Here’s a thunderstorm over the Badlands of South Dakota. [2048x1152] (OC)

  1. If you happen to see this, thanks for scrolling Reddit far enough to see my dumb little picture. You can see more dumb little pictures on

  2. awesome shot man, been following you and Miles for some time, love all the banter interviews on youtube. its super entertaining haha. as a photographer, i can appreciate your editing style. you do a great job of leading the eyes where they need to go. and the post processing is fantastic. Maybe we will cross paths in California one day. cheers man, keep up the good shit.

  3. It looks extremely CG. But I think it may just be unusual subject matter and some overzealous sharpening. There is a lot of definition to the strata lines and cracks, yet the plants are undefined blobs of black. It makes the foreground look rendered and the background look comped in.

  4. visited when I was a kid during the summer; remember it being Regan's funeral amd my cousin and I playing out in the rain.. I still dream of that day; thanks for the reminder homie! Beautiful photo.

  5. If you have the chance to be in real open country, there are few sights and pleasures in life like watching a storm roll in. I'm definitely jealous of being able to do so at elevation.

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  7. I don’t know if you’ve heard of TORUS, but when we were out this summer we passed through the badlands and took some awesome pictures of our mobile mesonets in front of them. We joked about photoshopping in a storm, wondering what exactly this picture would look like. Great shot. Will be sharing it with the rest of the crew!

  8. Some of the craziest thunderstorms I've seen were coming down from sheep mtn table after 4th of July fireworks. It's otherworldly. Happened when I was kid. There were people posted up with big expensive camera rigs trying to get the money shot while off in the distance lightning strikes were lighting up the sky. What a weird core memory you unlocked.

  9. I do! That’s just a custom order thing. If you’re interested just shoot me an email through my site.

  10. What area was this taken from? I was in the badlands last summer and when we left Wall we drove out towards the main entrance but stopped on a ridge to the left of that road and found a random spot of RV campers and it was a huge cliff above the badlands with a similar view

  11. I saw the most outstanding thunderstorm in the bad lands about 6 years ago. It was dry overhead, but there was lightning striking every 1 second in 270 degrees all around me. To the 4th side there was a full moon with casual clouds passing by it. It was 3am and I drove to a look out point that would generally be relatively busy in the morning and took it all in to myself. Extremely surreal.

  12. Badlands is such a misnomer. Awesomelands! I had a look at your website saw loads of impressive storm photos. I can only guess you're very lucky or very patient (or both.)

  13. Neither! I just happen to work with a pretty talented meteorologist. He tells us where to go, I drive us there, then I point a camera like a trained monkey.

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