[SPOILERS] Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) Spoiler-Filled Discussion

  1. I thought for sure they were trying to surprise us by knocking this person off, but nope. It was a distraction. Good ole pernicious anemia.

  2. I thought that when he said it! "Hang on didn't someone else have that!" Maybe it was to show that medicine had moved on in the intervening years?

  3. Lol. I'm just glad Cora isn't going to die. I was really worried they were going to kill her off. I don't think the Cora sickness plotline even needed to be in there since Granny was already dying. I was thinking not Cora too! I'm glad it was just that and not something worse.

  4. THANK YOU! I said to my husband the second the credits rolled, what is up with pernicious anaemia?! Like was there no other ailment during that time period? What a super weird thing to do twice

  5. I loved the scene in the hat shop! All scenes with Molesley were pure perfection. I loved seeing the development of the fashions and cars as well as the radio they're now listening to. The filming of the film with all their technology was interesting. This film felt quite meta in parts and I loved that. I also loved Violet giving Sybie the villa.

  6. The scene in the hat shop was pure fan service lol. It is so great because the two are married in real life.

  7. Re: fashion - I absolutely loved the copper colored robe that Mary wore (I can’t remember where in the movie it was). I can’t get over the fact that it had a button closure. I love silky robes but my biggest gripe is that they NEVER stay closed but with a dang button or snap closure one wouldn’t have that issue. I’ve been trying to find one online since and all that comes up are old lady nightgowns lol I may have to DIY my own because I can’t get over it

  8. I’m so torn! The fan in me loved the hat shop scene with Jim and Imelda, but it was kind of breaking the fourth wall and took me out of “movie immersion” for a moment.

  9. That storyline made me think of gay silent star William Haines, who was with his partner from the 1920s until his death in the 1970s. Haines became a successful interior designer after his movie career was ended by sound and his refusal to marry a beard. I'm choosing to think that's the inspiration here and Thomas did get a lifelong happy ending.

  10. They really missed a few opportunities for Thomas to get a little saucy. Like saying he was going to Hollywood to be his manservant. Or saying he was going to dress… and undress him…..

  11. Barrow and Guy become part of the fabulous L.A. LGBT+ counter culture that survives to this day. In fact, fast forward to Tom as an old man in the 90s in WeHo surrounded by a bunch of baby gays peppering him with questions about Rock Hudson and Stephen Boyd and Gore Vidal.

  12. I loved this! Thomas gets to live his best life in one of the few places where gay men could live a relatively open life together at that time. If there's another movie, I hope we get a scene where someone at Downton gets a movie mag and sees Thomas' handsome face on the cover.

  13. Strongly divided on this one. I always wanted a new beginning away from Downton for Thomas, so him leaving is good. But last movie he got an equal partner, this time the other man has the complete upper hand (again) and Thomas can potentially lose everything once more. Guy Dexter really seems to mean well but, like Thomas, we only heard about his good intentions without any guarantee. Right now it can go either way, depending on Fellowes finally deeming Thomas worthy of happiness or wanting him punished again for being a non deferential downstairs person desiring more from life.

  14. I’m guessing Moseley wouldn’t have made much more than £150 p/a as a village schoolmaster in the 1920s. He was making between £735 and £4,200 p/a albeit less secure.

  15. The Dowager's death scene was very Oscar Wilde . She was cracking one-liners until the end, then, that's it gotta go. She closed her eyes. lol.

  16. I just thought it was funny how they played silently with shocked expression watching the drama unfold all around them... they have a lot of practice!

  17. I actually just said the same thing in response to another comment before I read yours. I completely agree. It’s not like most people even know who he is. Just pick some other tall handsome British guy and put them in there and call them Henry. There are some characters, you couldn’t replace/recast, but we’ve seen so little of him it would’ve been easily accomplished and I don’t think it’s fair to the character of Mary to never have her partner around!

  18. I absolutely love Matthew Goode and was very disappointed that he wasn’t in this. His absence was glaring, and I wish they had figured out a way to include him. I guess that’s the problem with hiring someone who is in demand for a prominent role, the actor may not be available.

