Plugin Migration Issue going from 8.2 to 9.1

  1. Bro (or chica), you helped me to solve the issue. When you talked about the entity being enabled for documents, it reminded me of something. In order to link annotation entity records to another entity, that other entity has to have the "notes" property enabled. Once I did that, it worked. I don't understand the logic behind it nor the cryptic error about the parent not being available, but regardless, I can now move past this pesky bug. Thanks again!!

  2. Notes (annotations) relate back to their parent records through the objectid field. This is a polymorphic (multi-table) lookup, meaning one field can contain a key to records in one of many different tables (note the generic objectid name, it's not something like parentaccountid). Enabling an entity for Notes just adds that table to the definition that governs which entities are available in that polymorphic lookup. So because your customentity wasn't in the list of possible related entities for the objectid, you got the exception.

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