Game Chat 6/17 - Guardians (32-27) @ Dodgers (39-23) 7:10 PM

  1. Yall need to calm down. The Dodgers are literally the 5th best team in terms of record. They had a way worse slide last year around this time snd still made it to the NL championship. Some of you seem to be happy with nothing less than 162-0

  2. I hate this team. I literally don’t want to even watch them anymore. Someones gonna say it but it’s not being a fair weather fan when you have to watch this god awful shit day in, day out. Absolutely, fed up with this trash fucking team.

  3. We almost saw a no hitter literally two days ago so at least show up for the excellent pitching from our starters and bullpen. You can hate our bats but our pitching should be appreciated

  4. At what point do they decide Turner isn’t it anymore? He slowed down 2nd half last year, sucked in the playoffs and is atrocious so far this season.

  5. Wow. I never thought I’d say watching a baseball game was a waste of time. That game was a waste of a night. Like if you’re gonna lose don’t do it being boring

  6. Fans care about the outcome more than a lot of the players do. Not all of them, but many of them. Especially so when you're making $25 million a year. I'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. I can’t say we’re perfect, we really are lacking a form of chemistry or something but man I really love this team I rlly hope they get stuff sorted :(

  8. The second worst hitter on the team batting to try to win us the game. What could go wrong here?

  9. Yep this team has more on-paper talent than the 2017 team, but no where near the level chemistry or clutch

  10. aside from the dodgers losing. the worst part about the extra innings losses is it gives y’all confirmation bias that bunting and “small ball” is actually a smart strategy

  11. Stubhub app is so trash, I can’t even buy tickets to tomorrows game. Seriously, they fucked that app up

  12. Looks like minus a miracle, we have squandered an opportunity to move back into first place.

  13. We pay hundreds for tickets to watch the most expensive team in baseball score 1 run on a lucky Belli blast

  14. Oh well. I’m going to bed. Fucking shit show of a offense. Can’t hit a pitcher with a era above 4…. Got damnit

  15. This team is so bad in extras because all they do is hunt the walk. They rather takes strikes than swing the bat at strikes down the middle

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