  19. Agree. Maybe if there was a more legitimate reason for him to be away for so long such as expanding a car business or car racing circuit abroad etc that would really demand his attention. The explanation for his absence was so vague it really cast a pall on their relationship and I felt so sad for Mary.

  20. I wish their kids (Sybbie, George, Marigold, etc.) could’ve had more “screen time”. i really wanted to see their personalities develop, I mean I know Sybbie inherited the villa in France, but I’m a little annoyed we didn’t get to see her reaction to it

  21. It was strange to see Mary go to a mostly empty theater as I sat in a mostly empty theater watching this.

  22. 6pm showing tonight and full. All seniors except me but I thought I was going to be watching it alone so genuinely was surprised when I saw it full

  23. If a third movie is never made, I would be happy with this one being an end to the main Downton storylines. I loved it! My theater enjoyed it too - lots of laughing, crying, and loud applause.

  24. I suspect this may be it for the main Downton timeline, but boy did they give themselves a HUGE open door for a Downton prequel with the off handed reference to Violet’s crazy days with a Russian prince.

  25. I was still crying when I got in the car. I would love a third movie just to see everyone happily settled, and to meet Sybbie, Marigold and George as teenagers.

  26. When Cora told him the truth, he wheeled between anger and sudden sudden loss/sadness. I was impressed. The actor brought a lot more messy crying realism than the soap opera was used to.

  27. i noticed this too. i saw the weight loss in the trailer, but the voice change was a surpise and had be a bit worried for Hugh Bonneville!

  28. Don’t think I had a dry eye for even half of that film lmao. Loved it. I also think it sets itself up for a new film. The last film seemed like the end but this one seems like a re birth. Violet’s broach being worn by Mary. The new baby. There’s so much that could go on.

  29. I don't know if they will ever confirm it, but I want to think that Tom's second child is a girl and she's called Violet (not necessarily the first name, but something like Maud Violet or Violet Maud Branson, for example)

  30. I just got home and I’m so happy I avoided all spoilers. Too many things to list but let’s just say it really felt like Downton. Molesley’s humor, wit, sadness, and happy match ups. The servants sitting at the dining table! Brilliant. I loved how they brought in so many characters in a short period of time and the acting was excellent. A beautiful send off for Violet, I cried throughout the funeral procession.

  31. I loved the movie!!! I LOVE what they did with Mary. Bringing out the more scandalous side of her from way back in Season 1, and honestly i’ve never been convinced of her and Henry’s relationship. They just never had chemistry like she and Matthew did. The “happy interlude” with the director reminds me a lot of Violet’s past.

  32. New Era opened with a wedding and ended with a funeral. Have to say I wouldn't be disappointed if the next one opens with Henry's funeral and ends with Mary's next wedding to someone she picks out all by herself. Even better if he isn't obsessed at first sight with the Mary only he can see, and she has to work at it a little.

  33. I always thought she was just settling for Henry because she didn't want to be the single sister. It can't have been easy being with Mary with her superiority complex.

  34. I was shocked too! The only time I ever saw him close to crying like that was when he lost all the money in the bad railroad investment and was going to lose Downton.

  35. I loved the movie, but the editing was really off. They jumped so fast from one scene to the next. They should have shown more scenery shots between the scenes and a little bit more time between the conversations. There was one scene, when they showed Carson and Mrs. Hughes and suddenly jumped to a scene where the family sits together after dinner and talk. 2 sentences in and the scene was over. I think it was a little bit hasty all in all.

  36. Okay yes, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one feeling this way. It was a bit jarring at times - a scene would start and I'd be thinking, "Okay I wonder where this is heade--oh it's over." Like you said, a couple sentences at best and then boom, new unrelated scene. I think some could have been cut and others could've been extended.

  37. I love the idea that Mrs. Patmore may finally have a life partner. She always struck me as not alone, but would like to be married.

  38. That would make a 4 hour film lol. They did a grand sweeping shot of the Abbey near the beginning. And shots of the Riviera coastline too.

