Why can't I just die in peace? (no audio)

  1. I found him by accident. Random zombie fella standing around, saw lots of messages around it - read 'Precious item ahead' and I figured I'd poke him to see what fell out.

  2. This is actually a huge problem in pvp if you manage to deathblight someone with the eclipse shotel, you can endlessly backstab them until they just shut off their game.

  3. Hahahah i just rock sling that bastard so far away that he kept taking the knee option, it’s kind fun actually

  4. There's a (hollowed?) dude that is just standing near a fire in that area, if you go in front of him he transforms into this thing.

  5. That particular worm face killed me so many times. Those three stranded lyndell soldiers nearby got to watch me get eaten or death blighted more times than I care to admit.

  6. Bro what is that? I swear with this game it’s like they just ran out of enemy designs and decided to make the most ungodly monstrosities. Makes me not even want to look at what I’m swinging at.

  7. Oh don't worry once you get to the area they normally spawn in they whisper and laugh and it's all foggy af. It's a great trip lmao.

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