Remove the "do you want to sacrifice an estua jar for torrent" absolutely ridiculous

  1. Omfg I can't tell you how many times I've been in a fight (looking at you, Commander O'Niell) and torrent has been killed, so I try to summon him, end up fiddling with a menu, and get murdered.

  2. With the fire giant I died atleast 10 times because of the dumbass menu, just show on the screen you lost an estus jar, not make us have to use other keys

  3. I run into a room, stand i front of 2 huge guys with axes and just wait. Wondering wht da faq I'm not attacking . Yeah this a pne of the things that irk me so much. Only a dedicated single button can get rid of the message

  4. You know what? You’re right it is a hard-core game. One question is a bitch boy system, we need it to ask you two more times before you resurrect torrent and switch the yes and no randomly every time so you have to pay attention to it.

  5. I stopped using the horse in the beginning of the game because of this. Also why the fuck even give the horse a health bar If anytime I get hit he just despawns and leaves me locked to the ground? Long story short the horse sucks

  6. unpopular opinion: It's a mechanic in the game like any other, work around it. Be mindful of torrents health and then you will always know whether the popup comes up or not. Then deal with it mid-fight by just doing two more button presses, it's not that big of a deal imo. Haven't died once because of it.

  7. agreed. happened to OP over 100 times? he’s just bad. you know that torrent was killed. be ready for the menu to pop up. literally takes a fraction of a second to react to it if you are expecting and prepared for it and does not have any significant impact on anything.

  8. It's a deterent from cheesing every fight with torrent, it's annoying for a reason. To combat it, you could try not using him for literally everything, which is the point of the prompt.

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