  39. This film was so, so good. A massive improvement on the first one and i don't think my eyes were dry for half of the film.

  40. Loved it. It wasn't perfect and I'm sure I'll be nitpicking a few things at some point, but for now I'm still in the first flush of love and mourning. Happy first impression standouts for me:

  41. I was seriously expecting that car driving in after Violet’s procession to be him. I’d have loved it if they just made a tradition of him showing up for the last 5 minutes of every movie.

  42. Oh yes, Robert was bronzed to the gawds, honey! It was more striking in the beginning because he was sitting near relatives who were at the familiar level of aristocratic paste.

  43. I feel like I heard that the southern France scenes were shot first. I don't have a source for that, so please take it with a grain of salt.

  44. Yes! There were other comments saying that, but at least if they go to Hollywood, barrow will finally have a gay community to join and won’t be so alone, plus I imagine he gets into modeling or acting with his good looks and accent.

  45. I really like the beginning of the movie where they took pictures of the Grantham family as well as the people in service. I was gleefully pointing out the cast members...it's just like visiting old familiar friends and faces after the absence from the last movie.

  46. Just not happy that it means Mary is unhappy. I think after Matthew she deserved a happy marriage. The guy didn't even show up for the funeral. Yeah I know the actor wasn't available but they didn't come up with a good enough excuse to explain the character's absence.

  47. Holy balls I haven't cried this much since Sybil died! First when Cora broke the news that she might have cancer to Robert. Then when Violet died 😭😭😭.

  48. Imma be honest, I really wanted Mary to have an affair with the movie guy. Or at least they shouldn’t have had the plot where she’s in an unhappy marriage.

  49. Yes! Someone in the theater said out loud “don’t do it” when he asked to kiss her, but in my head I was saying “please do it! You deserve to be happy!” I was so mad at the direction Henry’s character went. Mary is my favorite character and I want her to be happy!

  50. I lowkey feel like we were robbed of a goodbye Barrow scene, like I would have liked to have circled back to his conversation with Mrs Hughes rather than Mary and had a lil rounding off of his years of spats with Bates - and also like... a scene of him vibing in LA with his boyf but that feels more like a stretch to film ✌

  51. Did anyone else notice that it seemed like Violet simply told Robert what he needed to hear at the end (despite the truth)? What good would it do Robert to wonder about who was his biological father for the rest of his life and introduce scandal as she fades away? She provided foreshadowing in the film with Tom that fortunately for her, she is a much better liar than him. In the earlier seasons it was eluded to by her own admission to Isobel that Violet had a physical relationship with Prince Kuragin. Yet, she essentially recants this and any physical relationship with the French benefactor in her final meeting with Isobel. It seems that Isobel knows Violet enough to see through to the truth (that Violet’s husband may not actually be the biological father of Robert) and so she assures Violet that the rightful heir, Matthew’s son will inherit Downtown.

  52. My take as well. Violet said she was a good liar. She enlisted Isobel to validate that nothing happened. Why was this necessary except she explains that Isobel was someone upright and everyone believed so she adds credibility to the story. Violet then says you are your father's son (which really says nothing and everything). One thing I didn't understand was a comment about her marriage. Was she married when she went to France or did she get married shortly after? My interpretation was that Robert was the son of the Marquis but Violet saw no reason to make that known.

  53. OMG - I just thought of something: the delicious irony of Michelle "Lady Mary" Dockery dubbing Laura "Myrna Dalgleish" Haddock because the former can't do a decent upper crust accent to save her life.

  54. I heard her do an American accent for a comedy bit once (some late night show) and it sounded pretty good to me!

  55. The scene with the servants in costume for the movie was wonderful Did Barrow have sideburns? Mrs Hughes (everyone) looked great!

  56. Barrow, like all the other men, did have sideburns when he was acting for the talkie movie. The talkie movie was set in the Georgian or Regency era, I believe.

