Does Interchange make you feel bad at the game?

  1. Well said! I'd like to add that it is probably the most three dimensional map, with long dark hallways. So with exceptional map knowledge, like you said. it is a really tough map. My friend and I always say "the scavs run the mall" so if you survive the pmc chances are a player scav will get ya.

  2. Honestly the only thing that makes me mad about interchange is the corner campers. Every other map you atleast have some avenue to try and find where someone would hide. Checking a corner in interchange is like ok, which place do I look out of the 50 different options.

  3. Fuuuck Killa. I've been trying to do ragman's stupid quest, but I keep getting wasted. Three times now I've decided to go in as juiced as I can, and every time I've bumped into killa and he's headeyesed me...

  4. It’s my favorite map, tho it’s my first wipe. I’ve been doing very well, pretty much only map I play.

  5. Yeah I get it. I try to get into the mall as fast as I can, then slow it down. I'm currently just trying to do minibus and key to success as well as my weekly which is survive 15 times in IC but I'm struggling. I want to like the map but it's hard man

  6. Turn your nvidia contrast way up and then up your gamma. Go offline mode and test some settings, you can 100% negate the shitty mall fog in there, you just have to do the settings tweaks.

  7. I don’t know why interchange gets the hate it does. It is a CQB urban warfare environment. It’s not meant to be ran through at top speeds. I would suggest learning the layout of the mall and store names and locations. Take it slow, take it easy.

  8. My biggest problems are rats sitting in the most random spots. So often I lose my gear to some SKS runners sitting in the middle of goshan. But most likely it's because I don't get this map at all.

  9. Don't get me wrong, I really want to like the map! I remember how excited I was when it first came out. I just feel significantly worse at playing this one than others. Maybe it's to do with the fact that there's no "safe" areas. People are everwhere. On woods I know if i'm by zb-16 or old station area it's unlikely I'll run into anyone. I dont feel that anywhere on interchange.

  10. Part of interchange’s problem is that it’s CQB inside, but first you have to make it inside. It’s sniper’s paradise outside all around…

  11. The issue is the loot sucks dick. There is no loot to be had anymore. Makes me sad as I love interchange

  12. I hate interchange because it's hands down the worst map in the game when it comes to randomly dying to an unknown person in an unknown spot. Every other map at least has some flow to it where you can often expect to see players at certain angles and use that map knowledge to your advantage.

  13. It’s easy to kill the scavs, it’s hard to kill the campers at the exfil who are all level 40+ just waiting to kill people as they get out

  14. tell this to the level 48 rat I saw hiding in the back of Goshan in the dark yesterday. you can take it slow, but it doesn't really matter because the rats who literally don't move for 40 min will still see you. you're better off sprinting around like a maniac on painkillers with good armor

  15. The lighting. I don't care enough to change my settings like the sweaty players, and so I'm squinting at my screen barely able to see 15 feet ahead of me

  16. It's a solid pvp map to me and not much else, I tend to stay away unless I'm questing or looking for a fight. I do think it's a map that needs looked at for loot rebalance or an adjustment to where all the loot is

  17. The one map I'll always rat on, hands down. I'm no match for the Chad's running around in there causing mayhem.

  18. 100%. Not to mention the concentration of hackers on that map. I see more hackers on Interchange in the span of half a dozen raids there than I have on any other maps this entire wipe.

  19. One tip I can suggest if you’re struggling with the map is too NOT running straight to mall entrance off spawn if you’re not familiar with it. Take your time because the spawns on interchange are kind of shit. Plus your competing with the SJ6/Meldonin poppers who will no doubt get there before you every time. I get 80% of my kills just from people running to mall.

