Were anyone else stupid enough to kill tree sentinel right away? It took me like 1hour and above 40 tries. It was amazing

  1. This. Still trying lol spent all my first night getting destroyed by him. I will vanquish him, eventually. Without my horse damn it lol. I refuse to go anywhere else, though I explored the beach before him. Quickly left that area after attacking those giant squid pile things and seeing literally no damage done to it lol

  2. YSK you can hit to your left side by pressing the L triggers. Sticking to his shield side makes him significantly easier.

  3. Would America have ever been freed from the British if George Washington gave up against the Cherry Tree Sentinel? Idk maybe I'm remembering US History wrong...

  4. The other bosses are substantially easier, you'll feel silly dying to him over and over and killing other optional bosses in 1-2 tries. That was me.

  5. I gave up trying to beat him the “right. way” after numerous tries. I bought 80 arrows and used the horse to get on the roof perpendicular to his path and cheesed him. Not my proudest moment but I got it done lol

  6. There is a livestreamer I watch who did that fight for 8 hours straight (didn’t advance the game at all nor did he have Torrent). He ended stream at about 2:30AM. He had work that morning, but he beat it though on foot

  7. What stream? I'm curious to see other people smash their head against him until they win too lol

  8. I chose the prisoner and it took me about 30 min to beat him he was really annoying to deal with I learned of his spell reflect when he was on 1/6hp and I had a pixel of hp left in that moment I knew I was playing a FromSoft game

  9. I spent so much time on this bastard that by the end I could tell what kind of attack he was queuing based on how the FPS drop feels like.

  10. I watched my bf try to kill this dude for six hours with zero upgrades/horse/etc. He gave up and indulged my request to explore the area. He found and opened the magical chest I've seen teased around here.

  11. The other bosses are way easier, just go fight them and come back. That's what I did and I'm cleaning out literally everything with no problem after being stuck on tree sentinel for 12 hours. I was able to kill him after I got upgrades. Like you literally get handed + weapon damage 2 minutes after going around him.

  12. Day 2 and I’m still on foot fighting him, have yet to progress but I’ve gotten him close to death. The fps drops and the stuttering are what gets me killed the majority of the time.(Beaten after 300 tries)

  13. Been having an issue with him as well. The best I got was depleting his health bar half way. Are you guys leveling up and filling your stats in valor, strength and endurance? I’m playing as Confessor. Just feel like idk if I’m doing things right.

  14. I promise you that you should go explore. There are OTHER bosses that you can kill very easily. It won't even be worth it because what he drops is too high level for you.

  15. Just beat him, heres my unsolicited tip. When he does the charge attack you can dodge back and to the right. If you do it just right you end up in a great position to deal out some pain.

  16. I tried him about three times before realizing he was a strong boss in a weak area. So I ran ahead, explored for about an hour or so, found the ashes, and went back to try them out on him, since he was a good "test" subject. Died three more times, realized we were fighting next to a building, then climbed onto the building and killed him with magic pew pew spells.

  17. The amount of new players who think they can take him is frustrating sometimes lol. I will use my crucifix to get summoned early game and it will often be for him. Often before I finish spawning, the host or phantom will run in and get 1-tapped in 5 seconds flat.

  18. For me half the challenge was dealing with his one shot kill bullshit AoE attacks while getting massive fps drops. Took me like hour and a half and by the time I finally beat his ass I was so used to his entire moveset that the damn bastard couldn't hit me a single time. It was extremely satisfactory to kill him before leveling up.

  19. I bodied him finally after I got twin blade and was around lvl 30. Took me 3 tries. I hope my performance improves with him gone lmao. I was mounted tho.

  20. I just think its dumb he can completely block spells.. like that pretty much means he's an enemy that Spell based builds can't deal with until later on once they have a proper weapon upgraded, which typically means making a long ass trek to Caria Manor in the far north west, just to get a specific Ash of War that adds Int scaling to the weapon you apply it on, and then going back to tree sentinel and dealing with him via melee

  21. He only reflects spells when he is stationary and not doing anything. Use spells in between him moving or using his weapon and he won’t use the shield. Distract him with wolf summon and he will never reflect. He is a cake then for mages

  22. I don't think it's dumb at all. If I can beat him on a wretch with a branch then you can beat him without spamming spells

  23. Reading through all the stub—er “persistent” comments: the Tree Sentinel is doing exactly what he was made to do and I love it.