  57. Just saw the movie today, I liked it very much. I was stunned by Violet’s death at the end, I had no idea the story would go that far. It was beautiful how it ended with Tom’s new baby coming into the house with Lady Grantham’s portrait looking down on them. It feels to me as if this is truly the end of Downton Abbey. As time marches on into the future, this way of life will have to end. A New Era takes place in 1928. The stock market crash is coming in 1929, which will have dire consequences for Britain. The financial strain of taking care of Downton is already so great that they invite a film crew to make some money - actually, that’s very meta because the current owners of the Highclere Castle have done the same. There’s no way the Crawley’s can afford the main huge mansion, the other summer mansion, Crawley House, Grantham House in London and now the French villa (which seems like a mansion to me) after 1929 into the 1930s. I wonder if Julian Fellowes planned for this to be the end of the story. Or if he has another one to write about 1929 and beyond.

  58. I keep waiting for them to sell and demolish Grantham House. Nearly all of those great town homes in St James were torn down between the wars and replaced with apartments. The land is too valuable and the costs of maintaining the building too high for something that gets used once a year.

  59. One of my issues with the film is that it glossed over Madame de Montmirail’s pain. She has every right to be upset that she is losing the villa and that she was always second to a fantasy. How big of an insult must it to be to be married to a man who was infatuated with a woman he NEVER (if that is true) got with and that he gives her the villa? It wasn’t about money, it was a place of great sentimental value and her son (really the film) told her to get over it.

  60. Agreed. They even tried to make her out to seem catty and shallow. I don't know how many other Villas they owned, but that seems pretty monumental to give away to some virtual stranger.

  61. Did anyone else think that the director looked a little like Kemal Pamuk? He felt like a reference to her past.

  62. Just came home from the cinema, the movie was absolutely perfect. Carson’s shaky illness was once again forgotten, but it was absent in the first movie too, so I am not surprised. But I loved the movie. I wish it never ended!

  63. Okay, loved the film. Gutted by Violet’s passing. Had to happen, I know, but still was hard to take in. A few VERY minor complaints, but overall, loved it.

  64. When Tom and his new wife talked about Sybbie using the villa to help people, I imagined them turning it into a hotel and using it to help people have lovely vacations in the south of France.

  65. Am I the only one that thinks that the first movie was light years better than the new one mainly because it was slower paced?

  66. Yeah I'm having trouble working out why I didn't much care for this film and I think the editing had a lot to do with it. It was didn't feel very Downton to me, plus some of the scenes/storylines were kinda silly. And, if I'm being totally nit-picky, I'm not sure how much further they could stretch the timeline with some of the cast - Daisy got married and still works there? Anna got married and had a baby and still works there? Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes (and Carson to an extent) wouldn't have retired by now? I think there was too many cast members with not enough to do, which wouldn't be an issue with a 10 episode show but in a movie it made everything feel a bit disjointed and rushed.

  67. I was hoping Violet's butler Spratt would be in the movie. I don't think they even mentioned him. I know he had the side job writing for the paper or something. It was nice to at least see Danka.

  68. Did anyone else catch that scene after Violet’s death where Mrs Patmore and Daisy are in the kitchen, and then Mrs Patmore walks away and there’s just a shot of Daisy alone in the kitchen? Uhg, such a reminder that the old generation is going away :,(

  69. Andy and Daisy's plot to get rid of Mr. Mason is gonna blow up in their face now that Andy's in the running to become a butler. Or who knows? Being a tenant farmer might seem a more secure employment option in a world where service jobs are going the way of most of the great houses: extinct.

  70. Yes!!! Why was it so weird about Mr Mason? The show spent a lot of time setting up a good relationship between him and Daisy and showing that he actively encouraged her to get with Andy, but now he’s just some annoying old man who nitpicks the way Andy folds his newspaper and interrupts them all the time?

  71. Andy can t but globally most of season 6 was completely forgotten : Andy training to be a farmer ? Forgotten . Carson s palsy ? Forgotten . Tom s chemistry with Édith s editor ? Forgotten . Thomas s frienship with Baxter or the kids and his reluctance to leave downton ? Forgotten x3 .

