What is your Engineering major and why did you choose it?

  1. Computer - couldn’t decide between computer science or electrical engineering. I also wanna build a pc that can run cyberpunk77 well

  2. After preparing for med school entrance exams for like 9 months I decided a week before the exams that I don't wanna go to med school so I was like where else can I do entrance exams in chemistry and chem e was the option I liked the most. I was so scared that I won't like it since I didn't really think it through, but turns out I love it so yeah.

  3. We don't have majors/minors, but for my elective classes I'm choosing mostly Biomed. It's fascinating and there's a good job market for it in my country.

  4. Electrical because I see a trend of increasing electrification in the world when it comes to our energy, everyday devices and more reliance on technology. Plus my minor taught me coding in python and machine learning

  5. Agricultural engineering wanted to do mathematics or data science but due to family pressure had to do agricultural engineering.

  6. Electronic Engineering, i never wanted to an engineer, i always wanted to be a chef and have my own restaurant. I chose EE because of money and it was the most difficult engineering i could afford.....yeah, this shit ain't fun if you play it on easy mode.

  7. Engineering Physics Because its said that its the hardest engineering education in my country and I wanted a challange. That and it covers a wide variety of topics which fits my nerd side nice.

  8. Going into materials and nanotechnology because I want to build and learn about nanorobotics and possibly enter the biomedical field with it

  9. Electronics. Already worked in controls and it was the only abet accredited program I could find online that wasn’t crazy expensive

  10. Mechanical because it's arguably the most versatile degree in the WORLD. You can damn near pick and choose any industry you want with a mechanical degree. Finance, engineering, education, government, take your pick.

  11. associates in computer eng for job opportunities; undergrad in electrical due to a fascination with electricity that started in the wind turbine industry. Currently getting ready to transfer, but haven’t yet touched on any courses that deal with high voltage systems or components; I’m assuming that’ll happen around junior/senior year? concepts from industrial automation and electromechanical systems are what really got me hooked.

  12. I study Utilities engineering. I chose it because, though the name is utilities engineering, it focuses on electrical engineering and I like electrical engineering.

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