From Blinking Lights to Sparkling Delights

  1. Reminds me of the Pimp my Ride episode where one of the mechanics tried to turn the exhaust pipe into a small flamethrower and was immediately shut down by his boss.

  2. The same way you clean normal ones? The crystals are covered. Most people dont pull off the shell and clean their tail light bulbs. Not sure what your point is.

  3. Definitely not here in NZ, Australia is also out, as is most of Europe if not all of it, anywhere with a road worthiness test... and anywhere it would be considered legal would still be a cop magnet

  4. In the us no, all lighting has to be D.O.T approved. This is why you see "intended for off road use only" on almost all after market products.

  5. As long as the indications are the same as what is legally required, and it’s above the brightness requirement, I would assume so.

  6. I think it is because led replacements that arent design to mimic the optics of the original lights are legal despite the fact that all logic says it should be illegal.

  7. Legal or not, u can guarantee you if a cop sees this, they are stopping you no matter what to check how many other crazy things your car features, and that's gonna happen a lot.

  8. They are now for show and off road use only. They are no longer DOT approved. The lens needs to be reflective when vehicle is off.

  9. Technically not because all functionality important lights such as these are DOT certified (In the US) and cannot be modified like this. It’s like putting LED lights in your car if the housing isn’t made for it. All those people that put in LED lights that have terrible light patterns are the same as this dude making his tail lights was less functional. But who really cares if the guy behind me can’t figure out if my brakes are on or if I just have my headlights on I’m the “cool” guy with this ugly mod. Tinted tail lights are illegal and so are these but at least in my state they don’t seem to enforce that.

  10. Exactly. As an example of their ability to make a clean looking concept-to-reality, it's done pretty well. I'd say this is ATBGE.

  11. It does make it more dangerous, it makes the lights appear far less bright. Blinkers and headlights have lenses on them that are specifically meant to redirect the light to better concentrate it at other drivers and on the road. This scatters the light instead, probably in a worse way than a diffusing sheet of plastic would.

  12. That's an awful lot of work to get a ticket. Even if it's not strictly illegal it's going to piss off a cop and get you a ticket for something.

  13. I really hate these, the way the LEDs are wired makes it look terrible. Why would you have a sweeping turn signal with the gems, why not just solid. Not to mention those reverse lights look horrible too. The red looks okay at least.

  14. I kinda like this my only question is how many places in the world would be legally allowed to drive this. Going of my country the UK I don't think the gavvers would allow it

  15. Yeah gambling with wether other drivers can see your signals by randombly putting a bunch of led strips behind crap with random geometry is so badass.

  16. Those LEDs are gunna burn out in no time. No heatsink whatsoever and completely encased in epoxy lol. I would be surprised if they lasted long enough for you to get your Big Mac at the drive through.

  17. These would be legal but are no longer reflective also they wouldn’t turn on with the brakes unless reworked to do so

  18. If they have the proficiency to wire up LED strips to function as turn indicators, they probably have the proficiency to wire them up as brake lights too.

  19. This feels like something that's going to take off in parts of Florida or Atlanta (like those trucks slammed in the back), but is generally laughed at by the majority of America.

  20. Legality aside, how would you clean that? Like you are going to need to scrub those lights with a toothbrush after every rain or mud splash to keep the light visible

  21. Who is actually diy-ing this? It's so complicated, I couldn't do that myself, and wouldn't want to either

  22. Looks shite. Plus with the led strips epoxied in I'd be worried bout over heating and burning them out if driving for long periods iat night. Can't replace them handy. Fail from me

  23. From close up it actually looks kinda cool, but once you get further away it becomes meh at best and ugly at worst

  24. The lack of headlight fluid has to be the worst part of this video. Look how dry those fixtures are!

  25. I think this is actually a really solid idea, but for me personally I think covering it up with a slightly smoked enclosure would really make this look 100% imo

  26. Things don't belong on this sub just because it doesn't fit your taste. There's a clear aesthetic reason for the diy and it's fairly well done

  27. So you have to start all over when the LED strips die? Also maybe change the color of the car instead since it's poop brown from what I can see.

  28. Honestly, i don't think its THAT ugly but i feel as it could have been differently. Instead of having the crystals on the outside of the car, they could have been smaller and just glued to the inside of the light housing. Protected from the outside and less work.

  29. I don’t love it, but this honestly feels less tacky than a lot of the things I’ve seen people do to their vehicles.

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