  72. I agree with every word! Very well said! My wife and I also dressed up in the attire of the era. Wonderful movie! I am hoping the movies continues!

  73. Did anyone else notice that Cora’s voice was normal? She didn’t sound like she was on Xanax like she did in the series and the first movie. I really liked that.

  74. I thought Roberts voice sounded weird/different.. More high pitched. I wonder if it's because he's lost so much weight? You'd think someone would have acknowledged it somehow - maybe referencing his ulcer he had in season 6 - "Papa, you're taking so much better care of yourself after that terrible scare we had that night at dinner when your spleen exploded all over the dining room table"

  75. Maybe I'm overthinking what was a very enjoyable movie, but it also seems curious to me that they can't afford a badly needed roof for the house they already live in but now have a villa in France to maintain and nobody is concerned about this?

  76. Right??? Like Sybbie is what - 10? Unless a boatload of money comes with the maintenance and upkeep of that Villa she won't really be able to take possession of it for another 10-15 years. Then what? Will she have the gobs of money it'll take to maintain that palace for the rest of her life?

  77. Loved the movie but I didnt like there were limited scenes in Highclere. The room they filmed the movie in most of the time was not featured in the series before, and it was small, so I would think it was a set. Then they used the small library instead of the big library. Violet's bedroom was probably a set. And then all the filming in France. Thet clearly were not able to use the castle much, which to me is like a character.

  78. Loved the movie to death 😭 I do have to share one opinion/theory though— I believe Robert IS the frenchman’s son. I may have seen it incorrectly but I am 95% certain that when walking up the stairs of the villa, Robert and the Marquis’ son scratched their ears the same way at the same time. This could be coincidence (or a misdirect) but I tHinK nOt. Violet and Isobel were very close but sometimes, there are secrets you have to keep, even from the ones you love the most. If nothing else, I think Violet herself wasn’t 100% certain and didn’t want to upset her son/family with the possibility. She knew it was far better for him not to be the Marquis’ son and painted the truth as best she could hope for it to be. I’m ready for a third movie or series, let’s go! 🥳

  79. Totally agree. It seemed that Violet wasn’t even sure who the biological father was and wanted the possibility of the scandal to go to the grave with her. This protects Robert going forward and even Isobel mentions how the rightful heir, being Matthew’s son, will inherit Downtown anyway. So it’s more proof to the likelihood of his French paternity.

  80. Are we to assume that Baxter and Molesley are married by the time of the very end of the movie? It didn't look like she was with the group seeing Tom and Lucy's baby, and it would make sense that she might retire once she's married to a rich screenwriter hahaha

  81. I have yet to see the film but I am all for spoilers! Is there any reference to Sybil in this film? I know Tom is getting re-married and I was just wondering if he or any other character mentions her. She was my favorite so I’m trying to prepare myself for any mention of her b/c I know I am going to tear up! 😢💔

  82. The Dowager has an “intimate” conversation with Tom, telling him that he was not exactly what they wanted for Sybil at the time but she is glad he joined the family in the end (hopefully I remember that conversation correctly lol). They also make reference to Sybil whenever they talk about Sybie, and the Dowager entrusts the French villa she inherited to Sybie in honour of Sybil (since Tom’s children by Lucy will have Brampton, George is the future Earl of Grantham + heir of Downton, and Edith can financially take care of Marigold, while Sybie has no inheritance).

  83. Hubby and I went to see it, and we loved it!! Our local theater was full, and they made it an event with afternoon tea served with the film!

  84. I don’t quite get how the actress was supposed to have an issue with a “proper” English accent but was suddenly able to pick up an American accent.

  85. Just saw the movie today. Loved it! I think it really showed the growth between Mary and Edith. When Lady Sybil died their embrace was cold & forced. Their embrace in the movie when the death occurred (I know it's spoiler friendly but don't want to say it all) was loving & sisterly.

  86. So, does Carson have 'the palsy' anymore or what? I mean, that's why he wanted to quit being the butler in the first place....

