Live life Dunder Mifflin style.

  1. Few bad takes there. Boss like Michael us a big no, Party plan like Angela may be and rant like Creed is correct if it means don’t rant.

  2. Yeah. Love the show, but can’t pretend these would be good folks to be emulated, if they were real. Most of the characters are pretty scummy, despite being hilarious to watch.

  3. Well there is but he isnt there because he is hr so hes means hes not really a part of the DM family. And hes divorced so hes not really part of his family either

  4. Went to see "The Office! A Musical Parody" in NY a few years ago. At the bar when ordering a mixed drink the bartender offered it "regular, or Meredith-style". I had it Meredith-style. I was sorry.

  5. I don't think loving like Pam is a good idea. If it had been left to her she would have married Roy, or after they broke it off, remained single and not ended up with Jim. Its was only pure luck and Jim's crazy persistence that caused them to end up together. Imo

  6. This is like the kind of poster someone would bring into the office and everyone rolls their eyes at how campy it is.

  7. Who tf put party like Angela? Fuck that, I wanna party like Meredith and Stanley. Stanley knows how to have a good time!

  8. All of them make sense except Angela lol. Do you want us to call the cops when there’s a party? Cause that’s what Angela is most likely to do

  9. Prank like Jim? No thanks, don’t wanna spend thousands of dollars on pranks :P , and I don’t thing my liver would appreciate drinking like Meredith and eating like Kevin

  10. Just your daily reminder to work hard, cheat on your fiancé, terrorize your coworkers, be terrible at your job, never have any fun, annoy everyone around you, become obese, be an asshole, be funny, annoy everyone around you (again), be amazing, and be and alcoholic!

  11. I would definitely not say “Love like Pam”. Girl was all over the place with her feelings at first and almost cheated on Jim because he was following a dream for a few months. I’d say “Love like Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration”. He’s the ultimate lover

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