Jordan Peterson Explains How Casual Sex Trains People to Treat Others as Disposable Pornographic Entities (2-minute audio clip)

  1. It's because to them he appears to know all and be able to make pronouncements on any given topic due to his substantial greatness (I imagine). They don't tend to be people that understand differentiating between credible and incredible sources.

  2. After six months on r-slash-samharris I've discovered there is a surprisingly large segment of the population that equates wisdom with talking very slowly.

  3. Peterson confirms that he has had a terrible teenage life. Like literally everything he says screams "I didn't get laid when I was younger".

  4. Gee, not sure why this surprises anyone. Ultra-conservative Peterson, the guy who thinks common tropes over time speak to fundamental truths about our humanity, supports women going back to the days of marriage being their only right to sex and being the property of their husband? Except for this own daughter of course. Fascists always love personal exemptions from the beliefs they prescribe and impose on "others".

  5. There is scientific studies showing casual sex is inherently harmful overtime. The issue is, Jordan is such a giant idiot in his explanation to the point where he is wrong.

  6. Your personal anecdotal experience isn’t descriptive for society at large. My grandpa smoked his entire life and died at 85, but that doesn’t mean cigarettes are safe.

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