  87. There are so many things I loved about this movie, but the amount of unnecessary side-plots almost made me dizzy. My top three favs:

  88. I was kind of disappointed to find that Mary's marriage wasn't exactly the happily ever after match it seemed to be toward the end of the series. I guess he was so busy with other work and they'd already had to explain why he was barely in the first movie. Maybe things going south was the most plausible way of explaining his absence? Still, it was a sad part of the storyline for me.

  89. I loved this movie, it was so much better than the last one, which was also very good. The one thing that really bothers me is no Henry Talbot. If Matthew Goode is too busy to reprise his role, should there be a 3rd movie, they need to recast him or bump him off. I mean Mary's Granny dies and he's not there? For racing or whatever he's doing? Not much of a husband under those circumstances.

  90. Yes, yes, yes!! I am so happy someone commented. I literally couldn't take it when MURRAY (the lawyer) of all people had a tan face. 🤣

  91. I love Downton Abbey but I can’t say that I’m a fan with how they treated Barrow in this movie. I also will point out that I’m aware that a movie has limited time compared to the tv series. However, I cannot stand that they basically only gave him enough screen time to say that they had LGBT representation. Like, he says all of three sentences to this guy and (1) the actor is willing to pay for him to travel all over with him and (2) Barrow is willing to give up his good job and his country to follow this person he doesn’t even know? In theory this could have been a good storyline but they didn’t do anything to build an actual relationship. It’s frustrating because Barrow is one of my favorite characters and is so complex. I feel like they just did him dirty.

  92. Good points. Even one extra scene of them getting to know each other would have helped this storyline. They were strangers agreeing to share a life based on the sole fact of them both being gay. I wish they had shown them to have something in common, or more chemistry, or something.

  93. Yep I hated it . Here is an old actor to who he spoke to twice . Let s have Thomas abandon everything to be his servant / sugar baby

  94. When someone asks why the actress is nice all of a sudden and the response is “she’s no longer afraid” they cut immediately to Thomas. I actually laughed because it was so on the nose making the point.

  95. I think the reason for this storyline, especially when they thought it was cancer, is it fit with the overall themes of beginnings and endings: Tom's new marriage and child, the movie hijinks when it went from a silent to a talking format, Barrow's finally finding some personal happiness, Mrs. Patmore getting her guy. Not to mention the added tension the idea that Cora could die created for Robert when he suspected he might be illegitimate. The dodged bullet for Cora dovetailed smoothly into the sad loss of the Dowager. I do agree that the Pernicious Anemia diagnosis was a little overused for those of us who watch the series with cultlike devotion.

  96. I just saw it tonight. Theater was pretty empty but I liked that... Made it feel like I was at my own personal showing.

  97. Well, the ending was sad. I was not expecting the grandmother to die. And Cora being sick, I expected that to go worse than what it did.

  98. I just saw this movie with a friend and we both loved it. I wish that the Dowager’s death and funeral service wasn’t at the very end of the film, it kind of left me feeling empty and pretty down. I knew it was coming but I’d hoped that the movie would end on a more positive note than everyone grappling with the new reality and a short glimpse of the baby and portrait. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that they come out with a third (and perhaps final) film—based on the positive reception of this film and that its box office performance didn’t underperform expectations.

  99. Parts of it I loved. Parts of it I thought were pretty bad. Most of it was fine. I definitely preferred the first film, which is annoying because I had issues with that one too, and wanted to like this one more. There was just so much here that could have been done better, which just feels like a let down thinking what could have been.

  100. Given Caroline and Bates Jr are toddlers but were played by older kids and that Sybbie and George s actors are in double digits while they should be 8 and barely 7 it was logical. Marigold is the biggest 5 year old ever

  101. Just saw the movie and loved it! Ugly cried at the end with Violet’s death. I don’t know if this is the end of Downton but I think if it is, I’m happy with how they ended every character’s storyline.

  102. Love the movie, much better than the 1st, but Maud Bagshaw is a completely pointless character who does not need to exist. She adds nothing to the Downton universe. The Mr. Mason/Mrs Parmore bit seemed forced also. Everything about Mr Carson in this movie was pure gold!

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