Realising that we live on a prison planet is actually a good thing.

  1. so how do we get free?? I constantly here we have the power to do so. No one says how. Am I being literal? Like ok I’m ready, do I have the power to physically leave planet earth? How do we do it?

  2. The buddhist eight fold path is a solid way out. In a nutshell, learn to rest as pure awareness, witnessing all the conditions of Maya/illusion. All these conditions, good and bad, can be watched carefully...this point of watching is basically a refuge. Stay there, detached, accepting all appearances and letting them go, 3ven until the meat puppet dies.....then we see what happens. ☯️🙏

  3. You can start by watching the original Star Trek series, from the 1960s. That show was full of hints on how we are being manipulated, and what we can do to confound our captors. Original pilot episode "The Cage" is a must see.

  4. Meditation, Astral Projection, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism - all point the way to self realization. Hell you can even go the non-religious yet spiritual route of The Monroe Institute and the gateway audio. The key though is meditation. You can also do chanting and yoga. You need to realize who you are before you can do anything about it.

  5. No one knows how and what exactly needs to be done to escape, if anyone says they do they are full of it. But hopefully we will figure it out eventually.

  6. When you die you don’t go to your soul family and you don’t return to the light (is what I have heard from William Buhlman)

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