Game Chat 7/2 - Padres (46-33) @ Dodgers (48-28) 4:15 PM

  1. All this talk between Joe and John about going soft really quick has got me laughing

  2. Again in reserve there was some guy just shouting up a storm until a green polo shirt came over and told him to knock it off.

  3. Does someone like Tatis (or anyone else on the IL) drive home to San Diego after the game or stay locally with the team?

  4. Machado brings pieces of plastic to put in food at the restaurant so he can ask the waiter to get comped for the food.

  5. I love seeing late round picks and ‘nobodies’ make their MLB debut. Won’t be mad if Batten hits a double or something like that

  6. These Manny Machado memes are funny. Some of them are the “Drake the type of” territory and I love that

  7. So happy to see Freddie ballin out for you guys. I knew he wouldn't let any of this noise deter him from doing what he does best. Slap hits and joke with the runner in 1st base!

  8. Padres is really front runners , can’t even maintain competitive game with the dodgers the last games . Padres and their fan should never talk smack

  9. Good bounce back outing for Anderson… feels good seeing our starters go deeper this season

  10. Manny Machado the type of dude to ask you how his haircut looks and then take your answer way too fucking seriously

  11. Padres more worried about getting their pictures taken over a meaningless home run than they are about winning

  12. I really can't remember the last time I saw a HR fly in the air for that long. 40 deg launch angle and 111 mph will do it

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