Elden Ring is my first ever soulslike game. I killed Margit after 36 deaths in what was probably the closest fight I've ever had in a video game. Absolutely nuts

  1. When my character did that god awful animation for no mana my heart absolutely sunk. The animation is such a dick kick too "Oh... huh.... the magic pew pew isn't coming out of the stick anymore. Guess I'll die." lmao

  2. Tip: Always carry throwing knives on your item bar so you can finish off a boss (or any tough enemies) when they reach that tiny sliver of health.

  3. I have poison daggers set to Y and Down but I always always forget about them when the boss health is low and end up just R1 spamming my way to failure.

  4. I think due to the addition of spirit ashes FromSoftware decided to up the aggressiveness of the AI (for bosses). I remember getting plenty of breathing room between boss attacks to use flasks back in darksouls 3. But it seems the bosses goes for your neck the moment you try using the flask. So now I just keep pounding away and stopped giving a single fuck about healing xD

  5. I’ve found that running away and gaining a bit of distance gives me ample time to use flasks. If I just roll an attack and then immediately try to use a flask, yeah they’re gonna slap me.

  6. "Huh my staff isn't casting, better look at it for a solid 2 seconds instead of switching to my sword" My fav game mechanic

  7. Gotta love when the boss is about to die and you accidentally start the "why isnt my stick working" animation

  8. Congrats, but my god, all I can think about right now is how responsive sorcery seems to be. I literally have maxed out casting speed, and this example still puts my quickest incantations to shame.

  9. Sorceries and incantations aren't focussed on doing the same things though. Think if you just wanted a ranged magic build you'd go sorcery, wheras incantations are more about supportimg amd supplementing physical dmg.

  10. Yooooo, I can resonate with this feeling of triumph. My first playthrough (on New Game Plus now) used a great shield and a spear against Rennala, a magic throwing boss. And being a playstyle that's designed around tanking physical damage and consistently poking the boss with my dinky little spear, she was a nightmare to take down.

  11. Well done! Really good fight and would recommend having throwing knives in your inventory in case a situation like this happens again :)

  12. Your dodges are good. I think you would find a good damaging melee build very doable. Maybe playthrough 2?

  13. I finally beat the Elden Beast last night, took me well over 100 tries over 3 or 4 days. I wear a Fitbit and I checked my heart rate it was at 114 Beats. I was so excited I was shaking.

  14. Id look into getting a better staff! The starting staff is not great. There is a world boss down in the weeping peninsula that drops a good one. And maybe add some more vigor ;) Great kill

  15. Sprinting into caelid's swamp and getting the meteorite staff is usually the best move, it's also S scaling and should work well into the mid game (about the same as a +15 demi human staff without the need to upgrade it)

  16. The excitement in your voice….I can’t wait to play all the other souls games to experience that feeling again :)

  17. I appreciate that! Maybe one day haha. I'm still very new to both Elden Ring and streaming and have a lot to learn in both places. I don't wanna break rules so wont post a link but my twitch name is the same as my reddit name

  18. Your first soul game and you got there at level 17? you are way under leveled - if you do the southern parts first you should be well in your 60ies

  19. I did everything in limgrave and weeping peninsula before touching stormveil, except killing the crucible knight evagol, a few night bosses and the tree spirit in the heroes grave and I got to 40, limiting myself to that too as to not be too OP. I didn't really ever lose any runes, I bought everything I would need to buy from merchants but not everything so if you didn't farm, collected and killed everything and bought everything from the merchants you would probably be low 30s before stormveil.

  20. Ah I could see how it was going with the mana going down. I panicked when they took that empty swig. I need a lie down after that stress. Good job man!

  21. Ngl: when you tried to tip the last drop of magic out your empty staff I clenched hard, but then you pulled it off. Well done.

  22. I kept dying to thos dude too. Then I used the rotten stray summon and when his health started draining, I just ran away from him lol.

  23. Now see, wouldn't the fight have been more exciting and memorable and your sense of pride and accomplishment much higher if you could just mash light attack to win like 95% of the enemies in the Witcher 3? Or perhaps it would have been better for you to get frustrated after 3 deaths and then just turn it down to easy mode to breeze past him?

  24. So I don't get why elden ring is considered a souls-like. Is it the difficulty? Is it the fact that its a FS title? I played it and one thing I desperately missed was the classic interconnected map design. Like BB or Surge 2. I hate that the term "souls-like" is solely associated with difficulty. I played for about 9 hours so maybe i didn't find the right dungeons? Idk.

  25. Elden ring has almost the same combat style like most of the soul games, and it has the difficulty, that makes it a soul like.

  26. As someone who has been outside the community until now I've always assumed soulslike games were a very specific subgenre of RPGs characterized by yes, difficulty, but also the very specific combat style and gritty/grotesque art style.

  27. In addition to what others have said another thing that I think makes a game souls like is the checkpoint and leveling system. They need to have bonfire type spots and xp can be retrieved after dying but die twice and it's gone. I consider Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order souls like even though it's not a grim fantasy setting.

  28. 9 hours in? keep going! I was like you at first and thought the game is just a big open map world, but nope it is still a souls game with tight corridor level design and looping shortcuts/interconnected segments.

  29. I picked the astrologian or whatever the name was when I made my character but aside from that I don't really know the builds. I've been putting my points into Mind and Int mostly with a couple here and there going to Vig for some added HP and End for Stamina.

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