Community Announcement: New Flairs, New Rules

  1. I'd just like to ask a clarification of what the Discussion flair should be about, seeing the latest posts under it, it is not very clear.

  2. That would be for conversations about theory, people’s musings on systems, and the like. Basically, analysis and exchange of thoughts on various concepts.

  3. Question: Are Kibbe, Essence, and Color Palette the only three typing options that this community allows? What about other style systems?

  4. Good question! We could add a “Type me: Other System” flair, or else a more specific flair if people want us to include fruit system body types or something. I’ll wait and see what people think.

  5. Lately, I've been seeing some posts featuring personal mood boards, in order to receive feedback on which essences they could represent. I created one of these, putting the Discussion/Theory/Inspiration flair, based on what I saw in similar posts, but even though I believe it loosely fits the "Inspiration" topic, the main objective was to receive feedback. On the other hand, I saw another very similar post, marked with the flair "type me: essence", and it was criticized because it wasn't like the traditional essence typing through face pictures. Then, I'm at loss of how I could raise this type of discussion, attributing its correct classification. I think it could be beneficial for the sub, not only for me, since many people is getting inspired to create their own moodboards, but at some point one need to learn how to express them in practice, and sharing experiences would be a good way to learn.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, we really appreciate feedback to help the community to organise itself better.

  7. I tried making an essence post and the new "type me" flairs weren't available. The post is now removed?

  8. Yes, these are unavailable over the weekends because typing selfies are still not permitted until Monday utc

  9. Hi, is there any way to make users read something before posting? I've noticed a lot of Type Me TiB posts with pictures that don't follow the guidelines, and I think that it must be because posters don't know TiB has guidelines. Thanks.

  10. As a reminder, it's a weekend. Please do not use "Discussion/Theory/Inspiration" for your type-me selfie post. On the weekend, type-me posts will be removed, regardless of flair.

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