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  1. Droop, the goblin slave of the Redbrand bugbears in LMoP. I've played/DM'd this campaign three times and every time the group adopts him into the party. In one play through we actually kicked off his origin story as a villain in a later homebrew we played!

  2. I'll be candid I lifted this from the Internet way back when for my game because I'm not creative so in the interest of proper credit thank you

  3. Reminds me of a story from a friends 3.5 fighter, rolls stealth, gets like a 2, walks up hallway in full plate clang, clang, clang, guard turns corner and is about to yell, rolls intimidation, gets like a 35 (pre bounded accuracy bonuses got a bit out of control), "you don't see me" while physically grabbing and turning the guards head away from the guard. "I don't see you... Got it..." Pees a little

  4. My favorite npc is really two of them at once. Lunk and scritch a ogre mutant that carries a magic shack for his magic shop having goblin buddy. The goblin found a powerful dead wizards portable hole full of magic stuff that he sells.

  5. I love picturing someone sitting still for hours on end, a single tear rolling down his cheek, just remembering the peace of being a chair.

  6. My favorite NPC name is a crazy tabaxi in tomb of annihilation named Bag of Nails. I almost laugh every time I hear it.

  7. Kaw - A Kenku Death Cleric who was used to others teasing him by going "Caw! Caw!" To mock him. DM house rule was Kenkus has limited time to remeber words using Mimcry, hence Kaw being said so constantly he found he could always be able to say his name.

  8. My favorite Npc has to be Dan. Originally the receptionist of a guard headquarters, he has been used to substitute for any creature/effect where the dm doesn’t have a token ready. Guardian of Faith? Dan. Group of soldiers fighting alongside us to defend their town? Dans. Guards? Dan.

  9. Pipus, an obnoxious 8 years old child who ran away from his family and that my players had to bring back. He somehow outsmarted each of them and ended up almost killing a lvl 4 barbarian.

  10. Mirna from LMoP. My group can't stand her personality and how much she whinges, but I love it and stick her in whenever I can

  11. Arcrus, the constantly drunk wizard who had a gruge on the party. He had a few little schemes, connected to stealing artefacts and working for crimelords, and party kicked his ass Every. Time.

  12. My favourite npc is Boblin goblin who I very sadly had to dispatch of a few weeks ago as a blood sacrifice. Long may you be remembered Boblin…

  13. Slundelys Flysleth - The Time-stopping, booming blading, death-defying rogue (it was a crazy campaign)

  14. When a friend of a friend started playing D&D with us, he started out by playing a Barbarian Warforged. As Warforged are similar to robots, I told him he should name his character beep boop or something as a joke because he really didn't know what to call him

  15. I think my favorite NPC is Pumat Sol from Critical Role. He's so unique (but not one in a kind as Caleb says), he's a powerful filborg Wizard who's a magic shop owner in one of the biggest cities in the continent and he has a total of 3 simulacra of himself, for a total of 4 shopkeepers. He's kind, has a vibrant and calm voice and is pretty tall (but not so much for a filborg). On top of all that, he uses one of my top 3 favorite spells, Tenser Transformation so I automatically loved him the moment the transformed.

  16. Cringy Carl and his Crazy Carriage Caravan! He was an NPC I added to my Curse of Strahd Campaign to help escort the players around Barovia. He was one of the only NPC’s to not try and price gouge the players.

  17. Davlin Fapplehelm. Our DM made him as an important piece to our campaign. He was a short old dude who almost one shot our barbarian who tried to carry him to keep him safe 😅

  18. Smoking Timber, a Tabaxi fighter who may or may not have accidentally started a forest fire and became an adventurer because he was no longer welcome in his home village...

  19. Ivae Sige, my High Elf Bladesinger with the 27 AC at level 3~ I love every moment of playing her with my boyfriend playing her lover Iridor Cla~

  20. Raksha Shinrey, the name of my drow pc from my first finished campaign. Loved the vibe and I don't think I will find another one like it.

  21. Levendor... I made that name for my dragonslayer ranger back in about '78. I've used it for dozens of pcs since (and my screen name for about forever).

  22. My favourite was a band of friendly vrocks my players named after the cast of Seinfeld! And they all wore feather boas and top hats

  23. My favorite NPC I've made is probably the stable guy named Fred. I forgot to name him, and the first session the party walks up to him to get the horses they needed for the campaign. I not so quickly came up with the name Fred, and after that encounter some players decided to adamantly say that Fred was the BBEG of the campaign.