  20. Around what time should I go into the mall? I know the layout decently well, I get turned around outside sometimes but i'm usually sure where I am

  21. This really doesn't change anything. I'll move around the mall, and just get popped by someone who's sat at their spawn camping for the last 5 minutes. The spawns are way too close and there's way too many PMCs on the map. Need to reduce the number of PMCs to make it play better imo

  22. Its a horrible map that exacerbates the worst parts of this game. From cheaters stealing the GPUs to the lighting and boss everything is just the worst of any map hands down. Im lv 40 and still have to kill scavs for "make ultra great again" lmao fuck that dog shit map

  23. One guy explained that you need to think about the flow of the map during raid. It has an influx at the beginning then an outflux phase. Adjusting where you're watching for fire depending on what stage the raid is in is key. Usually there is a fight at each entrance and it's important not to avoid it, you want control of a full traffic path otherwise you're watching over your shoulder all the time.the inside of the mall can be very unforgiving though. Honestly I think it's best to just try to get your goal done ASAP and leave quick. Lingering is the best way to lose. If you can start on your way out ahead of everyone else your chances of surviving skyrocket

  24. The map is either you rush the good loot instantly and just run out to the no backpack extract with an SJ6 or you take it real slow and clear every corner and every angle. Alternatively you can rush second floor and just sit up there and try to snipe people because nobody ever goes 2nd floor for anything other than techlight loot

  25. if you play it call of tarkov style and stomp through the mall like an elephant, you'll get butt plugged pretty quickly.

  26. First wipe..i played basically only custom, some woods and factory, but really tons and tons of i use every scav run on interchange to understand map and positions...i get a lot of money from these runs...when i think i will be ready, i'll start to go to run with my main...i suggest you to do the same

  27. Interchange a few wipes ago was my favorite map of all time, in any FPS. The crazy squad fights with the rotations thru secret stairs, holding upstairs and wiping other squads. Fighting for Kiba and pulling kitted M4s off the walls. Then being trapped in Kiba because another 5 man rolls up.. that just simply doesnt happen anymore. Please make ULTRA great again!

  28. It’s the same as every other map, you learn the flow of players and you’re fine. Shoreline is pretty spawn dependent too. Cause it really is the one map where you can start taking sniper fire and not have a clue which hill the enemy is on.

  29. I feel like interchange is the EASIEST map to survive on. You just have to use the long corridors/blind corners to your advantage. If you play smart it is an extremely rewarding map.

  30. I hate two maps: Shoreline and Interchange. Blaming the map design of Shoreline is somewhat justified imo but not so much for Interchange. I hate it because I’m not good at playing it and the map lowers my SR. I think Interchange is solid map for teams though. Interchange strips of my strenghts and amplifies my weaknesses. I like the concept but it’s very hard to master.

  31. I need one more kill for chumming and its really just getting me down, I want the kill way to badly aswell so I'm just playing dumb too, it'll get me to max skier aswell so I'm fucking desperate

  32. All the maps make me feel bad at the game ngl. I just don’t have to time to spend in it anymore. Love the game but I just can’t hang. Wish I was like 15 and just getting into pc gaming again that’s for sure.

  33. When killas there most definitely. Hate how he has normal scav voice lines. Can’t tell it’s him until it’s too late lol

  34. Im still in the starting out fase of tarkov and interchange is a map were i can not find any pmcs at all. (except one guy that had dced lol) I get a few scavs but not as much action as i do on my fav map woods. I just stick to the outside of the map when i want to get out and i ussualy do pretty easily.

  35. Sometimes for sure, especially when I play it solo. There's just too many damn angles.. but it's also my top 2-3 fav map. Which is an unpopular opinion I know. But you don't have any other map like it as far as pathing's go and sweet set up spots.. sure they could rework the loot a bit, maybe tone down the "fog" a little bit and all. But I love that map, it's only my second wipe so "I missed out on it when it was better" and all. But I really enjoy the map, the power the locked doors all of it. It's a fun ass map. It's just tough lol.

  36. If they brightened up the map, brought killa back to 1 spawn, and give both extracts (emercom and railway) as emercom is practically always getting camped and the hole in wall requires you to make sacrifices so you don't risk getting camped.

  37. I have noticed the extract problem, specifically while doing ragmans quest to get the shipping manifests. I'd take a pistol or cheap shotgun, run in, get item, then book it. 4 times I got shot headed towards railway. This was around the 15 minute mark which was when I assumed most players were inside. Emercom was camped about 3 then I finished the task. Hole in wall doesn't seem to get camped though. Maybe adding other extracts would help? I've never gone saferoom and idk anyone who has.

