invaders take the vigor exam (~1.5% passing rate)

  1. Don't forget about physical damage negation, it actually is very effective. It's not too hard to get to fifty percent reduction.

  2. I don't have the weapon rn or else I'd test it, but I wonder if you could use the flip to avoid a ground aoe attack like you can by jumping. Like, the player model is entirely off the ground, so unless the weapon is part of the hotbox then theoretically it should work, right?

  3. I've always hated standardized tests lmao. I'm proud of having 55 Vigor as a mage but I still feel like a whiff of the Giant Crusher will turn me to ash

  4. This is why I made a build that was just 60 vigor at almost the earliest possible level and called myself "VIGOR LEVELER," absolutely fantastic to feel like a tank in PvP and it teaches hosts a lesson when my dmg still hurts. I'm at elden beast right now on a character that has 2 level-ups invested in damage. (+12 weapon)

  5. yes they are randoms. out of maybe 200+ invasions, maybe around 75% of them did it no hesitation, 5-10% needed some "encouragement", and the rest were sweaty bleed users

  6. If I'd invaded him I would have played along. It's the little shenanigans and gimmicks that make invasions fun. I also sometimes perform little skits or just use an excessive amount of rainbow stone arrows and regular rainbow stones when I invade.

  7. Its fun to play along. I cosplayed as Jesus, used a healing spell to act as healing them, and did the rapture emote, then walked to the cliff near first step, emoted, then used either force or wrath of gold and yeeted them down the cliff.

  8. NO WAY THAT WAS ME! I was the second person. I had no idea this was recorded lol. I originally thought it was a sacrifice thing or something. Vigor test makes sense lol

  9. lmao I invaded this yesterday, I was the one who took off all their armor. The meaning of "Vigor Exam" went right over my head, I just wanted to become a pancake like everyone else...

  10. hmmm was your name Scherazard? i think you were the only one that took their armor off, tho there might've been other people. i only have one such clip from 2 days ago.

  11. Yeah I don’t know if he’d survive just because he has both soreseals on, but my faith boi has good vigor and is in full crucible knight armor plus the greatshield talisman.

  12. I JUST started to put more levels into health 90% of the way through the game lmao. Once I got to the Sol castle 19 vigor just wasn't cutting it anymore, kept getting 1 shot lol

  13. For pvp? I’m not sure those times existed my friend. If I’m missing something, I’d love to be enlightened. Only thing I can remember is people thinking 27 was enough in 3 and getting one hit by ultras

  14. It never was. Not in PvP anyway. It was always min stats to wield the weapon, use a weapon buff, and then EVERYTHING else into HP/Stam.

  15. I was 125 last night, found a dude whos spells hit like a truck, and he had heavy armor, and lots of fp. He had less than 350 vigor.

  16. Boys, don't forget about your 35 % absorption with decent armor + no stat talisman that reduces your absorption + crab food or the black flame protection incantation (gives you around 30% with weak armor and 15-20% with stronger armor I think) + absorption talisman if you can allow it beacuse it's nerfed when you PvP.

  17. I went deep sea fishing when I was 8. bc of the over population of sharks in the area, when you caught one, the captain would take out a mini baseball bat and beat the shit out of their heads. I was mortified, so he told me he was just giving them “therapy”.

  18. No you wouldn't. That damage is showing how much health they had. The first guy got hit for 2,037 damage. Who knows how much they are actually hitting for.

  19. Op,with this video you presented to the audience of the vigor exam,its very clear that you hold off the punch for the second invader,op have you been bribed to give a bigger chance for the second one?,WE NEED ANSWERS

  20. Yeah lol. You don’t question the person with the hammer. You just go along with it. I knew I’d die, but my fate was sealed the moment I made the mistake of invading him.

  21. I seriously doubt anyone has enough HP to withstand that, can you even have 2k let alone more?! This more of a physical defense check than anything else.

  22. 150 wont save you. Of you go 125 you should have 60 vigor, if you go 150 anything over 60 is a waste, and they do more damage depending on the build. Run.

  23. Yah I was gonna say the softcap of 40 most people go for is only like 1600-1700 with rune and going past that is just meh when your flask caps out at 1200 or something.

  24. I encountered you and I was confused at first, then I read your name and understood the assignment. Sadly I failed the vigor exam but I did laugh a lot. God I love this community.

  25. You should run this back, but try to spec so you’re doing just enough damage to keep them alive, unclothed at 60 vig since its the soft cap. Anyone at 59 will perish, but 60 would pass

  26. i agree with the drill sargeant standards but i would re-name it "defensive exam" or "survival exam", maybe that way people will learn about the god damn ritual shield talisman.

  27. Nah I’m having a blast still. Invasions like this make it even more fun. I love seeing the weird stuff people end up doing lol

  28. 2k HP and great shield talisman and full crucible knight armor. If my character dies from that, than nobody should pass that exam hehe.

  29. rl 135. 60 vigor. i pumped endurance and strength to around 50. these stats were for a different build at first and i just repurposed this character. this isn't at all optimized for damage, just meant to be a short-lived idea for a little bit of fun.

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