A New Era Highlights

  1. Yes finally a " normal " sibling relationship between them . I am glad they get along now even if they didn t think it was possible

  2. Edith doesn’t let Mary’s occasional snipe bother her anymore. She’s finally recognized that’s just who her sister is and if she lets it roll off she stops. Also the fact that they don’t live together anymore so aren’t always in the same place probably helps a lot too 😂

  3. OMG Yes! How did I forget that!!!!! It was amazing to see them so happy to be on the other side of the table literally for a change!

  4. May I add one scene I would have loved but didn’t exist? A final poignant between isobel and the dowager. I cannot believe on her deathbed she acknowledged lady Bagshaw but nothing to her friend. Sad.

  5. I was hoping that she would say something as well. But then again, she did have the one on one tender moment with her earlier when they were talking about the letters.

  6. You know that’s interesting, I didn’t even think of that. Now that you mention it, it would have been nice to hear the dowager mention Isobel in her last moments. However, I think we can be safe in the knowledge that the dowager learned to love Isobel and become friends with her and we were privileged to see that on screen long before we ever got to meet Lady Bagshaw. It’s like we already know how much the dowager appreciated Isobel like, it’s already implied although she didn’t actually say it.

  7. I wish on the dowagers deathbed she had also mentioned Sybil when she said to Mary and Edith something like, they were two great granddaughters. I wished within that she could have added some thing like “ and Sybil was as well” etc. Although we know Sybil is long gone I would personally would have loved if she had also mentioned her granddaughter she lost many years ago.

  8. Yes, the proposal was so beautiful and touching! My greatest sadness in DA was Sybil’s death. My mother introduced me to the show and Sybil was my favorite so, when she died I was like “Why did I watch this”😳, I wish I never started watching🤣! I was so emotional and recently started watching old clips of Tom and Sybil and how her death affected everyone. I cried for 3 days before seeing this film and I loved her character that much that it did feel like I lost someone I knew. I could relate to her. You will definitely feel better tomorrow, take it from me!

  9. The movie made me love Lucy. We finally get to see why she's good for Tom. She thinks of Sybbie's well being

  10. Absolutely and that was definitely a plus. I just think it was really sweet that she made it clear how much she cared for Sybbie as much as she did Tom.

  11. Lucy seems to be the kind of stepmom kids don’t dare dream is possible. In fact, she probably understands Sybbie more because until she was six, she was brought up thinking her own mother died in childbirth (or soon after) and she was raised by her father and grandmother. It ended very differently for the pair but I think Lucy could really understand the bond Sybbie and Tom have and respects it.

  12. How about the servants being served dinner in the dining room? I loved the comment about Barrow or Carlson saying they get to sit for once in the dinner room instead serving.

  13. Yes! That scene was very enjoyable to watch b/c it felt like after all the years of the servants serving the family they got to be on the other side for a change!

  14. Yes, in typical old lady grantham fashion! She will definitely be missed if any other future D. A. projects could be in the works in the next couple of years. 🤞

  15. Yeah these were definitely highlights. The ending was very sad as it was tough to see the Dowager actually pass after all these years. And her funeral was just so well done as well.

  16. I’m actually kinda glad she got something from the family. Imagine if all your cousins inherited something and you hadn’t inherited anything, you’d feel a bit left out.

  17. Yes, seeing the dowager, the main matriarch of the family pass away was bittersweet. 🕊 She was witty and clever right up until her very last breath. I also thought that if Sybbie had not inherited the villa as you mentioned, that her aunts and grandparents would make certain she was cared for regardless. I do think knowing she will inherit the villa is laying the foundation for the next generation of downtown in the years to come for us to see maybe 🤞so it’s nice that this possible future story line is already established.

  18. You touched on so many great points! Now that you mention it, I would have loved to see Sybil and Matthews funerals happen. I also loved that Lucy spoke so highly of Sybbie and Sybil’s memory with Tom. And yes, I also noticed the portraits of the three granddaughters on her mantle which was such a great detail! And lastly, I am happy that as you mentioned this movie felt even more like the original series, it was very well done.

  19. Sarah Bunting was a nightmare. I can appreciate that her philosophy was different than the Crawleys, but she was downright rude and always doing her best to provoke.

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