Drinkers Like Me (2018) - documentary highlighting how much people who drink, actually drink [00:59:13]

  1. 23 years sober here .... most of the time I feel great but there are days and moments where the demons are just as close to me as the day I first got sober.

  2. Well done pal. I was nine months sober on 31st April. Sorry to hear about your ex wife. Lost a few good friends to the demon drink.

  3. It’s staggering how much the alcohol industry relies on alcoholics. The top decile of US drinkers drinks over 10 drinks a day- 70% of all alcohol consumption. I am really curious how internal marketing teams consider that and market accordingly. Like they have to know this, but they can’t acknowledge it. It’s different from tobacco in the sense that the tobacco industry has to acknowledge that any amount of tobacco is harmful an all their customers are addicted to some extent. The alcohol industry can pretend their product isn’t harmful if used “responsibly” and doesn’t have to acknowledge that they would be out of business if not for addicts. Yet, certain high end niche products aside, the marketing has to be targeted to that demographic but in a way so that the general public has no idea.

  4. Years ago I was working for a newspaper covering a small town liquor store that had recently moved to a new nicer building.

  5. Alcoholics are the "whales" of the alcohol industry, same pattern as mobile games, online poker or anything else that's addictive.

  6. I think we’ll eventually see similar regulations on the alcohol industry that have been put on the tobacco industry in the U.S. But, that will be a very long slow road.

  7. Yeah, people don't really get this and the moralizing bullshit AA puts into the public perception doesn't help. I've done many, many, many different drugs. There's a reason alcohol is the only one I've ever had a problem with, same reason I've known crackheads and junkies who've never had an issue with drinking.

  8. Also some people legitimately like the taste of alcohol, I never really felt like I could develop a drinking problem until I started making cocktails at home. With all the different recipes and combinations it is really exciting and tasty to make drinks. The issue is you keep on wanting to try new bottles and new drinks, which becomes a problem. I went from maybe 5 drinks a week to 14 due to it, and now I am trying to cut down.

  9. This is exactly how I drink. I love scotch but I hate the feeling of alcohol. I never have more than 2 drinks, and as soon as I can feel the effects I stop. It makes me tired and feel slightly ill.

  10. Wow. As someone with a history of problem drinking and being around people who drink like me I'd never considered that. Not everyone is locked in that eternal battle of wanting more, or just giving in to more.

  11. This is me. My doctor was busting my chops about having 10-15 drinks a week. I looked it up and half of people in the developed don’t drink at all, maybe like 25% of people are casual drinkers, 2-3 drinks a few days a week. 10% of people are heavy drinkers and drink 6-10 drinks a day, so like 40-70 a week. I’m not saying this to judge, if you have more than three drinks a night you should consider sobriety.

  12. It's hard for me to drink just 1 glass, but I almost never drink more than 5 glasses. It's weird, but I don't want to drink every day etc. Just 3-4 glasses twice a week, now cut back to once a week.

  13. Currently on day 4 and struggling hard. I had already seen this documentary and almost see it as a sign to hold on. Tomorrow I’ll start the medication for not drinking too. Good luck wishes for anyone out there trying to quit.

  14. I’m on week 3. Keep going! One day at a time. I’ve regretted drinking too many times but I’ve never regretted not drinking.

  15. I went from drinking 12+ drinks daily, vomiting blood, morning withdrawals every day, to now 100% sober. Almost a year now.

  16. Alcoholism is one of our acceptable addictions, you’re just expected to not go off the deep end with it. 👍🏼

  17. Got my liver checked recently and while there's no scarring it is slightly enlarged. I'm trying to cut down to 3-4 beers at the weekend and give myself a good few days where I don't drink at all. The recommended number of units in the UK is 14 and I can currently drink more than half of that in a single day.

  18. I'm in UK, how did you get your liver checked? What made you decide to do that? I used to drink consistently but not a lot, and now I'm a bit paranoid.

  19. Just a note cutting down rarely works, most people go back to their old amount once they feel better and think they have control.

  20. Jesus if it has no effect why even drink it? That literally makes no sense. That's like taking a dozen advil a day even though they don't reduce your pain.

  21. Kind of similar, I just had my daily habit and while I thought it was on the higher end, it didn't occur to me that it was THAT bad due to how common it seemed to be.

  22. Yeah I don't drink much most days but I tend to binge when I do drink, probably about 4 5 pints or so... Which apparently is a lot even though it doesn't sound like much. You're pretty much only allowed 3 pints a week according to safe limits...