  24. When your party says "and what's this random prison guards name (who has no stats or backstory and we will clearly make him an important part of our adventure)?"

  25. Ham Toblerone, the wise old man that guides the party if they need it and somehow gets roped into raising a baby with a lonely lizard sorceress.

  26. Glio Glimmerhill, adopted wild boar piglet of my confused Dwarf. My dwarf lost his birth family and adopted family, so he finally found a pet that he could tame during a hunting trip. This NPC that was something that my DM created on a whim was going to be the driving focus for my character. The next session, my dwarf and another party member had irreconcilable differences that led to the dwarf attempting to flee into the wilds with his new piglet, only to be incinerated by a fireball from the feuding party member.

  27. Dunkin the Coffee Goblin! He and his Orc partner, Donut, run a Bakery/Coffee shop called, you guessed it, Dunkin & Donuts. They are good people.

  28. The Sentient Construct with Retrofittable Artillery Modules (Warforged Artillerist), nicknamed Scramble to reflect the effect his barrages have on his opponents.

  29. Ramni. He's from Against The Cult Of The Reptile God as an old wizard guy who's too frail to help the party physically but can give them some knowledge. I changed him to be an immortal wizard that has eternal life but not eternal youth, so he's become this grumpy guy who would annoy the party when they talk to him by speaking in riddles or shooing them. I'm not sure if my players like him, but I definitely do.

  30. Kinda cheaty, but my favorites were a duo of oneshot characters named pint and punt. A slime barbarian and a stone golem monk respectively.

  31. I had a DM who was obsessed with Rob Brydon so I when I did a one shot for him and some others I based it around saving a famous Bard who'd been kidnapped. I teased little hints throughout the game, slowly hyping him up. When they defeated the evil villain (Cames Jordan) they approached the cell the bard was in. They're met with a lilting voice thanking them as they look upon the famous bard, Bob Rydon. And as the forever DM lost it, that's where we ended

  32. My favourite NPC was from a campaign I was in last year. The character was a being called Meringal, they were great because wherever we went there would be mentions of this character doing something... And it eventually got to the point where whenever the name was brought up we all thought what crazy shiz have they done this time. Great little plot device :D

  33. It would be timmy, that one npc two of our dms use as the placeholder for the guard we need to talk to, he walks with a limp so he always gets the jobs no one wants to do like write the report the adventurers gave

  34. Ouvrey- sun-elf warlock of the undead (BBEG to be precise). She works as a court magician for Lord Mayor of a important trade city. She's liked by the people and is expected to win next elections for Mayor's office. She doesn't want to wait any longer and is plotting to kill the current one.

  35. A sweet but badass half orc barbarian npc Ikkil. She befriended the party, but specifically my character, and they really hit it off. Ikkil taught my character how to play instruments and boosted their confidence where it otherwise wouldn’t have been.

  36. My current favourite npc would be a character from DoIP, linene greywind who I made a retired adventurer after the group I am dm’ing tried to rob her on the first session. Now tides have changed and they are on friendly terms again, the whole character arc was so much fun to write and experience and they might even have a nice allay for the rest of DoIP

  37. Holimpar the Deep Gnome Rogue. Name of my very first character Been really wanting to get into D&D for a while but never had the courage. My brother has been playing for a long time and encouraged me to at least give a one-shot a try. Little did I know I would immediately be hooked. That one shot (ended up being 8hrs) turned into a 5 day marathon with my two cousins joining in and each session was at least 5 hrs. Was absolutely exhausting but holy smokes it’s so fun. Also love the looks of the Engine. Great work!

  38. My favorite is stool a myconid sprout from the campaign out of the abyss. Who cannot speak because he has no mouth, but can produce a dust like cloud that enables you to communicate with him telepathically, that a pc uses to get high. Also, you are great for doing this giveaway and I hope whoever wins it to have a great time and fun with it!!!

  39. Bob, a tortle that enjoys swimming in the ocean, and can always be found with an infinite source of knowledge, even though he may not coherently produce it since he spends most of his time in the sun drinking rum.

  40. favorite npc would probably be the dwarf smith from my first campaign that upgraded my magic axe to deal 2d6 lighting damage, made me feel very cool :)

  41. My favorite NPC at the moment is my current warlock patron, the Prince Aeteurnum. Set up originally to be the villain and developed to a point where that didn't make sense, he's super interesting being over 2000 years old and not a lich, and my warlock is his chosen replacement who is also, independently, currently having the idea to re-form the ancient order of protectors that the Prince once set up during the god war

  42. Dan the Man, a mimic that lost its ability to polymorph and just scavenged pieces of leather to make itself look like... something, adding a small tag onto its body with just "Dan the Man" inscribed onto it. Dan just wants to quietly live the rest of his days.

