Iraq's Secret Sex Trade (2019) - BBC/FRONTLINE investigation into Shia clerics in some of Iraq's holiest shrines uncovers a dark network of exploitation of young women and girls, trapped into prostitution and pimped out by a religious elite.[00:27:06]

  1. This is what happens whenever you have a category of people who cannot be held accountable. Regardless of religion, if you can’t hold people to account, stuff like this happens without fail.

  2. The only reason society exists is because of consequences of not following the rules of society. Without consequences everything falls apart.

  3. I knew a woman who worked as cabin crew for the private airline of the Saudi royal family. She said they would fly up to Eastern Europe and bring back plane-loads of women for parties. I'll let you decide what 'parties' means.

  4. It's literally always the religious elite. In almost every fucking society, the powerful know they can get away with anything. They have everything they could ever want, so they want everything they can't have.

  5. In a vice documentary about the Americans trying to train the Afghanistan national army. Once scene is the higher ups of the US military trying to convince them to stop raping young boys, but the ANA got angry and retorted that if they couldn’t rape the boys then they would have to rape their mothers.

  6. There's also a strong slave trade still going on in a lot of Muslim countries. This barely gets mentioned in the news.

  7. Dude, how can you be so dense? I always see atheist nuts like you who comment bullshit under every post that even remotely mentions religion that religion is bad and like the reason everything bad on earth. I have news for you. Power corrupts people. The wealthy and rich and influential people misuse their powers. It had nothing to do with your religion or your believes. The problem is the exact opposite. Religion forbids these things but these people don’t follow the rules. Are you blaming atheism for the deeds of bad people that are doing terrible things? Certainly not.

  8. Children in madarsas, women in such holy shrines. One of the holiest shrines in ajmer, India. 100s of hindu girls were raped and blackmailed by khadim of Ajmer shariff dargah and few others back in 1992.

  9. According to the article, the police suspected that there might be 50 to 100 victims but only a few came forward to depose.

  10. actually it's not secret, it's widely practiced, the documentary is just putting the spot light on its miss use.

  11. No prostitute waits 3-4 months for the next customer, There is a huge difference between Mutah and prostitution.

  12. well... this looks like an agreement between the two parties. I am okay with that as long as it is not slavery. The documentary shows a messed up shit where those women used by those religious clerics

  13. Without organized religion, it would be organized something else (some kind of cult of personality, probably). See: Stalin, Mao, etc.

  14. So yet again we see religious leaders abusing people for sex. Who's surprised oh yeah NO ONE! Yes call it out, like all the rest and be told the usual bullshit "few bad apples". No it's not it's the entire fucking religious raisin detre they abuse because they want to and they can without consequence or accountability. This is why religion needs to end.

  15. You’re a moron. Abuse can happen in any situation where adults and impressionable minors are together for extended periods. By your logic, should we also end schooling? There’s a ton of child abuse by teachers going on there…

  16. What!? Religious extremist are abusers of the rules they set forth for the rest of the people? I for one an shocked, it’s not like this has happened ever single time religion is involved. Religion is pure and holy, it’s never used as cover to rape and pillage, manipulate, corrupt government and murder, never, religion is where people find morals…… daddy needs to go the fuck way if mankind ever wants to thrive.

  17. during my tour in 07' (while in the US Army) rape porn was on the most of the Iraq police and army's phones.. Not cool at the time not cool now.. not saying everyone, just my experience it was 80 percent of what I was shown for no reason other then . hey look at this ..

  18. That’s sickening. My heart goes out to all the women born into these societies that are treated as objects. This world is so barbaric at times. Blows my mind people continue to treat others so poorly.

  19. I have a friend who started down the path to being an imam in Iran. He told me he quit pretty soon because he learned about stuff like this.

  20. I know a family (who has 3 daughters) who took in an Iraqi teenage boy (Aged 15) in 2003 after he fled his country, passed through 10 different countries and claimed asylum in the UK.

  21. Shia sect is a minority that have their own laws. Temporary marraige for prostitution is forbidden in Islam and 90% of all Muslims follow this belief.

  22. This is shocking. Are they saying religion leads to bad shit? But it has such a long history of this stuff never happening.

  23. It's not America's fault, not in the slightest. It's religion & corruption through money that causes this sort of thing to continue.

  24. This is somehow revelatory? New and insightful? It’s been happening for CENTURIES. This isn’t something that just started. Check out the boy sex parties in Afghanistan.

  25. I have seen this documentary, and I know the practice of temporary marriage, I have had it with my Girl Friend, there is nothing bad or secret about it.

  26. Bad business is still business when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Many women do sex work to pay electricity or certain medicines while their regular job pays enough for food and gas.

  27. "See??? RELIGION is bad! This happens everywhere! They are just like the MAGA crowd!" "Yes I am an average californian redditor hot did you know??"

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