  23. As an alcoholic, I have a hard time cutting back or taking a day off. I drink daily , usually 4 double ipa, 6 bud light platinum, and a few drinks of either vodka or whisky.

  24. I liked this documentary, it sums up the attitude to drinking that can be seen across the UK and Ireland. Drinking is such a big part of life for some people that they would be classified as functional alcoholics, but in their mind they are not. You can see it from Adrien here, he cannot accept his damaging relationship with alcohol. Drinking is so accepted and ingrained in society that going out and drinking 8+ pints a few times a week is widely accepted and encouraged.

  25. The drinking age is really low, too. I think the UK has a better handle on the middle ground than many places, and pushing it to 21 like the US is certainly not the answer, but I can't imagine having bars and pubs full of high schoolers. At least in Canada where it's 18/19 kids are kinda forced to start small in high school, often have to actively seek the experience out, and have to work at it to manage actual partying. Their alcohol use is entirely dependent on an older person purchasing the alcohol and providing a place to drink; they're staying at home or on private property, not out in public. Even then, the freshman uni/college experience in 18+ provinces is far more alcohol-focused than in the 19+ ones because most first-year students can legally go to bars. Plenty of places actually limit the crowd to 21+ or even 25+ to keep the kids out, because the vibes are just that different. And considering that drinking in public is closely tied to dancing and hookup culture, it's reassuring to know you won't be approached by a teenager - and that teenagers aren't being left to their own devices among the predatory adults who are just as unavoidable as the booze.

  26. There was this line between Warren Zevon and David Letterman, both of them are alcoholics, and Letterman its like how much were you drinking in a day?

  27. I know it's one of the cheesiest and overused lines ever written, but the first step is genuinely admitting you have a problem. There is help out there, and professional people you can talk to, even if you don't have a personal support network in place, it's just a case of searching for it and making the first move. If you are considering making a change, there's no two ways about it, cutting down or quitting might make you feel like shit, but this is in the short term. In the long term, if you can make even small changes, it can have a massive impact on your long term health and life in general. Good luck with everything.

  28. I've always had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol, it was always all or nothing. Like many people when the world shutdown it got out of hand. Nowhere really to go and working from home for over a year really enabled me. I sat at home, did my work, and almost killed myself with alcohol. I got to the point to where I couldn't eat, sleep, or drink enough to not feel like total trash. I had a moment of clarity 7 months ago, checked myself into the hospital and spent the next 4 days detoxing. My last day in the hospital, the attending doctor straight up asked me, "What are you going to do so you don't end up back here or dead? " It really hit me. She prescribed some meds to help with the cravings, which greatly helped and suggested that I get some professional counseling and find some form of peer support. The next day I called a counselor that specialized in substance abuse and went to an AA meeting. Even with some of the weird AA stuff, at that meeting I found a group of people that truly understood what I was dealing with. So with the meds, counseling, and peer support, I have been able to stay sober 7 months. I really can't describe how much better I feel, look, and how much less difficult life is without alcohol. I say less difficult because life is still life and it still throws curve balls. My dog, who has been my ride or die for the last 11 years, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. If I had been drunk, I probably would have missed the subtle signs that led me to take him in to get looked at. He's doing pretty well and I am sober and able to be there for him as we navigate this disease. He's saved my life so many times over the last 11 years and now I can do the same for him. When it's time for him to go I know that I have the tools to deal with that and not let it lead me down that dark road back to drinking. It truly is one day at a time. This is not intended to be professional advice it's just part of my story.

  29. I just started a new job contract that puts me in a remote, completely dry work camp for 2 weeks every month and I think it may be the best thing for me since my drinking has been a bit excessive since the start of....my adulthood

  30. ive been on a friday-sunday drinking habit since covid, nothing else to do AIR. usually get a 9 pint pack of miller lite, and a 4 pack of 8% IPA, sometimes I was getting 2 packs and putting most of them away by sunday. ~25 'standard US drinks a week' which if my math is right is about 67 'units' in UK. trying to cut back but its so easy when 5pm rolls around and its in the fridge, one now, a follow up, one cooking dinner, one with dinner, one after dinner. and bam you've have 5 drinks or like 12 units.

  31. I watched it. It’s very relatable. Not one of those “stop drinking now or you’ll die” type of films but he brings up a very relatable idea of “too much is bad for health, none is bad for life. what is good?”

