For me it's Tyrannosaurus rex but what about you?

  1. Therizinosaurus because of how strange and different it is from the more “typical” dinosaurs. They just are some really strange but fun animals.

  2. Special place in my heart for these guys. If you haven't played Jurassic World Evolution 2, you have to see how Carnos sit in the game.

  3. Triceratops horridus. T. prorsus is cool too, but not quite as cool as T. horridus. My 2nd through ~30th favourite dinosaurs would just be a list of all known Chasmosaurine species. After that it's mostly just Abelisaurs and basal Cerapods.

  4. Congrats, it is a dinosaur. They are basically the last remnants of that large theropod lifestyle after the extinction.

  5. I was hoping to see a Utahraptor!! I absolutely love them. I feel like cassowary’s have an attitude that would match them. Just giant, angry, killer birds

  6. As a kid it was giganotosaurus for its “bigger than T Rex” and “argentinosaurus killer” status, irs roughly the same size as Rex these days and it was actually mapusaurus that lived with argentinosaurus but my love for the giga still remains. I’m also always going to have a love for Allosaurus

  7. Same, it was basically the ultimate allosauroid being very robust for the clade and probably being the second most massive theropod.

  8. Utahraptor is my favorite. Now that I think about it, I don't know how much evidence we actually have of Utahraptors hunting in packs other than Jurassic Park making the big Velocoraptors hunt in packs. But with the pack hunting, they give off wolf vibes. Without the pack they give panther vibes. Either way, they seem pretty cool to me. I really like how big and bulky they are, compared to the other raptors.

  9. The saurophaganax is a beautiful allosaur may be my favorite. I’ve always been a fan of hagzeptoryx, the tyrannosaurus, and suchomimus as well

  10. Ive always loved Allosaurids and Carcharodontosaurids. So id say a long time favorite is Allosaurus, thanks to "Walking With Big Al" and "Broken Jaw" from Dinosaur Revolution, I liked that even in a documentary, deadly carnivores could have respect for the rules too! As of recently though, Alioramus and Beipiaosaurus have started to compete with the "Jurassic Lion" for my favorite spot!

  11. Microraptor because part of me could see myself stumbling upon it on a hike and not really even noticing. It is a perfect example of how non-avian dinosaurs were real breathing creatures that could be mundane if things played out ever so differently.

  12. my favorite dino is Ankylosaurus, something about a giant spiky turtle with a club tail just makes me so happy and i love tanky boiz

  13. Might be basic, but Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. It is both my favorite real-life dinosaur as well as my favorite Jurassic Park dinosaur.

  14. At first I liked spinosaurus because I thought it could beat t rex but now its because of how strange and unique it is

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