  24. If it were a Soul games, I would try to kill him but it's an open world so I roam around until I had Torrent then I realized oh shit I could take on that dude in an awesome horseback fight.

  25. I leveled like twice and beat him without Torrent despite having him and honestly, I think everyone should try to beat him on foot, especially if they are not familiar with Souls-like combat (I haven't played one since OG Demon's Souls). Dragging myself through the mud to beat him pretty much got me in tune with the combat system.

  26. My first boss fight took 9 hours as it kept one and two shottting my ass. I knew it was a hard boss I was supposed to beat later, but I am stubborn and hate backtraking. I learned its every move to the point I knew the number of attacks I could safely make with my start arkeologist short sword.

  27. Think I was level 15-16 but I got him first try with torrent and the first great sword. Have yet to find a spell, though lol

  28. I beat him in the network test, but haven’t gone back to him yet on my main. Gotten him down to about 1/3 health a few times

  29. I was struggling a bit but i decided to fight on horseback and beat it first try. Its way funner that way too

  30. Best I can do is get him just under 50%. His shield stop wrecks me every time. He also has a few moves that are not choregraphed - Annoying.

  31. Where is this tree sentinel? Is it in the coastal cave? I've been to a bunch of places my friends haven't heard of in the game, but they've also been a bunch of places I havent and the tree sentinel is one they keep talking about!

  32. He was right outside of the cave and iut took me like 15 tries because he kept reflecting my spells but I got him and the sheer joy I felt from overcoming a tough enemy got me all nostalgic over how I felt when playing dark souls 1 and man I am in love with this game

  33. Faced him after getting Torrent, he's super vulnerable to driveby attacks on horseback. But be mindful of his shield rush and that ranged attack.

  34. Yes. It took me like 2 hours because for some reason he's the only boss that gives me big frame drops making him 10x harder than he already is

  35. Try to get to the side with the shield, for the first half of the fight he has no attack against it and will just try to turn so you’re at his right side. After he hits half health just try to get to the back right of his horse

  36. killed him yesterday after like 50 tries then I played for like 4 more hours, fell asleep, and woke up to find my PlayStation completely turned off.....so all my progress was gone. I spent another hour killing the bastard a second time.

  37. I summoned two phantoms near the spawn and when either died I would sprint back and summon another. Threw like 5 people through the meat grinder before we finally defeated it. This game is really good.

  38. are we not supposed to? i did the tutorial area before bed took the elevator up and went to sleep then when i woke up i fought him for awhile and killed him before leaving for work

  39. Same here, took me about an hour and a half. After having the steed now, I'm just wondering how much easier it might've been with Yakul and some levels

  40. Just got him last night with a buddy. Tried fireballs, tried parrying, eventually got it after 3 hours by both using a greatsword and one of us taking Aggro, dodging, and then the other jump attacking to do tons of poise damage and switching. We got a good rhythm. The drop is phenomenal too.

  41. Not immediately, since I had been relatively Souls celibate for few months now, so I was pretty clumsy initially + still trying to get comfortable with the new elements and feel + starting as a naked fuck with a stick, would have been way too harsh for me.

  42. Got the greatsword and torrent, wrecked him two tries after that. I might have spammed strength after that.

  43. Y'all are nuts. Only boss I spent any time on close to that was the Grafted Scion, and it only took so. Long because you have to make a new character each time. I just wanted to see what would happen. Not worth it. So any boss I have trouble with I'll just come back later. Challenge runs like a lvl 1 run can come at a layer date for me.

  44. Only played sekiro no other souls games, but I actually was able to beat him in about 10 minutes with the starting weapon on vagabond. Basically run circles with the horse and time heavy charge attacks as you pass him, worked well for me. Eventually he gets stunned as well and you can fit in 2 or 3 hits. Careful not to stop on his sides when passing him or he will side check or shield check you.

  45. Coming back with Torrent definitely helped a lot. Kinda feels like the intended way to face him - rider V rider, right?

  46. Yeah I went after him thinking Id get his unique greatshield that absorbs and shoots out spells back. To my dismay I only got his Halberd. All that frustration for that lmao

  47. I wish I'd have been this persistent, then I would've specced towards the awesome drop you get from him!

  48. I went after clearing stormveil castle. I respect the grind to do it right away. But then again, the tree sentinel does drop a dope ass item

  49. I tried about 5-6 times at first, moved on, got Torrent, came back, whooped him. Torrent made that fight trivial and I love my spectral boy

  50. Decided to fight him before I did anything and beat him after 30 minutes and like 15 tries. The last half of the fight had my heart racing with every dodge. Brought me back to the thrill of Dark Souls 1. Loving it!