  32. I think it might help you . Try it . I don’t think it will do anything other than strengthen your resolve . I got control of my drinking after reading Alcohol Explained by William Porter . You’re right . Alcohol is so embedded in our culture that we almost can’t see it. Best of luck.

  33. You could always not come back to it. You’re not really missing anything. Drinking is so overrated it’s practically a joke.

  34. And can your pal be sure he has no liver issues? Idk if you watched the documentary but that issue came up. Adrian Chiles’ blood test suggested his liver was fine but the scan told a very different story.

  35. almost 2 full size bottles of vodka every day? That seems insanely high. I'm not even thinking health, where does the money come from for that much vodka?

  36. That is a horrifying amount of alcohol. I feel depressed and anxious if I drink 4 beers a few times a week.

  37. Why downplay the odds of getting liver disease from heavy drinking? The odds go way up if you drink the way you are describing.

  38. Even without known liver damage, the weight gain and opportunity cost seems like a really high price. I was a big drinker until I had kids, and now I couldn't drink heavily and keep up with them, even if I wanted to.

  39. I don't drink often, but i liked this documentary, because of how he talks to people and uses himself honestly and tells his own story honestly to relate to the viewer.

  40. I drink half a glass of wine maybe every 2-3 years only, and I enjoyed the documentary too. We all have our flaws (most of them non-alcohol related) and its interesting to see someone taking a deeper look at why they do what they do. Not many documentaries like that around.

  41. My issue is the focus on people who are out drinking socially. I imagine the really heavy drinkers grab a handle (most likely vodka) and head home.

  42. SO quit January 2nd, I'm doing my best to support. I don't buy beer at the store anymore, my work takes me to bars/restaurants, so I occasionally have one while I'm out, but never with or around her.

  43. I am a social drinker, but I want to not drink at all. Alcohol is expensive and makes me feel like crap. It doesn’t make my night any more fun. Just feel dizzy. I would rather just use drugs.

  44. Sober for five years. Never considered myself an alcoholic but I did have similar feelings to how you describe. Best choice I’ve ever made.

  45. Objectively and subjectively, alcohol is one of the worst drugs. The high is so so. The after effects often out weigh the high. And the toxicity and damage to the body is great.

  46. If it doesn't make you feel good why do you drink it? I drink alcohol because it makes me feel good. I don't get hangovers as I always sleep it off or drink enough water/food while drinking to offset the bad side effect.

  47. Try 1:2 or 1:3 drinking, one alcoholic drink to 2 (or 3) non-alcoholic drinks when out, and I’d recommend something like tonic or soda with lime… it ‘looks’ alcoholic, so you don’t have that stigma of being a pussy. It keeps you in that very pleasant state of relaxation, saves money and makes the next day worth living.

  48. You are basically me, it kind of makes you feel like an outsider if everyone else is drinking and you don't.

  49. Its obviously none of my business, but what stops you from just drinking fuzzy drinks when the others drink alcohol? Peer pressure? Or you like the taste? Or?

  50. Hey man go for it , I stopped about 2 1/2 months ago , you genuinly start to feel better. Just find other shit to get into. I started leatherworking , origami , getting more into linux , and eating healthier. It's totally possible and alcohol is an insidious drug - really is!

  51. Also I never drink alone, and I don't go out often. Can relate. However if you drink good stuff, keep yourself hydrated during and after drinking and keep sugar levels well alcool isn't too bad. To the point that the next day I'm about alright even after drinking heavy

  52. If you are just a social drinker, you should focus on limiting yourself. Drinking a few (3-4) drinks, a couple of times a week, is a good amount that won't leave you feeling sick. It's really binge drinking that is the problem for most people.

  53. I've found that if I drink a tall can of something 8-10%, like a Mike's Harder, once every couple of weeks that I wake up after about 5 or 6 hours of sleep and feel pretty good. And not just physically, but mentally too. Like "Alright world, let's go!" Is that weird?

  54. If there's alcohol in the house, I'm gonna drink it. The only reason I'm not always drunk is I only buy a little bit at a time.

  55. i do that to. i started the habit of getting myself a little alcohol treat whenever i went shopping. then i noticed, that i actually go to the supermarket every day, or every second day, because i never need too much. i am currently on the first week where i actively don't buy any alcoholic bevereages at all. i am very happy that it is easy. like, i stand at the cashier, look at the beer and wine section and answer the question "what shall i drink" with "no"

  56. It's always been strange to me that alcohol is so socially acceptable compared to other drugs, when it kills way more people.