  43. Warforged priest named Two, concerned with "the great resonance," and what it means to endure in a dying world. Ultimately went on a pilgrimage to follow the World Soul's footsteps when the world began to turn again.

  44. Noel Gallagher, my character's former housemate. They're a faun bard who carries their guitar wherever they go and only knows how to play different versions of Wonderwall.

  45. Crath the daywalker vampire lord. He knows many things but his most highest feat is his mastery of shadow sorcery. He is powerful in the day as he can use all his abilities as he pleases and isnt affected by the sun and due to his shadow sorcery he can move from shadow to shadow anyway so it isn't too much of a bother even if it did. He is still weak to Holy based attacks etc. But when the night falls he can truly shine. Due to there being so little light he can pretty much go anywhere that there is a shadow so he could kill or do what ever he wants but due to most of his time spent doing nothing but instinct, he grew bored and actually decided to try do new things like learn as much as he could aswell as try to communicate with some being he seems worthy. He is greedy but fair. He will split a bounty fairly but if he can get more from a deal he of course cant refuse. He could be a kind of dark trader but will only talk to people of a certain level cap or has a high capability for future improvement. He could offer the chance to become a free minded vampire through contracts and due to the the blood in his body he has a bloodline that makes his appearance very human like so it doesnt stand out when he is seen by other. You wouldn't be able to tell its a vampire unless he used an ability so perfect for adventures. He could offer anything or be a mercenary if the partys level is similar to his which would be stupidly high. I hope you like it i hope to possibly make a play-able character of this guy starting at level 1 and building him up so i would love it for you to have him at his peak while i build him up. Thank you for the chance to get such amazing things even if i dont get anything im glad i could possibly give you or someone else an idea for something in the future 😊

  46. Nyx 'Squirrel' Elywick Of Clan Turen gnome druid. Going by only her favourite names out of the 50 she was given. One from every member of her village, per gnome culture. (I have the full name written somewhere just don't have it memorized)

  47. Garth Books. A bard I wrote into my campaign as the local librarian/country star. His most popular song is “Fiends in low places.” Whenever my PCs are feeling they need break they stop by and listen to his set at the local tavern.

  48. Pmurt: npc from a oneshot campaign who was a wealthy mayor of a town who was annoying about how great he was. Nobody realized it was a reference to Trump until we met the npc in person and our dm whipped out the most spot on impersonation I've ever heard. We all broke down laughing.

  49. Squelch, a small goblin who my party violently hates to this day, even mention is met with groans and swear words

  50. Gristthetranslatorofsolomnictextswhousedtowanttoflytolunitariwheniwasyoungerbutmyfathermistyeyeswantedmetostudysomethinglessexplosiveafteriblewuphisdoublecoffeeandteabrewerthatuseddragonssteamasaheatsoucesincemymothersharnawastrtingtodevelopnightvisiongogglesthatalsopreventedthesunfromgettinginyoureyessincethatswhatwaswhatblindedmy.....and that's about when the party cut me off from their laughter. So of course very slowly I had him say Juusssttt caalll mee Griisstt. I was running a Dragonlance campaign and the party was trying to broker a peace between the knights of steel, the knights of takhisis, and knights of solomnia for ownership of the high clerist tower.. I was using ol Grist there to not only be a neutral voice but also to help catalog the magic items currently being held there.

  51. Hewo, one of my favorite npcs is Strahd, cuz this man is charismatic and his campaign is challenging and is replayable. Also, my DM kind of messed up his name and said "Chad" instead of Strahd one day, so it is now his name in our group

  52. Panucci, a redheaded Dwarven dark paladin. He abducts people he deems unworthy of the gift they have received (life, fertility, ...) and uses them as human sacrifices to save those he does deem worthy of the gift of life but who will perish (due to disease among other things). For this he has entered into a pact with a nameless Demon from the second Hell, Dis who seemed amused with the idea.

  53. Meowthep, a tabaxi sailor. The named refering to imhotep, because in the homebrew world our awesome DM is running, tabaxis are from a land very similar to ancient egypt

  54. Crémpe, archwizard and master of a grand library. However he is just an animated wizard hat with scorcery maneuvering a mannequin.

  55. Mine is Borévil. He was a passerby who got swept up in our party’s scheme and ended up becoming a pivotal part of our campaign.

