stuff like this for their reputations and then never actually do what they said would. We just rarely hear about it.

  71. Dylan O'Brien is a very 'easy activist.' He just tweets stuff with curse words and is labeled a 'woke king' and praised for his activism without doing any actual word. It keep him relevant though since his career kind of shriveled up. (preface: i love dylan o brien but somebody has to be real about his career and activism)

  72. Genuine question: who do you all think is an actual good environmentalist celebrity? I don't think I've ever seen folks on here cite someone who does a good job in their eyes.

  73. Any celebrity who direct their voice to us. like you already have a connections, sources and a platform and you expect me to do the work???

  74. This is a really interesting question! In leftist thought, celebrities are usually regarded as either bourgeois (if they own some means of production) or members of the labor aristocracy. If we follow this line of thinking, because of their class position, no matter how well-intentioned, celebrities will always be unlikely to engage in the kind of activism that creates real systemic change, because that kind of activism requires risk. Celebrities’ material and non-material interests are usually intertwined with the system.


  76. To some degree or another, every modern big name celebrity who’s ever tried. DiCaprio, Carters, and it also brings to mind Brad Pitt’s Katrina housing thing— which I honestly think was done with good intentions, but when push comes to shove, no celebrity is ever gonna truly have the backs of whatever marginalized group they’re supposedly helping. Its cliche to say but Hollywood is corporate America, as big as business gets, they’re accountable to selling movies that make large amounts of money. No matter how you spin it— that’s the basis of the job and the lifestyle.

  77. I don't know if it fits the subject, but I'm still haunted by this episode in Keeping Up With the Kardashian where Khloe picked a homeless man in the street, got him a hair cut and claimed that she saved her life.

  78. Remembered another one: Russell Brand. Like ngl I generally like the dude, but he has had bad takes. One of them being helping people flaunt covid rules to go to his show, another telling people not to vote which only tends to help conservative politicians which is supposedly the opposite end of the political spectrum from him, not to mention he has 2 houses costing over 3million each... It is disappointing because he is pretty good when it comes to talking about class issues, but then he has some bad takes and is a bit of a hypocrite. He has also spouted some misogynistic shit. I basically put him in the same boat as Hasan Piker, except at least Russell Brand has sponsored residential programs so on that he does put his money where his mouth is.

  79. so when people aren't doing enough, people criticize, but if they do, it's performative. internet mob mentality is wild

  80. to be honest, I would rather a celebrity do nothing than perform "activist" work that usually ends up harming the communities they claim to represent (see Sean Penn for example)

  81. I dunno, that just seems like a brain fart to me. It doesn't bother me. It's definitely not activism but I don't think she promotes herself as an activist either.

  82. In the hypocrisy department, Alyssa Milano. She had done a ton of important and admirable activism, going back decades. She sent the MeToo movement into high gear via her twitter account. She was a genuine hero.

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