Kite Tenjo is only MORE Blue Eyes support. Nothing more or less.

  1. Given how often people complain about Aroma, I'd think that this would be celebrated. Hit a set continuous trap with Cyclone, then banish Cyclone on the next turn to hit any face-up continuous cards or the field spell.

  2. Good. They deserve to. Blue eyes is literally "I paid 500 dollars, so I win" they deserve to brick, get all there tuners hit to 2, and screw it, Blue Eyes itself to 2

  3. Why are you even complaining about this lmao. Who gives a shit if people are playing blue-eyes with the new character/skills

  4. Right now people on the ladder like myself are using Kite Tenjo for XP to level him up and unlock all the strong Galaxy cards before the new box. So alot of players are playing Kite with "Insert Deck Here" just to level him up. So yes people are using Blue-Eyes because it can work efficiently with a sub-optimal skill or none at all.

  5. Yup thats me. though I use level manipulate skill to turn my chaos hunter into a level 8 revealing my tuners for synchro/xyz plays.

  6. I honestly don't know what to say, almost every rank 8 is a good choice in blue eyes and I am thankful that numbers 38 is nowhere to be seen. I like and play both decks irl and considering Neo photon a problem is hilarious in DL with the whole karma cut-trap hole thing that runs in meta games... Galaxy queen's light was the quickest way to pull Neo Photon in his deck when it came out in the tcg, in DL if I am not wrong that card doesn't exist, there's a skill for that so Neo photon-blue eyes is a kaito exclusive (without neo photon most important effect if you don't use photon dragon as a material). Now imagine what can do every meta deck with a card that manipulates the level so easily and an xyz that negates spell cards (n. 38). Oh and stop being salty if borrel dragon still exists.

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