  51. I did, or at least I tried to. I've been going at his ass for 2 hours. I got him down to 80% health and I got whacked.

  52. Still trying. I’m pretty sure I can kill Margit first but I got some side bosses on my shitlist to clear first and it keeps getting bigger.

  53. I had only bonk&range and i done it, after more than 60 tries, but do not take mutch time really, because i live for long only 4-6 time. At the end boss stuck betveen ruins and some trees, so it's was not really fair victory, but i still take it.

  54. 2 and a half hours, dude was almost teleportating because of the PC port frame issues, but I beat that SoB. It was glorious.

  55. I used torrent to jump high on the ruins, dismounted and used the bow to kill him with arrows. I’m not great at melee yet but I’m working my way in there.

  56. Tried around level 35 when I had a good handle of Torrent’s controls, took me roughly 10 tries, what a cunt

  57. PSA: If you didn't know, you can knock riders off their horse with a parry! I'm not 100% sure this works on the tree guardian, but it works on every other rider I've fought.

  58. For his first phase, all you have to do is roll towards his right side and try to get behind him, attack once or twice depending on weapon speed, and continue rolling forward as he tries to turn and hit you. Keep rolling towards his right to get behind him. He doesn’t know what to do if you stay under the horses balls.

  59. I tried in the early game. Thought that it wasn't worth my time. I think I'll try again later... currently taking my chances against another boss whom I'm actually too weak for (dude I'm currently trying to fight has 0.1% completion rate so far on PS4... what am I doing?).

  60. i played for 6 hours, loved the game but i didn't want to "out gear" the castle, so i fought my way to margit and then spend 3 hours getting my ass handed to me because i didn't want to go back, now i'm just exploring everything and getting my ass handed to me yet again by random shit...

  61. I fought like 5 other bosses and got to level 30 before I came back to him and it still took me a couple hours/75+ deaths.

  62. I am, and I did. My pride would not allow me to progress until I finished him off. No better feeling than defeating a boss you were not meant to defeat.

  63. I beat him once I had Torrent. Was tough but really fun. You get his weapon too and it's really nice on a strength faith build!

  64. I beat him at 3 hours with longsword (no upgrade) at level 10, without using the horse. It was stupid in hindsight, but I really love that feeling when you know the moves of the boss by heart. I almost perfected him in that last attempt but I can't properly react to the hip check his horse does when I'm at a certain angle in front of it.

  65. You sir, are the man I wish I could be. Or person. I level to 18 and then went back and got my ass kicked for two hours before success

  66. Protip for anyone fighting him, bring him down to the flatlands closer to the first grace site. The slope he is on is just exactly where a transition zone boundary is at, and when fighting him the game constantly loads back and forth assets causing lag spikes and stutters.

  67. Haha yeah lol took a while, but got him haha now I’ve beaten tree sentinel, that pumpkin head dude, and margit. I’m absolutely loving Elden Ring so far!

  68. Took me forver and i just though the game was just that hard till i looked that the halberd and saw you need 30 strength to use it. Theb i realized he waa probably a midgame boss

  69. I'm using the item that sends your summoning signal to summoning statues and everytime I'm in limgrave I get summoned to kill the tree sentinel by people with the starting gear haha, I just love it.

  70. I found the biggest thing was rolling with his charge attack instead of into, so you get damage in. Was no way I could just skip a boss, also took about an hour.

  71. Just because the tree sentinel is there straight away doesn't mean it's supposed to be killed straight away which is one of the main ideas of the game

  72. Went and got the horse before coming back to him…still took me 30+ tries, eventually I just played it super safe and only went in when I KNEW I couldn’t get hit and it took a while but goddamn did it feel good.

  73. I finally beat him on Torrent my mostly staying right on the ass of his horse. His attack needs a little distance to be effective.

  74. Careful Killing him, not sure if it's a bug but after killing him I can no longer summon my friends in Limgrave, I think he acts as the "area" boss.

  75. I spent a day - day and a half attempting to kill him in between testing performance / stutter fixes on PC. After I succeeded, I have no idea why but I have felt nothing but satisfaction just spending all my time being summoned by others to help attempt to kill him.

  76. Took me 4 hours(in game time) I just played ds1 and ds2(I left playing after beating fume knight since elden ring came out) I wasn't used to the speed of the game lol

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