  57. This is true for Tylenol, too. And when combined with alcohol, say, for a hangover? Deadly. My sister had total liver and kidney failure and was in ICU for 10 days due to an innocent combo of Tylenol and alcohol. After her birthday she caught a cold and took Tylenol Cold & Flu. So didn’t necessarily take the meds for a hangover but because she was sick. 5 days later, almost died. Made full recovery, though!!

  58. I am reading the comments, i decided this morning to cut down drastically my alcool intake as it is taking a toll on my mental health in the last years... I think i might be in the deep.

  59. So I used to drink regularly, like a few drinks on a weeknight and maybe a couple few more on weekends. I didn't really think I had a problem, still not sure if I did, but I had to quit due to a medical issue. The thing that I was really surprised by was the change in my mental health. I'm not saying everything is great now, but I would say that my general mood is more stable and I just... feel good? Also, I can just go to sleep when I need to.

  60. It's almost funny this doc popped up in my view. I just called out of work 10 min ago, partly because the alcohol from last night killed my insides as usual, but that coupled to the pain of daily nonstop labor just makes things worse. I hate my life and most of all my job, so then i drink in the few fleeting hours and days allowed to me by the thing i hate but allows me to live (work), to briefly feel ok and pain free. Not happy, not fulfilled, just ok and without the physical pain given to me by work. Work is great, having a job is great, the owners of the company give me full benefits and technically a living wage, plus vacation and pto. Great until you hit 30+ and your back is aching and youre in constant pain. Alcohol solves that though, so it's great for a few hours. Pain free and almost fun. I only drink on average 5 drinks a day, 40-50 drinks a week, and regularly have gastrointestinal problems, night sweats, insomnia, and probably wide scale organ damage. Not sure though cause i procrastinated the doctor appointments. Point is, im so glad i actually have an above average job doing things i dont like for 80% of my waking life, which then degrades my body. It makes those beers and shots at the end of the day so much more satisfying.

  61. Man, I believe you should really seek therapy and find a way out of this vicious cycle. There's no “only 5 drinks a day“, this will kill you. :(

  62. I have an addictive personality, I’ve tried pills, weed, molly and shrooms. My dad is a full blown alcoholic. Sister as well. Psychologically I just can’t stand the idea of being like him and not remembering most things past 8pm due to his drinking. I had a serious dependency on weed during a major depressive episode following my divorce. Happy to say I’m back to using it in moderation and it doesn’t control my life (and my finances)

  63. Adrian Chiles is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. Got invited to a West Bromwich Albion awards ceremony due to family relations and this gentleman was here, got chatting for a while and he’s just such a genuinely down to earth and nice guy.

  64. I just had a total hip replacement 3 weeks ago, and I'm getting my other hip replaced in 6 weeks due to Avascular necrosis brought on by years of heavy drinking. I couldn't walk more than a couple of blocks without being in absolutely debilitating and excruciating pain. I'm 35years old, btw.

  65. Having kids and then having all our friends have kids was the thing that made me realise how fucking tired drinking 4-6 nights a week made me.

  66. This was me after getting a puppy - more and more it became well i gotta be up early to let him out, or we gotta go to the park before it rains.

  67. this one kinda hits for me. I’m a college student and a line cook so alcohol is a big part of my social culture, but I also find myself drinking alone to relax. the past couple months i’ve been trying to temper my drinking significantly and it really is hard. I’ve had legitimate alcoholics in my life though and seeing what it does to an individual and the people around them really puts the fear in you.

  68. During the pandemic I got up to a 3 bottles of wine per week and that felt like it was getting a bit out of hand. People definitely drink more than that and manage to function just fine. I cut it back to 2 bottles, then one per week and now I’m working on cutting it out completely. Right now I’m just having a glass here or there in social settings or at a nice restaurant. Realizing I feel a lot better this way!

  69. thats exactly what i drink when i am by myself, which happens a few weeks per month as i live abroad. in a social setting i drink more though. i keep telling myself its not a problem if i can stick to the four cans per week when i am by myself.

  70. Yeah I’ve watched this documentary twice now and I really enjoy it. I think it doesn’t hurt to take stock of how much you drink and how much it impacts on you. I used to be a fairly regular drinker, now I go months without drinking. It’s always interesting to see some peoples reactions when I tell them I don’t drink much at all.

