Dark Money (2018) - Examines one of the greatest present threats to American democracy: the influence of untraceable corporate money on our elections and elected officials.[01:37:30]

  1. Why do we give it names that take away from what it really is - instead of calling it lobbying, call it what it is corruption. Instead of calling it dark money and influence call it bribe. Till we reframe the conversations nothing is going to change.

  2. While this is similar, it is distinctly different. Dark money is money that is used by "political nonprofit" groups: 501c3, 4, and 5 (I think, but not for sure) organizations. Meaning they can't ever say "vote for this guy or vote for x policy". But what they can do is say "policy y is very bad. Person y supports policy y. This is very concerning." From a purely legal perspective (assuming laws aren't broken), these organizations cannot be allied or cooperate with campaigns or office holders. It's kinda like a form of "negative" lobbying.

  3. Yeah I saw this title and was like ok cool but what about all the bribery lobbying and corruption that's in the light??? We gonna take care of that too or just go oohh creepy dark money!

  4. This is what American style advance propaganda looks like. You switch out words. You make it sound less bad. You use euphemism, you dog-whistle. You never let anyone control the conversation and let your shit be properly, correctly characterized. You never hard censor, you soft censor by flooding the news cycle with your narratives. You manipulate people's emotions to make them believe in nonsense. You push out garbage opinions, analysis and sound bites to drown out the things you want to silent.

  5. Its all been held up and been made legit by the Supreme court. Its a domino effect now that will never end

  6. Even before CU, Clinton ushered in the Third Way Democrats, who started taking money hand-over-fist from the same corporations that own the GOP. Now neoliberalism is the norm in the Democratic Party while neoconservatives run the GOP and the only winners are corporations.

  7. Right now the greater threat is our supreme court since they're the ones saying these corporations are people and their money is freedom of speech.

  8. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the legal fiction of corporate personhood (in fact, it’s arguably necessary for a fair judicial system), it just goes far beyond the scope of the fiction to allow them to donate untraceable cash to politicians under the reasoning that “money is free speech”.

  9. We are seeing the culmination of that now. They always get theirs while we foot the bill. Maybe, just maybe, we should stop fighting each other and fight the political body and corporations.

  10. Making politics ultra tribal is just another measure of distracting people from the real agenda.

  11. Just call it John Roberts' legacy. He pretends to be impartial but he has done a lot to make America bad again. Piece of shit.

  12. Even if it’s traceable what does that solve? Isn’t the core issue, elite influence of politics with money, traceable or untraceable?

  13. Most importantly Public Unions, who give money to politicians who turn around and give Public Union members more taxpayer money.

  14. Has anyone else noticed that everything bad about the United States sped up 100x after citizens united? It's the most disastrous ruling in history by the biggest joke of a supreme court. Until this is overturned, the American people have no chance.

  15. The american people heavily outraise bid donors or "dark" funding. Trump got most of his money from regular americans.

  16. Transparency and accountability. The politicians are beholden to us the people. In order for that statement to be true then transparency and accountability are required.

  17. Reality is in the post Act Blue world, "dark" money has become pretty irrelevant. Both parties raise so much money from small donors they are making big donors pretty irrelevant.

  18. McCain hated the citizens united decision and said so many times. He was a staunch supporter of campaign finance reform for decades.

  19. America's a failing state and people in this country are arrogant enough to believe that America is somehow immune to fail. We're a brand new country in the grand scheme of things. More powerful/successful democracies have failed in the past. We are nothing special.

  20. In 2016, Hillary Clinton out-raised Donald Trump. In the 2008 primary, Hillary Clinton out-raised Barack Obama. Money does not dictate elections, rather, money follows the people who are perceived to be the front-runners.

  21. valid points but Hilary was close in both of those races and the money helps. It can take votes away from other less wealthy candidates and leaves us with limited choices because the dark money candidate is always going to be close to the front wether they actually win or not. Not to mention Trump and Obama also probably had their share of dark money.

  22. Money gives people who wouldn't otherwise be chosen by the rest of the population a platform. There needs to be campaign spending limits on all political campaigns.

  23. “The media” doesn’t care if I watch 2000 Mules. Considering it’s based on lies and conspiracies and made by a man guilty of voter fraud, I’ve decided, after rational consideration, not to watch it.

  24. Right idea; wrong message. Weather the win was legitimate or not (haven’t watched it yet and would like to see it before forming an opinion) has no effect on whether he is the president.

  25. good joke.... why would "dark money" matter when corruption is effectiely legalised in the US, they just call it lobbying... why would corps even bother with untracable funds

  26. Somehow you aren't even allowed to question the 2020 election on youtube. People that make content that do will have their videos automatically removed.

  27. Yeah THATS the biggest threat. Corporate influence. It's not the massive voter fraud or the fact that red vs blue has a stranglehold on this country to the point where it might as well be the civil fucking war but with ideology, or the fact that the news media portrays politics like it was American idol or professional wrestling, OR that congress is slowly strangling our rights and we allow it because "old president bad new president good" no no its supposed corporate tampering. And since I know reddit is anti Israel, AIPAC. Loyalty to aipac literally decides presidents. If this isn't the fucking definition of smokescreen I don't know what is.

  28. I highly recommend reading the book "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer. Great work done by a credible journalist and New Yorker staff writer.

  29. Also watch “The money changers” someone here referenced it. Great watch, America is just corrupt it’s not hidden.

  30. We’ve lost that fight and the Supreme Court is putting the final nails in the coffin holding American Democracy. The next steps will be reminiscent of 1776 or 1935.

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