Postgame Thread ⚾ Guardians 1 @ Dodgers 7

  1. 8 year anniversary for Kersh's No-No and Koufax's statue unveiling. The expected loss was canceled out because it was a double negative.

  2. Great game. Super nice to see Belli, Muncy and Lux have excellent games. Also Julio has been dealing lately

  3. Padres were down 1 going into the 9th and had Kim lead off with a double. Profar's hard hit ball gets soften by a deflection from Bard for a groundout and Kim doesn't advance to 3B. Cronenworth works a walk. Machado gets frozen on a mistake pitch for strike 3. Voit hits a nubbler to end the game. Finally some f-ing luck going our way.

  4. They really pulled a Dodgers and left the leadoff guy at 2B. Dodgers did that last night, but it's a bigger crime when it happens at Coors.

  5. It was encouraging to see muncy having muncy like at-bats tonight while taking walks. That’s classic muncy.

  6. Nice bounce back win. Still got some things to work on. 2 for 14 w/RISP. But overall the approach looked better. Good step in the right direction.

  7. I’ve been burned so many times, but might we see a Belli resurgence? I didn’t see the game so not sure if they were solid or bloops.

  8. The Belli resurgence has already occurred. His OPS+ is still below average but the guy has been worth 1.0 oWAR so far and is on a 3+ WAR pace overall. I doubt we ever see MVP Belli again but he seems to have climbed out of the cellar since last year and remade himself into a solid, consistent player who generates value with elite fielding and his 95th percentile speed.

  9. Good game, everyone. New submissions are no longer being hidden. If your submission has not been approved and otherwise follows the sub rules, feel free to resubmit or

  10. 11 hits, 7 runs and only allowing 2 hits and a run. I'd say it was pretty decent. Got the W. Still missed a few opportunities but it's a damn sight better than it has been.

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