  56. the name Damocles has always had a special place in my head after reading about Damocles' Sword for some reason

  57. my favorite npc is Meadow Blight, the enigmatic drow wizard, born into a high ranking family, he had to study necromancy for his family. He was sent to the material plane to work as a spy, but he was betrayed by his superior, now he and his two drow friends, Lux and Lumis, hold an uneasy truce with the local elven community

  58. My favorite NPC is a tailor Tiefling named Clemency that occasionally sold magic garments but mostly joked around with the party when they showed up, miss ya man

  59. My new favorite character to NPC at the moment is Puddle, a sentient slime my players met in a dungeon and brought home. To avoid spoilers for them I have to keep some additional details secret, but it's a fun time having their sticky buddy around.

  60. My favorite from an old game was the Grassy Gnoll. He was a gnoll npc who stumbled across a vast undead conspiracy and gave us quests for a while.

  61. Joakim Hellstrand, a powerful thaumaturge able to harness the power of the world around him and reform energy into any kind of matter!

  62. My fav was one I made for my mates in a one shot. Jebeddo was a goblin who ran a general goods store “Jebeddo’s Junk”. When a player asked his name though, he’d introduce himself with a different “J” name, so he was Junkrat to the one player that found him

  63. Calugar, the silver dragonborn high priest of Bahamut. A loyal friend and ally, recently passed bringing one of the party back to life after a series of rakshasa ambushes.

  64. My Favorite PC: Murky the rouge with his pet toad named Muck. Murky and Muck will always be my favorite dynamic duo.

  65. My favourite PC is Sofia Lee from the unsleeping city series. She is a total badass and person who plays her, emily, is really enjoyable to watch and plays that character well and super creative I wouldnt be surprised if she gives brennan nightmares as a dm. Only seen season one but she is responsible for the most awesome beatdowns and insane moments like being OHKO'd, revived and then immediately tries taking another swing in the same way she did last time.

  66. Branigan Flanigan. He was a throw away character who the DM put in just to be killed by some bandits. We liked him so much that we de-railed the whole game trying to find his killers and bring them to justice.

  67. Kaldor Crowe is my Oath of Conquest Paladin, currently enjoying the Descent Into Avernus, whom I "loosely" based on Guts, Kaldor Draigo and Doom Marine, and whose best friend is Ulfgar, dwarven bard met 3 whole days ago. Good fun, this campaign.

  68. Theorobald the Plot Device. I have alot of players so inevitably they miss some sessions, or we end up pausing the main campaign for one shots. In comes Theorobald to teleport the PCs away for some important mission or help with his research

  69. My favourite npc name was an accidental wordplay. Party have met Naizdup (inspired by one of the caracters in Witcher game) and his girlfriend, who DM first called "dziewczyna Naizdupa". It means Naizdup's girlfriend, but really sounded like: girl-nice-ass. Another one is a PC with high charisma called Hawkward.

  70. My favorite NPC was in our own campaign,named Waluigi. Our DM sreamed "waaaaaaaaaa help" in Character and one of the players was just, "oh no, Waluigi!" what ended up to be the NPCs actual name

  71. Droop, a reformed goblin member of the Cragmaw Tribe, who in between joining in on adventures is apprenticing at the local Smithy.

  72. My favourite one was actually just a throw away that my players latched onto. Jack Smith the Blacksmith. Would get himself into trouble trying to get rare artifacts for crafting with and the players would drop everything and risk life and limb to rescue him.

  73. I had a gnome cleric named Oswald Cobblepot, stolen shamelessly from the annals of Gotham City. It was too gnomish of a name to pass up.

  74. Sir Hoots-A-Lot, the Knight Owl of the Emerald Forest, Protector of the Mortal Realms, Champion of the Winged Brigade.

  75. Dodge savage. He was supposed to be a lendendary hero similar to Hercules, but totally failed all rolls related to combat. However, he always managed to be able to persuade the party that he was still legendary and he missed/failed because of something unrelated.

  76. My favourite npc is count jaran. I am currently playing dnd for the first time and he is out main questgiver.

  77. my favorites NPC is a bartender named Bobby Stickyfingers, a bald elf with a beard (we can’t tell if it’s fake or not) and a tendency to try to pocket everything left out in the open

  78. Fizbandantilus - the half cooky half evil wizard containing the melded souls of Fizban and Fistandantilus that i threw at my PC's during a modified Rise of Tiamat campaign set in Ansalon from the Dragonlance novels. He has made an appearance in varying degrees of importance in every campaign since. A true joy to RP that insanity.

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