  71. Seen this documentary a couple of times. I've not had a drink in nearly 4 years (my dad died of alcoholism and I just think it's generally a bit of a shit drug). Since quitting, I've been regularly astounded by what people see as "acceptable" levels of alcohol consumption here in the UK. When you're on the outside looking in, you really start to notice just how much of it people casually consume without ever considering how it might be impacting their day-to-day lives. Getting my mornings back has been one of the greatest things to come out of this for me.

  72. It's not the same thing but I was a daily-all-day cannabis user but I developed cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and I had to quit. Now I face life in all its horrifying sobriety.

  73. Long term, it gets better. Your body was used to that substance, and now it misses it. But as time goes on, the dependency will decrease.

  74. I am what is called a functioning alcoholic. I knock back about 330 - 360 ML whiskey daily (11 to 12 small drinks) - but only at night once the day is over. Zero drinks from morning to till late-night.

  75. ive been drinking about 12 a day , every other day for 2 or 3 years.......... been 3 days sober today.... i dont get hangovers, but when i drink i cant sleep, feels like i cant breathe and that last halfway through my off day

  76. I have a few in my family who are what I would call functioning alcoholics. They can stay sober and get to work and get through a days work without drinking, but as soon as they are home the are straight on the beer. And if they have a day of, or the weekend, the drink cabinet is open as soon as they wake up. They stop in time to not be drunk when driving for work the next day, but they are buzzed the entire time they are home. Almost never excessively drunk, but never sober. And they all use the same excuses as is shown in this documentary. "I'm not an alcoholic because I can stop when ever I want to". It's damn frustrating to sit on the sideline and watch.

  77. I don’t drink at all ever. I was in a long term relationship with an alcoholic and it took me many years to understand his addiction. I would buy mass quantities of booze and I though it was okay. I am so sorry I contributed to it, I’m sorry I didn’t understand.

  78. It's interesting, I don't drink but I'm like this with food. I'm a food addict and just because I'm not morbidly obese or a diabetic doesn't mean my relationship with food is healthy. I get sugar cravings and I have the temptation of sugar everywhere I go, and now Deliveroo has made it even more difficult for me.

  79. My dad passed last year and for about a year I was drinking 5-6 whiskey drinks 5x a week. Ive cut it back to mostly once a week, maybe twice if theres something going on.

  80. I’m watching this hungover after drinking a problematic amount last night and just about to start drinking again , this documentary hits home.

  81. Good god. The amount of additional calories alone when he sits down to calculate is mind-boggling, making it no surprise that guy has a lot of abdominal fat. It's well over 2,000 calories, before you even consider the effects of the alcohol.

  82. This is cool I don’t drink as much as I used to probably 4 units a week at occasionally more towards 7 but at my highest it was probably about 50~ units a week. I feel much better now that is for sure

  83. im a week into doing 30 days. my wife told me im an alcoholic because i drink 6-10 beers over most weekends. i do this while im working on my cars, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner. i dont think i am an alcoholic but happy wife happy life so they say.

  84. Thing is - we don't see ourselves from the outside. I don't know you obviously so I can't talk about your situation, but my stepfather had insisted, for years, that he wasn't an alcoholic, when he drank about as much as what you mention. It was just beer, nothing harder, but he drank over the day, so by the evening he got always at least tipsy (having a "nice buzz" is being tipsy and it's not nice to the rest of the family). After a while it was difficult to go anywhere during the weekend because he still drank his beers. But he was fine. And then life got harder and it became more than 6-10 beers, and more frequently, and then... you get the picture. All the way he was insisting that he was fine and so what if he got so drunk the other day we found him passed out in the living room in his own piss, that was that one time! etc.

  85. Fucking A! Alcohol companies saturate our world with their product and take no responsibility for the lives ruined do to addiction.

  86. I didn’t realize how much I drank until I went to the doctor and discovered I have a fatty liver. It was definitely an eye opening experience when I almost completely quit drinking. I’m glad I’m not an alcoholic or it could have caused a real strain in my relationship with my family just because of the detriment to my health. Saved me a shit ton of money to stop as well. I was drinking sometimes two or three 6 packs a week. Wild now looking back on it.

