Coolio Dead at 59

  1. Coolio came to perform at my college - he performed at our dining hall. It was an awesome night. We broke all the tables and no one was ever allowed to host a concert there again. Then the next day, the cafeteria gave everyone norovirus (not related… probably)

  2. I highly recommend his one-season cooking series to those who haven't seen it. Cooking with Coolio (found on YouTube and Daily Motion) is one of the funniest things ever. He's a gotdang legend, may he rest in peace.

  3. This is so sad, he was so young 😭 He was one of the first American musicians I genuinely liked/listened to (I grew up in the 90s with immigrant parents and didn’t speak English for the first couple years of my life - his music was some of the first English language records I had).

  4. Awww that's so sad 😞 RIP. Gangsta's Paradise was the first song I ever learnt all the words to as a kid lol. At least he made it way past 24 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. My first thought was I hope he didn't have any kind of problematic past because he's a 90s icon and I want to honor this man. Rip Coolio.

  6. His behaviour on UK CBB and Ultimate Big Brother was pretty problematic. Violent, bullying, transphobic, homophobic. He deliberately and pettily bullied a transwoman in UBB and was asked to leave the house. Edit: I forgot the intense sexism too!

  7. A few years ago he did a tour of the UK and Ireland and hit the most random places. He played in a pub in my home town, which is a tiny town in the middle of Ireland. Properly the middle of nowhere. Was a strange turn his career took. On the plus side everyone had great things to say about him. He was friendly to everyone.

  8. May he RIP. Gangster Paradise is classic that we still listen to this day, and also I see when you get here is so underrated what a song.

  9. I went to see the Fugees open for Coolio at Smith college in 1996. The Fugees were great (the Score had just been released.)

  10. Didn't Coolio pop off at Weird Al for copying Gansta's Paradise, the same song that Coolio ripped off from Stevie Wonder?

  11. Coolio showing up high at the VMAs and then presenting when he could barely keep his eyes open lives rent free in my mind. I really liked him. May he rest well.

  12. My introduction to Coolio was the opening to Kenan & Kel Show. I loved when he guest starred on All That and he changed his lyrics to be more kid friendly, he was Kidz Bop before Kidz Bop was a thing lol

  13. First time I heard Gangsta’s Paradise was when I googled what song was #1 when I was born … been obsessed with it ever since AND the Kenan & Kel theme song. What a legend, he will be greatly missed 😢

  14. Sooo, are there any Coolio stories? Bc I met him in Australia of all places in 2019 when he was doing a tour here, all washed up and wearing a necklace with his name on it in case anyone couldn’t already tell who he was from his hair. But not many people were paying attention to him bc it was a quiet night in a smallish quiet city that I live in. Anyway I met him with some other people I was drinking with, he got really sleazy with one of the women, and then we spent the rest of the night on a rescue mission trying to get her away from being coerced back to his hotel without consent bc she felt intimidated by him & his bodyguard, and she thanked us for it. It was wild , and very disappointing, but considering this happened I thought there must be more bad stories out there about him, but never heard anything so far.

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