Our team at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala at Dodger Stadium tonight.

  1. I’m such a fan of insanely rich people who never bothered to learn how to dress. Some of these dudes looking like teenagers who just bought their first suit at a Jos A Bank.

  2. It’s pretty wild. I scrolled through and my first thought was they all looked like shit 🤣 Second scroll through and Mookie was okay. Some of those suits and fits are terrible though.

  3. I feel personally attacked. Joseph A Bank was my go to when I needed a suit. I was so sad to learn that they went out of business.

  4. I feel like the lighting in these photographs isn’t helping either. The light is too much in their eyes so they get all squinty for one.

  5. Mitch White is a humble dude. Did you see the Backstage Dodgers current episode with him trying out Phillie cheesesteaks? People were coming up to him asking what his YT channel name was, and rather that say 'I'm an MLB pitcher on the Dodgers', he just said 'I don't know why these cameramen are following me' haha

  6. Can we not get a stylist on the payroll everyone but mook and the catman out here embarrassing us

  7. Tell me Julio and his girlfriend didn't meet at the front door to leave thinking they're going to different events.

  8. Gavin looks like he's going to prom with his too-short pants and his tennis shoes lol. That smile makes it all okay :)

  9. Cody’s defense makes up for his offense but it certainly doesn’t make up for this atrocious shorts / dress shoes combo

  10. Lowkey highkey Austin Barnes wife and Freddie's wife lookin good. I think we gotta get Kersh a real suit though lmao

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