  38. I hate escalators and stairs on this map so much I'll kill myself with grenades everytime my friends want to play Intershit.

  39. Don’t worry about sounds on the escalators or stairs, the audio doesn’t work on them. Just rush up then or don’t hold one. Hold an area near the escalators then push once’s someone gets to the top and you can hear them. It also lets you get the advantage of being the pusher.

  40. I love interchange as a map, but after having had about a week off from tarkov I was playing it last night and I CANNOT SEE ANYTHING.

  41. I consider myself a good player and Interchange is my most hated map. It's just a terribly designed map that's way too dark and has fuck all for loot. Not to mention now that Killa can spawn literally anywhere you can just have your raid instantly cut short by a random Killa encounter. I dread having to do tasks here.

  42. a huge part of interchange is just knowing the spawns. if you have the closest spawn to idea or oli you have first dibs on the loot, if you dont you have to be aware of people before and after you

  43. Even though the boss spawns have gone down, I’ve died to killa more than anything else on that stupid map. Killa is a stupid boss right now.

  44. The map is too dark, theres plenty of spots where can hide out in the open and people literally run past you. One time someone with a silenced shotgun camped on the tent infront goshan and i could barely spot them, needed to bait shots to figure out where he was

  45. i die in that map way more than any other, often before reaching the mall even. the loot is for the most part garbage and the lighting is horrible

  46. Its my main map, avoid center of mall as you'll be a target. Theres plenty of good loot spawns on the edges of the mall. Map knowledge is important, if you can get A to B in garage or low traffic areas its better vs moving in the mall itself unless ur actively seeking pvp and dont mind getting spotted first sometimes . Spawn campers are rare but happens enuf so clear the area, run zig zags in open.

  47. I used to main that map so I do fine on it but I don’t love it anymore. When those keycards and power switch etc first got added it was so much fun it’s all I used to play

  48. I agree! It’s a rough map! Last three raids of mine I got a 60 round mag dumped into my face by a running - gunning chadboy. But gotta lose some to win some…. I think?

  49. Interchange is one of my favourite maps to play still. The lighting kinda sucks I must admit and the difficulty of fighting Killa is unreasonable as he can be around corners and light you up from 50 metres away in the dark. Otherwise, the map is pretty fun. I find pretty nice loot there still and PvP is quite fun if you know the inside of the mall. There are lots of scabs too so there's always things to shoot.

  50. I have this exact feeling with shoreline as I only really play it for the quests, as a solo player I can never beat a duo+ on that map wheareas I've probably played near a thousand interchange raids, you can be really strong on one Map and weak on others just due to map knowledge and knowing the best spawns and angles and common pathways players take will really help.

  51. I virtually never die on interchange but then again I never go looking for too much action. Since I don’t use bolties enough to raise my sniper skill for tarkov shooter in a timely enough manner, I like to work my sniper skill on interchange by running to corner and just reloading like 50 times before ditching the gun (with insurance) this lets me raise strength and sniper at the start, then I can work on endurance after I ditch the boltie. Next day anything ditched comes back

  52. yeah.. as someone who onetricked hanzo to grandmasters in overwatch in its first handful of seasons and got apex predator and being a top diablo 3 leaderboarder every season i play i can confidently say i know what the peak gamer can do and i know what im doing..

  53. Interchange makes the game feel bad. I avoid the fuck out of that map. I only go there to do the necessary guests so I can lvl Ragman

  54. It’s really brutal at this point of the wipe especially I’d say - been having the same vibe with Shoreline. All the high level sweats are there

  55. It’s a map that seriously requires map knowledge. The number of cheeky angles and spots that you can hold with a scoped-DMR is absolutely nuts.

  56. Love the concept of it but like you - I typically do badly. As a solo player I'm typically very outclassed by players that are either just way better and more knowledgable than me. Or I'm out gunned by 3-4 man thicc squads that sprint right through the middle of the mall, hitting all the tech/med stores and Kiba, all whilst laying waste to anything that moves with m61/80 and 855A1.

  57. I like alot of the mall area, i dislike the parking garage, and i don't like the extracts. I think if they cut the map down to just the mall, with some cool in mall extracts it would be better.

