Does anyone else find seasonal colour analysis not working for them?

  1. Yep. As an olive it’s a no go for me. I can borrow from a few but I can never fully settle into one. Sometimes I look as if I could fit true summer, other times dark autumn. It’s the weirdest thing but I chalk it up to my strange shifty undertone lol.

  2. Same here. Also olive undertone. I think my closest fit is TSu after trying the winter palettes for ages and looking totally bleached out. I thought I was just pale but turns out the colours were too bright for my skin. But now I’m running into the issue that sometimes slightly warmer pinks look better on me than cool stuff and slightly warm champagne style highlighters are better than purely cool ones.

  3. I’m a person with olive skin and I can 100% relate to this experience! I’ve considered all seasons apart from summer, because of my darker hair and eyes, and I feel like I can borrow something from all of them, even the summer palette. I can agree with OP that the only system I’ve found to be most helpful in terms of coloring is the Zyla system. Interestingly enough, I think I may be a Sunset Summer. It seems kind of contradictory given my experience with other color systems but I’ve been told that Zyla is different and doesn’t always correlate with where one fits into other seasonal color systems. Renaissance Summer has just has all of the colors and design elements that resonate with me the most.

  4. I can relate. I call myself a Dark Autumn when talking to people about these things because that's the closest to accurate/gives the best idea of the colors I generally work with. But, in reality, I'm too neutral for the seasonal thing to work. I went back and forth for a long time on several: Soft Summer, Soft Autumn, Dark Autumn, Deep Winter, and even Bright Spring. But, none of them work well enough to claim a single palette.

  5. I think the keystone is just learning that not every colour looks the same on different people, and that wearing different colours can transform you look.

  6. Oh man this is going to sound like a humblebrag (please don't downvote!) but yes, mostly because I can kinda swing any color?

  7. Oh man I wish I could study you for science! I do believe there are people with quite limited palettes and others who have more expansive ones!

  8. "At this point I'm just crafting a custom palette." Well, that is kinda the goal, so no need to frame this to yourself as a let-down. Most people craft a custom palette because it's rare that every single color from their seasonal palette will be great, or something they want. ETA:

  9. I’ve noticed that too, I think if you’re anywhere near neutral there are just a lot more color options for you and they can probably shift depending on your hair, tan level etc. I find I can make a color work for me if I keep all the colors within the same tone family (warm/cold).

  10. I don't fit in correctly, either. I think I'm a soft summer if I have to pick one. I'm definitely cool-toned, with fairly low contrast between my features. But my eyes are bright, so I kind of have the overall "muted" appearance like a soft summer, but with bright eyes. And I'm definitely not a winter, despite the brightness.

  11. I think it's just that a lot of the stylists who come up with palettes aren't really summers themselves, and don't understand that it's bigger than mauve.

  12. I can relate, I’m VERY pale with a cool/pink undertone. It’s very difficult to get an accurate color of my skin tone because it picks up much warmer on camera for whatever reason. I also have heterochromia, so it’s difficult when eye color goes into it and people talk about what makes eyes pop and what not.

  13. Wow is great to read this because I thought I was crazy thinking my skin tone picks up much warmer on camera. My skin is the same really pale that I can’t even tan and same cool pink undertone but every time I take a picture I look orange or yellow, if I go outside and is sunny I look yellow so is not easy to check on pictures or even videos all the time

  14. I feel you. I love Zyla for this exact reason and my zyla palette is almost a mix of bright spring and true summer lmao. I tend to use the cooler side of bright spring because The winters are all too cool and dark, true summer is often too soft, but is the right light/darkness and has some good shades for me. Bright Summer has the right brightness and dark/light balance, but sometimes can be too warm lmao it’s a mess

  15. I honestly feel and look better when I wear the colors I love than when I wear what is supposed to look good with my skin tone.

  16. Yes, because it actually doesn't work. Search for Merriam Style on youtube and everything will become crystal clear.

  17. I've personally found SCA works for me (as a True Autumn) but of course different things work for different people and I was only able to find my type after looking at Asian-specific resources over the Eurocentric ones that lump every POC into the Dark/Deep category. I'm glad that Merriam Style's system works for you and I hope others who would benefit from it can learn about it :)

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