Postgame Thread ⚾ Padres 1 @ Dodgers 5

  1. Seriously, from just the eyeball test, he is someone who we definitely need in our platoon. Going into Friday's game, I would not have guessed he was hitting under .300 (although it is a very limited sample size).

  2. Freddie getting closure with the Braves and the team finally acknowledging the big fat elephant in the room was the best thing to happen to this team. Something clicked in that final game in Coors. We got a legit bench player in Trayce. Muncy, JT, and Belli are showing signs of their old selves. Kimbrel’s actual results are finally looking like his expected results. Catman has stepped into the ace role when we thought we lost ours in Buehler. This team is the team we thought we were getting to start the year.

  3. For someone who’s stuff looks nasty and throw a hard fastball with some tilt, he’s been struggling. Idk why but hopefully this series is a turning point for him, muncy, Turner, and belli

  4. lol I had both dodgers and padres game threads open just to see their reaction (mostly surprisingly level-headed btw) and I accidentally posted in their thread (easy mistake to make when you have the style sheets turned off) about how Thompson has a higher avg than Belli, JT and Max right now, and he's coming for dat ass. Holy shit did they not like it. whoops. they banned me too.

  5. Good game. Scored 5 runs. Got on base 14 times. Let’s never strike out 17 times again though please

  6. LA with the gritty wins is what we are about. This is how we win the World Series. Do the little things even when things are going bad. Keep chipping away

  7. I feel like I’ve been the biggest Kimbrel defender in this sub for a while now, should I update my flair to him or keep the CT3?

  8. Gonsolin has to be an All Star Game starter right???? At Dodger Stadium how special would that be…who picks the starter by the way?

  9. Jerry Hairston Jr. saying on air that last night in bed he thought about Cody Bellinger going deep… 💀💀💀

  10. They also annoyingly shipped out then-prospect Jack Suwinski for fucking Adam Frazier before they had Hosmer off the books. Because another infielder is what they needed. Ugh.

  11. If you gave me a million to 1 odds that the Catman would be the ace of the season...I would of taken it I mean million to 1 but I'd still be worried about losing my money not so much anymore.

  12. You’re my fucking hero!!! I always hear that song and recognized it. Never knew how to find out what is was called. I love you. You scratched an itch in my brain I never thought would get scratched.

  13. I feel like someone needs to make a gif of Alberto waving to Machado and it should be posted in almost every thread this season

  14. Nice to get another win. Seriously though…there has got to be some way for the team to address the number of strikeouts. I mean jesus christ. All I hear is…”strike 3.”

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