  87. I never drank like this guy, but I always had to have one or two beers a night to take the edge off after work. It went this way for years and years and once, I was at a children’s play group setting one evening, and I got extremely anxious because there was no alcohol available. I was like wow, what is wrong with me? I also used alcohol to avoid dealing with personal problems because it was much easier to numb out a bit on wine or beer rather than have hard conversations with my partner. I read “This Naked Mind” and it opened a new way of seeing for me. I got tired of having to buy alcohol at the grocery store all the time. That shit is expensive! Now? Things are different. I don’t totally abstain, but I think about how good I feel when I don’t drink (amazing sleep, no gross hangovers) instead. I no longer drink after work or by myself. I still like to have one drink with friends once in a while, maybe twice a month, and it’s wonderful to just merrily walk past all the beer and wine displays at the store (which are really enormous if you think about it) and think, “Hey, I don’t need to put you in my shopping cart” and then I go buy a 12 pack of Polar seltzer.

  88. Like most things involving human achievement (or ability, if you prefer), this also follows a Pareto curve.

  89. I think it's important for people who read inspirational monologues online to remember that no one has it all figured out and progress on addictions is not a linear thing and solutions are different for everyone. Like this guy after writing this and with his guard down, could be brought right back to square one and probably will be someday.

  90. I had a boss that drank literally a case of beer a day at work and thought nobody knew. I would take the recycling out each week and it was like a garbage can of empty’s. Always his brands. Of course the company empathized with him and denied how bad it was because he was the boss and they chose him and of course his underling would only report this behavior out of spite. Of course it was after I left that the harassment case finally happened with the poor woman who replaced me that he angrily and drunkenly screamed at.

  91. I don’t keep alcohol in the house, because if it there I’m compelled to drink it. Since I do like to party with a friend once a week or so, I’ve bought a Vsafe. It’s a locking box that you set the time on and it won’t open until the time is over. So I’ll set it for 3 - 4days or for whenever I expect company, and my brain knows I can’t get to it even though the vodka is in my house.

  92. Yes and no. Just highlighted his drinking habits along with most of the nation thinking it was normal to drink most days and with quite a large volume in of alcohol

  93. I was surprised when he was listing what he had that week and said 4 drinks for dinner. I can barely drink 4 glasses of water let alone 4 cans of pop/soda. And thats alcohol hes talking about.

  94. I love it when people say "I'm not an alcoholic!" Even though they spent 2-3 nights a week absolutely trashed out of their mind, or the Karens that say "I only have 2-3 glasses of wine a night"

  95. Lol funny this just popped up. I was just thinking to myself about one of my common routines I was about to begin again.

  96. the thing is that everyone I know who smokes weed is worse. Booze is bad but at least its metered - there's a big difference between half a pint of beer and half a pint of whiskey.

  97. I'd challenge that view, marijuana is bad for lungs and has associated effects as you point out, eg it's terrible for schizophrenics, people with bipolar etc. But the effects in the body are not nearly as severe as for an alcoholic. Additionally a weed addict can suffer from all sorts of maladies that make them bad to be around, but this doesn't compare with the harms to other people where alcohol is a contributing factor.

  98. I gotta say, that has not been my experience at all. I haven't even smoked a joint or blunt in years because it's so wasteful and I end up putting it out after a few hits. Same with people I know. I don't think your sample is representative of the group as a whole.

  99. “ weed should be legalised least so that people can go and buy mellow strains like beers rather than smoking this super grade strong shit all the time that blows your marbles after 3 puffs”

  100. This is so true, at least in the UK. No one is growing low strength or high CBD buds, not on purpose at least. It's just bad business

  101. Alcohol is an oldschool way to preserve liquid (from growths and disease), when water hygiene was poor. It had a ritualistic/pharmaceutic aspect in Greece. Romans referred to wine frequently. That's History but people should be aware of what they put in their bodies, not doing it blindly. I get the 'spark' thing, which requires just a glass (for a light drinker) cause heavy use does not improve brain function, quite the contrary.

  102. this comment is brought to you by the Anheuser-Busch public opinion outreach committee and is the sole opinion of: Anheuser-Busch, Diageo, Guinness, Miller BC, Jack Daniels, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Jim Beam, Heineken, Red Stripe, Captain Morgan, Johnny Walker, Killians, Foster's, Congress, ^^^^etc

  103. When you're someone who doesn't like drinking alcohol and can barely tolerate one drink, you get to see very clearly how much people drink and how many of those people think they don't drink a lot at all.

  104. I'm not proud to note that the first thing I did as I settled down to watch this documentary was pour myself half a glass of Jim Bean...

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