Some Idiot's Rookie Rankings - 2022 Class

  1. Great stuff here! I personally love Hall and will take him 1. But you do make some solid points about his negatives. Thanks for the thoughtful write-up.

  2. Brian Robinson at the 2.02 seems like a spicy take. He's someone I'd expect to be there at the end of the 2nd or beginning of 3rd.

  3. Brian Robinson is similar to Kevin Harris for me in that I wouldn't take him that early because I know I can get him later.

  4. Feel like the "Chris Olave lacks upside because he doesn't have YAC ability" is a lazy repeated take. There are plenty of examples in the NFL right now of guys who put up big numbers without much in the way of YAC.

  5. Excellent points, but don’t get it twisted, I am still a big Olave fan. I’ve switched him and London as my WR2 a minimum of 15 times this off-season. I just think London offers a higher upside.

  6. For me it’s his lack of physicality. The top guys at WR have both the route running and the physicality to get contested catches or muscle defenders when needed which I don’t think Olave has that in his wheelhouse.

  7. I was higher on KW than breece also. Traded out of the car 1.01 and was able to get KW Garret Wilson and Jameson Williams with the 1.04,05,07. I love seeing people more in line with my rankings. And while you could be a really smart 5 year old, I enjoy that we have similar minds !!! Love the rankings boss.

  8. Well done, this is a good write-up and the rankings have some in-depth reasoning. Everyone is going to have their guys and James Cook is mine so I disagree on that one but I enjoyed reading the takes.

  9. Absolutely. This is a class where I actually would prefer to have a ton of 4th round picks to throw a bunch of darts rather than a couple 2nds and 3rds.

  10. I'm interested in how people are viewing Tyquan. To be clear, I actually have drafted him everywhere - but I don't think he looks all that much like "Dollar General Jameson"

  11. I'm not judging anyone's rookie rankings because I know there were a lot of you who had trey sermon as a "must add"

  12. I will say, I agree with a lot of your takes and many of the ones I don’t are due to me not having watched the player yet (Kevin Harris, dameon pierce, and other rb’s).

  13. I took Drake London at 1.02 based on the consensus. However, I believe both G. Wilson and Olave are better players. Might be kicking myself in a few months.

  14. I get going against consensus, I do it myself and have my own rankings. But things like making Breece the 1.03 in this class just seems contrarian for the sake of being different. There’s plenty of measurables and tangible metrics that are what rightfully established him as the 1.01 here. Now I can understand if you’re struggling hard at WR and take London there, I’ve seen that happen. But there’s really no reason anyone would take Walker over Breece if you’re actually looking at numbers, players, and actual skills of both and not just going off of personal bias.

  15. I assure you I am not just being contrarian. I am acknowledging that Breece has a flawless profile from an analytical perspective. I just do not like what I saw on tape and I am prepared to die on that hill.

  16. Just cause he’s a better runner doesn’t mean he’s going to score more fantasy points

  17. Lol, he gets tons of love on here and is widely considered the 1.02. Most people that knock him are concerned about pass blocking more than lack of receiving in college.

  18. Definitely some good info here. I'll be taking some of your thoughts into consideration while finalizing my own rankings for my rookie draft!

  19. I just worry that Drake London will turn into another Corey Davis. London has the same QB, Mariota, that Davis had his rookie year.

  20. QB play definitely worries me, but I am a very very firm believer in talent over situation. Situations in the NFL change rapidly, and if you think London has the talent you should draft him.

  21. Great work man. We disagree on a lot of the player evals but I love seeing more in depth prospect scouting posts.

  22. The issue with liking Corral over Willis is by all means the Panthers are set to suck again, while the Titans will at least be mediocre. There’s no shot the Titans draft a QB to replace Willis anytime soon, while the Panthers can move off Corral as early as next season.

  23. At the end of the day, it's incredibly hard to become a top20 nfl qb on earth. If either of these guys become that, they get the job. If they don't, they will be replaced.

  24. Jelani woods seem to be too low he has highest ceiling for 2022 te class i think. But its TE so but why tier 7 ? Draft capital is there too with awesome RAS

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