First baby of the year! Any name recommendations

  1. I wonder if in America you give them any name you want. Here in Finland there's a fun system that requires every calf's name born in the same year to begin with the same letter. That way you instantly know how old the animal is from their name :)

  2. I read that initially as Moo-ian. I thought it was cool, you could have moo-steve, moo-gary, moo-susan

  3. No name ideas, but are you in the US? It seems a little late in the year for calving, but I suppose that depends heavily on where in the US you're at.

  4. It's way too late in the US. But it could be Australia, they have multiple calving seasons and it really just depends on management.

  5. We don’t butcher Highlands. They aren’t the best for eating. Great milk and even better for petting and photography.

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