Did I just inhale metal? I love this thing to death, but now I'm terrified!!!

  1. It's carbon that flakes off the click plate in the cap. The cap and disc are made of Stainless steel. I would guess 400 series for the outer and probably 300 for the click plate. No stainless steel can release anything at the temps we use. A butane torch can get to ~2800°f, still no where near melting temp of SS. Even then it still won't release any toxins. To release toxins it needs to vaporize( welding temps). TL;DR The dyna can't release any toxins from the metals it's made from.

  2. That looks like carbon to me. Carbon that comes off metal can be shiny. You’ll be fine. That black stuff you have in the cap is also carbon and will eventually flake off eventually.

  3. I suspect/hope that is carbon build up shedding off the inside bottom of the cap. It's shiny because the cap is smooth and it separated in a sheet. I am not an expert.

  4. This would be my thought as well, given we can already see the existing thick carbon build up inside on the disc. It does look a bit suspect in the picture, but I can only assume it's weird camera stuff.

  5. Was thinking about the same. The only way that is metal if there was metal coating on that. That would be just weird...

  6. How long are you heating it? I’ve had my dyna for years now and used it 1,000+ times and my cap doesn’t look like that lol

  7. Time for a new cap lol. Since these metals were there from the start you have nothing to worry about from toxicology perspective, but yeah just get a new cap

  8. Does your cap have a tiny bullet dent in the tail? Like it saved your life at some point from a tiny assassin 😂 Seriously though just get in touch and they'll hook you up!

  9. Ex vet tech, works with pets. Hand cleaning protocol for that will dry your hands out quicker than shit. Sometimes itll make ya bleed.

  10. Kinda looks like your bimetal disc broke 🤔, that bimetal disc is made by 2 different types of metal that expand differently when heated, thats why the disc is gonna bend in one direction when heated and thats what creates the click, and the cooldown click when it returns to the original position.

  11. Seems like there's a lot of posts about sus caps lately - from being put on too tight, breaking easily, etc.

  12. Kinda looks like aluminum foil in the tip. Coloration and size of the pieces. Ever do a puzzle. Where do those pieces fit in the missing area. I understand ware on The inside of a cap But looks sus. No offence. Got some clearer pics

  13. has this only happened on this cap, i think i saw a post from you about this cap being 'modified' maybe it wasnt you but i remember that dent on the P of the logo from another post

  14. whether it’s metal or carbon I don’t think it’s not a big deal the human body is pretty tough and resilient people working in steel mills get exposed to amounts of this on a daily basis. I’m sure whoever it was that machine the Dinave was exposed to some type of powder. Whatever’s in there is worth avoiding but I don’t think I’d let it freak you out hope this brings you a little piece

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