Game Chat 6/21 - Dodgers (40-25) @ Reds (23-43) 3:40 PM

  1. I hate realizing David Price has literally been collecting a paycheck and not contributing to this bullpen the last few years lol

  2. When you check his stats its actually not as bad as you think. He’s been pretty good for a guy who never sees leverage

  3. Overall awesome job by the boys. Catman did his thing, offense was awesome, and we even executed a sac bunt!

  4. I wouldn’t call it unlucky anymore at this point. he’s hitting it hard yeah but at some point you have to make an adjustment

  5. Well whenever he hits the ball hard it’s right towards the first baseman so not really that unlucky. He’s pulling the ball too much

  6. It’s why he’s my favorite player. He ain’t the best hitter, and he doesn’t always make the diving play, but damn if he doesn’t give it his all.

  7. Tonight I am sitting right behind the Astros dugout at minute maid wearing full Dodger attire. I have bood every single player on the 17-18 teams. I am getting yelled at all around. Lend me your strength boys

  8. I’m at the game and just said the same (we are behind home plate just watching the dugout half the game 😂)

  9. Does anyone have the link for the video of max muncy “ get physically angry watching Max Muncy hit. This man just doesn't chase. You can almost hear him sneering "that's 0.16cm outside" as he takes a ball 1. Two-strike counts don't faze him. Then he'll whip out a hellacious dong on the 9th pitch. He's suffocating. He's Max Muncy.”

  10. This seems like the kind of situation Kimbrel should be pitching in, a game where he can afford to give up 2-3 runs.

  11. I feel a little bit better now about Graterol coming in now but still not 100% because you can never be too sure with Graterol

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