The Face - Opposite Ends of the Yin-Yang Scale - (Kibbe R, TR, FN, and D) | ACCOMPANYING GALLERY to 'Notations on Yin & Yang I' | Further details in Comments

  1. I know she’s verified but there’s just no way Jessica Lange is R. She’s 5’8” and has so much vertical and hardly any yin to me. She’s sinewy and always has been. Pretty sure she’s D, not even SD. (

  2. I also cannot understand this one- every time I look at her Yang beauty I am gobsmacked that she is a Romantic.

  3. The major distinction between types really must be just down to height because I've seen people interpret certain features as yin but if you put the same features on a taller frame, the interpretation is suddenly wildly different and now it's 'clearly yang' (specifically when it comes to bone structure).

  4. i really love that Amy Adams is verified because to me she really shows how FNs can be a lot of things including cute, delicate, princessy. The differences between IDs are quite nuanced and abstract and I feel people see them as more extreme or prescriptive than they play out in reality.

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