Heartbreak, and how well Disco Elysium captures it

  1. Every so often a thread will pop up about “which scenes in the game effected you most?” or what have you, and it’s all people saying they cried at the Dolores dream sequence lol so yeah

  2. I think I meant what you thought I meant. That is an interesting point you made. For me, despite how drug-addled and confused Harry appears to be throughout, this was one of the most real experiences in my view, despite it being a dream. But then I could easily be projecting my own thoughts onto it.

  3. What broke my heart was the Phasmid. The plausible realization of this reality brought to us by a sentient being thats not human versus our (short-sighted) human point of view.

  4. I was listening to the phasmid song the other day and like 99% of comments were people crying lmao. That scene had magic to it I swear. I don't think there was a single player who wasn't moved, it hits deep inside.

  5. I'm not sure if there is a general trend among men vs women that men take longer to get over bad break ups than women. That's a controversial question. I think Measure Head and Racist Lorry Driver would be more likely to agree with you, but I'm not saying you are wrong. I don't know.

  6. It's all from Harry's perspective anyway. Harry imagines he won't be over it in 20 years and also imagines her already being over it in just a year. It's what he thinks will happen, because he hates himself and thinks she'll just move on to better things than him. But maybe she's moving away because she's unable to let go of Harry. Maybe she's forcing herself to move on because that's the only good option for her. Harry decides to wallow in his own pain while she tries to move on from a dysfunctional relationship.

  7. There definitely isn’t. Just anecdotally, I’m a bi woman who has dated quite extensively. I’ve had men dump me and move on quickly, I’ve had women who held on too long.

  8. Yes those two have corroborated my theory :D, and Titus too, for what that's worth... I am speaking out of my arse here, and am most likely wrong, but anecdotally, for me, it's this way around.

  9. When I was an alcoholic I would lay on my couch in the morning assessing the damage I had done to my body the days and nights before and this creeping dread would wash over me"I'm dying but I can't stop,it's too painful to face",I felt that for Harry when that reptilian brain kicked in when you sleep in the game.who ever wrote that bit got it.

  10. The game knows about the desperate desire not to remember, to avoid anything that even has a chance of reminding you...

  11. Yeah that's it. Replacing those events with some fantasy or intoxicating yourself into oblivion, or whatever. Fuckin sick how the main character doesn't really come across as insane, imo, as everyone is so familiar with that desire and would legit do anything for it.

  12. This game is incredible touching, there were a few times that I cried. Not because I'm going through a breakup, but it still touches emotional nerves. I mean, this game goes there. Into the real, fucking tragic, sad parts of life. It's pretty great, there's never been a game like this.

  13. Really does. It's so raw. Bloody love that. Not enough games or media in general explore this stuff. There's things that I wouldn't have been able to relate to previously, or haven't experienced in my life that I had a massive emotional response to.

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