Postgame Thread ⚾ Padres 1 @ Dodgers 3

  1. Winning the Mitch White-Musgrove matchup with Trea and Freddie going 0-8, Kimbrel throwing a clean inning and JT hitting 2 homers…. Just like we drew it up?

  2. Since rocking the Kimbrel flair after he gave up 2 runs in the 9th to the Guardians on 6/19, Craig Kimbrel has not given up a single earned run.

  3. Yeah, when I saw the pitching matchups I kinda thought "well, don't expect much on Thursday and hopefully they can take the rest of the series" so tonights when is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. But anything can happen the rest of the series. Hopefully JT can keep this momentum going and the rest of the lineup can find some timely hits

  4. Loved seeing Mitch White strike out Manny twice and step up. This was the game we were most likely to lose and he only allowed 1 run. Good shit mitch!

  5. Yeah especially when he got him the second time and Doc came to get him, he was all smiles. Even if I might have liked him to get 5 innings for a shot at a win, it was a nice moment

  6. Of course Machado decides to come back tonight against the Dodgers. Same thing with Kris Bryant. Guy misses 44 games and decides to come back Game 1 against the Dodgers at Coors.

  7. Angels brought back Trout just for us, and maybe Rendon as well. Phils brought back Harper in the middle of our second series against them.

  8. Because every team view playing the Dodgers as a playoff or WS game. That's why you see them celebrate and get really hype when they do anything good. On the otherhand, it's just another series in a long regular season for the Dodgers and that's why they sometime can be lackluster.

  9. Ventured in the Padres Sub for the first time this year. They are actually making relatively civil comments but clearly depressed. Padres need a Priest. Everything went our way tonight after the first 2 innings, about time. Tomorrow is Max’s night.

  10. No because the ump gifted him two K's. He got lucky. I root for us to lose when he pitches because I like being right.

  11. Musgrove pitched an otherwise solid game, but two swings cost him the game; it's a cruel sport, i tell ya

  12. Emotionally the Lux walkoff and Jansen blown save were more fun, but narrative wise this was the best win of the year imo. Our bullpen steals a game from their formerly cheating ace. All runs scored by our struggling infielders. CT shifts momentum by gunning out Grisham at home. The bullpen is lights out. Grisham makes another stupid dive. Machado struck out three times. Just a chefs kiss

  13. Went today mainly for the bobblehead and I was uneasy about the game since I had read on here this was the game we were more likely to lose but I’m glad to have seen that W! Stadium went crazy when CT3 made that throw.

  14. Never should of counted Justin "Red Jesus" Turner out, really was his night tonight. Kimbrel had a nice clean inning too. Plus, seeing Manny strikeout twice by White was crazy!

  15. Since im not allowed to post yet and im very new to watching baseball and this is an active thread can anyone tell me why the dodgers play the rockies so many times throughout the season compared to other teams ?

  16. Each of the 30 MLB teams is grouped into a "division" of 5, which is based loosely on geography. In a normal 162 game season, each team will play the other teams in their own division for ~1/2 those games.

  17. I love Lux but he really needs to stop playing the outfield. If he was going to get time there with LAD he should have played 100 more games there in the minors, but he didn’t, and it’s silly to keep putting him out there

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