What do you think I should sell her for?

  1. Around here 15,000 give or take. The 6.0 hurts the price a bit. If it was a 7.3 it would be 20+. But I’m in Michigan and rust free trucks are hard to find.

  2. I’m in the wrong state (stationed in CA currently), but about to retire and move back to Michigan. 290k mi 7.3 Excursion with new turbo and injectors. Was offered $5k. I said thanks but no. I’ll try again in the east coast

  3. Just had mine stolen in Lakewood. This city is a baddd place to have that style truck right now. Denver is like number 1 on the charts for car thefts right now. Idgaf I loved my 6.0 vehicles in general are pieces of shit. Someone will buy that truck for 15k easy

  4. Whatever new truck you plan on buying you're wasting your money I say don't sell this truck regardless of what anybody says older trucks are builts way better than all the new plastic pieces of shit on the road today

  5. Looks like Nada books it around 11k for clean trade in and 14k for clean retail. I would probably start around 17k and see if you get any one that responds

  6. List it for 17 and take anything over 15. Depends on location too. That truck would go for 16-17 in Arizona. Looks clean though, what trim? Is it a long bed?

  7. I got 10k last year for a cclb 06 f350 srw with a service bed, had 158k, deleted and new turbo, otherwise bone stock. Truck had little to no rust on the cab, one fender banged up. Lariat interior

  8. I got the truck to move me and my ex lady out of CO. Well we split and I'm looking for an SUV with 4 wheel or all wheel. Oh ya, I'm a single dad now lol

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