Any Suggestions for good firm pillows in dublin? Have tried different pillows from dunnes argos etc and all of them tend to go flat pretty quick.

  1. Went to Harvey Norman they a good firm pillows , I have one, it was 50 euros, well worth it. They measure your head for the pillow size

  2. I've been using the gel pillow they have. It's around 80 quid. Have it for over a year now and it still looks brand new.

  3. I got mine on Amazon, but can probably find in shops too - look for hotel pillows! Much larger than standard pillows and haven't flattened at all in the 2 years I've had them, I love a good stack of pillows

  4. Check out Emma, they have great firm pillows and mattresses. Should be able to find some of their product in Home Store Or More, otherwise their website. Got a pillow and mattress off them during the pandemic and they're lifesavers

  5. I’m not sure if Memory Foam is an option for you and they are pretty expensive but I got these pillows a couple of years back and they stayed very firm

  6. Not sure where you'd get them in Dublin, but I always suggest buckwheat hull pillows. Dense, heavy, conforms to neck and head, but not "hard". You can add/remove material to adjust. Stays cool because air gets through it.

  7. Jysk has loads of hard memory foam pillows and they’re way cheaper than most other furniture shops. I got mine there and love it

  8. I got a sealy best of both online there a fewwl months back. It was very pricey but the firm side is still like a brick it's great. Think I paid 45 for it.

  9. I bought a fully organic latex pillow which just holds its shape and is really good for back pain. I bought it at the ideal homes show so was extra expensive but I'm sure you'll find them cheapish €20 online. I've had it for about 3 years now and still no complaints!

  10. I refuse to go to any hotel without my orthopedic fizfit curved neck pillow. I prefer this over similar but cheaper options

  11. Hey, my dad is a pillow freak he's never happy 😂, I've a hot press full of barely used pillows, fairly good ones too. Happy to get rid of two, free of charge.

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