Split keyboard with F-keys row?

  1. Seems there was mostly 2 types of answer "your don't need a f-row" and "you can have one, here are the 2-3 choices currently on the market".

  2. I also can't go without a real F-key row. Maybe it's all the piano playing.. a little extra motion not a big deal vs. having a keyboard shortcut to train that only works on one computer.

  3. Less keys = less hand movement and that makes typing more comfortable. Most custom keyboards are QMK or ZMK powered and with a clever keymap that suits your needs you can be very productive with very little keys. On one for my keyboards I only have 30 keys and I can easily access F1 thru F12 on a layer, it's a lot more comfortable than reaching 2 rows up from the home row to reach the F row.

  4. I don't know, it feels a bit scary in a way to reduce keys like that, I quite enjoy not being 100% efficient at all times and using my keyboard as a control pad type thing.

  5. I'd recommend a split keyboard with 5 rows, and you can put dedicated F keys on the top row, and have a numpad under your home row on a layer.

  6. sure that's what the ergodox I have now is like, I just don't think I can run any of the firmware stuff which seems to be giant leaps forwards to what I have

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