Olight package finally came :D

  1. People shit all over olight weapon lights in the tactical and gun subs but I have put a bunch of rounds through my g19 with the same light and it hasn't gave me any issues. At the end of the day it lights up a dark area. If it does shit the bed i still got a working firearm in my hand so fuck it.

  2. Biggest thing I see is the "olights have killed people" referring to the time a guy used a cheap Chinese lithium battery along with a olight one and he was working on his car with the light in his mouth when he leaned over the car battery and the light blew up and the shrapnel killed him a week later in the hospital.

  3. I got the baldr mini. I like it..mine came with just an olight logo rubber patch AND a free 13T or something pen light if I ordered in Tan color. Both work great, just finding a holster that does olight is hard without custom molding.

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