  58. I was thinking something similar the other day. Why bother with the outside? just have it be an indoor map with exfils in the parking garage and at the loading bays of stores, but then it becomes like factory or labs.

  59. It did and I avoid it like the plague. Did a raid there were two of my buddies and ended up killing 3 pmcs and being the only one to survive. So I feel a little better about it now.

  60. No. Most of my deaths on that map this wipe have been pretty blatantly someone hacking. Nowhere else does someone shift+W straight to where I am (within 25 yards of my spawn generally, somewhere not visible to anyone further away as I tend to wait out the initial rush into the mall for about 10 minutes before proceeding with my task). Nowhere else do I get head-eyesed instantly with the first shot the moment I try to push them. Nowhere else does my gear subsequently get ignored and left behind entirely intact by whoever kills me.

  61. Inter can go from the best map in the game to my god please I'd rather die instead of playing this shit again. In my humble opinion the map gives way too much opportunity for camping and overall bullshit strategies, it doesn't happen all the time... But when it does you just feel terrible.

  62. It’s not common for me. I know how to work my way around the map. I also do not use the extracts outside. I spend the money on the keycard.

  63. It's one of the most dominant maps once you learn it. Once you've learned all the side hallways, back access routes and shit you can Jump on and peak over it honestly feels unfair sometimes.

  64. I spawn in shaking like scrat from ice age and spend 90% of my time in raid running around screaming and the other 10% in a corner because I heard footsteps. I'm 34 and interchange is why I have manic anxiety and depression.

  65. I like the concept of interchange, but the lighting and extracts make it awful. The amount of fights you get in where you are getting shot from the dark and can only see muzzle flashes while you are perfectly visible makes the map unenjoyable.

  66. Took a big break this wipe because of interchange.. Killed a team of chads with gen 5 and 6 decked out weapons loads of expensive bullets so im wearing a helmetvwith faceshield trying to move im weigh over70 kg and here comes an aholle pmc with only a tt pistol and head ears me when i was prone to get some stamina.... im sooo salty havent toucheed the game for 2 weeks

  67. I always run a scope on that map. Vudu usually. Check your corners and learn the map and how people move around. It's fun once you get the hang of it. The loot just sucks now.

  68. Very nice map and I love it that it’s so dark inside, I mean every other map is bright as hell. For an even better experience I run it with my buddy at nighttime. I only wish that thermal and nvg wouldn’t be a thing, but that’s a problem of the late wipe and even then, I killed multiple guys with nvgs on night time interchange. You just have to be sneaky and don’t run like chad Grog with your rock. That’s not the way to play this map, especially nighttime. My buddy even managed to ace a full team @ Idea. Loot is ok, depends what you are looking for. Lots of PCs and some good loot behind keys.

  69. My only problem with interchange is getting inside the mall, I’m usually either too slow to get in and someone’s camping the entrance or I rush and almost always get into a firefight around the parking lot. I win the fight about half the time, but I don’t think I encounter PMCs early in the raid more consistently on any other map (excluding factory).

  70. That’s what killed reserve for me when it came out and now lighthouse is the same way. I have waaaay more fun scaving lighthouse spawning in with 36 minutes left killing pmcs and rogues and looting the camp. No need for a pmc on that map.

  71. Not my favorite map I just rush the mall then move slow and stealthy for my quest items and leave via no backpack extract

  72. you see, i've got to kill shturman, and i'm doing runs and runs and runs in woods. i go at night in order not to find ten thousand snipers, then i find cultists and die at miliseconds without having a sight at the woodkeeper, or i see him and die at the spot like "SLOSHIWEE" TAP TAP ded. if i play daylight, scav sniper player says, helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and bang headshot.

  73. My fights with pmcs have been 50/50 on interchange but looking for loot is just awful. I haven’t played much on the map but I have no clue where loot is supposed to be, i saw on mapgenie there are a few locked rooms but for the most part it feels really dry. Most my loot form there is from pmc’s

  74. Spawns sucks and most of players looking for killa with good gear. But if you learn the spawns you should be fine.

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